Gerry Weber Dresses

Dresses are an integral part of every wardrobe and are probably one of the most feminine garments available. No other piece of clothing highlights the silhouette of a woman in such a flattering manner. Gerry Weber also offers gorgeous dresses for every type and taste. From classic to romantic to fashionable trendy, the right dress for every woman is included. Gerry Weber has been passionate about women's hearts for years, because they stand for a lively lifestyle - exciting, modern and irresistibly feminine! Let yourself be convinced in this Styleguide of Gerry Weber dresses!

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Combinations with Gerry Weber dresses

Gerry Weber dresses – from girlish to extravagant!

A dress should also always underline the personality of a woman, according to the philosophy of Gerry Weber. This is made possible by the various shapes and styles. The most classic of these are the dresses by Gerry Weber, which with their figurative intersections are elegant and have a perfect effect on the figure of the wearer. In combination with chic pumps and subtle jewelery, dresses are perfect for the office day. Graphically patterned and striped dresses, on the other hand, appear more modern and can be worn very well in their spare time. Also for more romantic types, Gerry Weber offers the matching dresses, which convince with refined details like playful ruffles and flounces and emphasize the advantages of every woman.

Gerry Weber dresses – shine on special occasions!

Gerry Weber also offers an exclusive selection of elegant evening and cocktail dresses, in addition to everyday clothes and office dresses. The high-quality models are ideal for a nice dinner in the evening, a reception or even a wedding. The high-quality materials such as silk, chiffon and lace create a high glamor factor and exciting details like glittering applications. Combined with noble high-heels or kitten heels and a clutch the dresses are the best.

Gerry Weber dresses – from mini to maxi!

With the length of your new Gerry Weber dress you are spoiled for choice! Depending on the occasion, you can choose the skirt length individually. Minilangs always look very nice when you can move around a lot – whether dancing in the club or during summer excursions. For the office the knielange variant is more suitable. A dress in mid-length – long forgotten – is now again a modern must-have, which should be missing in any wardrobe. Tight-fitting dresses look particularly elegant in this intermediate length, as the silhouette is optimally staged. Dresses with wide swinging skirt in mid-length, on the other hand, have a trendy retro look. Also summery Maxikleider are very popular and the ideal companion for hot summer.

Gerry Weber Dresses Dresses Second-Hand and on sale

The designs by Gerry Weber are timeless and can be worn and recombined for years. The clothes are definitely worth their investment. It is absolutely worthwhile, through the timelessness of the clothes, to always look second-hand for beautiful Gerry Weber clothes. In this way you can not only find new models that are no longer available, but also make great bargains. Catchys has a large selection of second-hand Gerry Weber gowns for all tastes, so you are sure to find the one that suits you best. Enjoy browsing!

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Alternatives to Gerry Weber clothes

You like the style of Gerry Weber Dresses, but would you also like to check out a few other alternatives? Then you should take a closer look at the clothes of Street One. These are very similar to the style of Gerry Weber and are also comparable in terms of price and quality. Mexx’s dresses also convince with their versatility, from classic to casual dresses every woman will surely find something.

Popular dresses by Gerry Weber

Gerry Weber Etuikleider

Gerry Weber is known for his high-heeled dresses, which impress with great cuts and high-quality materials. In knot-length and classic colors such as black, dark blue, gray and beige, the chokers are ideal for the office. Even more noble are the dresses with an elegant leather belt and kitten heels or pumps. For a more casual dresscode in the office and for leisure the dresses with geometric or floral patterns are suitable. These can be very well combined with chic lace-up shoes or in the leisure time also with sandals or ballerinas.

Gerry Weber Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses made of jersey are ideal for leisure and are genuine all-rounder. They can be combined with sneakers for daily routine, sandals for a walk or with pumps for the Sunday brunch with the girlfriends. You can choose from different lengths and patterns, in simple plain colored dresses you can let yourself be spoiled by accessories or a colorblock look. It is more bold, however, that the accessories are more in the background.

Gerry Weber lace dresses

The popular lace dresses by Gerry Weber are perfect for any occasion. Here too, every woman can find the ideal dress for herself. Particularly elegant are the lace dresses in mid-length with three-tiered sleeves in black and dark blue or jewel tones ruby ​​red or emerald green. It becomes more playful and fresher with pastel tones and strong summer colors like coral and turquoise. Gerry Weber lace dresses are suitable for both weddings and garden parties in summer.

Frequently Used Materials at Gerry Weber Clothes

Gerry Weber cotton & organic cotton

Cotton is one of the most widely used materials for apparel and also Gerry Weber used the high quality cotton frequently for his dresses. Clothes made of cotton provide a comfortable wearing comfort and are very stable and durable due to their structure. Even at hot temperatures the clothes of Gerry Weber feel good on the skin. Bio-cotton is also used in Gerry Weber’s clothing. This is produced in controlled cultivation and is produced fairly. The manufacturing process is very transparent so that the dresses can be traced completely.

Gerry Weber Elastane

Spandex is a highly elastic, chemical material that is particularly suitable for casual wear, because the elasticity makes the dresses very comfortable. The fiber is very light, absorbs very little moisture and adapts perfectly to the wearer’s figure.

Gerry Weber linen

Gerry Weber often uses linen for his spring and summer dresses. Dresses made of linen are especially great to wear in the summer, as they have a cooling effect at hot temperatures. Linen fibers can also absorb a lot of humidity without being really moist. Moreover, the fabric is extremely sturdy and dirt-repellent.

Gerry Weber silk

Silk is often used in the more elegant evening and cocktail dresses by Gerry Weber, since it is particularly noble and high-quality. Moreover, silk dresses always have a beautiful fall and are tear-resistant and supple at the same time.

Gerry Weber viscose

Viscose is a chemically produced, cellulose-based material that is often used for the clothes of Gerry Weber. Viscose is also referred to as “artificial silk” and can either be glossy or dull and thus assume the appearance of wool, silk or cotton. Moreover, viscose is very skin-friendly and has sweat odor, so it is ideal for summer dresses.

Popular styles with Gerry Weber dresses

With a winding effect or button strip, long or short sleeves, round or V neckline, in a Gerry Weber dress, you’re always dressed up. round neck or drapee with a Gerry Weber dress you are always dressed up top. The refined dresses by Gerry Weber are a real winner and can be worn with pumps in the office or with sandals in their spare time. Especially summery with a nice basket-bag. The dresses with long sleeves are ideal when the temperatures drop again, in combination with beautiful lace-up boots and a coarse knitted cardigan you will not be freezing. A beautiful silk dress with floral pattern in mid-length fits great to a summer wedding, simply a pair of pastel colored sandals and a clutch to it, the elegant, romantic look is finished!

Typical Gerry Weber dresses

The clothes by Gerry Weber allow infinitely many combination possibilities and perfect color adjustments characterize the self-conscious and casual look of the collections. Always close to the trend, always modern. Gerry Weber always tries to bring his customers close to the collections and to show them the latest trends. This is how the label adapts the latest trends to the color trends. Gerry Weber’s target group is women over 35 years, but the brand also relies heavily on younger customers in the future and bought the Munich fashion company Hallhuber.