Esprit Dresses

Esprit, the brand founded in San Francisco, is very popular in Western Europe. Esprit clothes are particularly popular. They are chic, romantic, very feminine and never too much. Women especially appreciate this uncomplicity, which follows the Esprit dresses. They are super easy to combine and let them cope with every situation well. Esprit dresses stand for clever cuts and a comfortable wearing feeling, but give their wearer a subtle feminine touch. For example, the American author and TV personality Kristin Cavallari does not wear her Esprit dress for a big shopping with her family or shopping with girlfriends. She also knows that Esprit dresses have the gift to look good and still have the comfort not to be missed.

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Combination possibilities with Esprit dresses

Events and situations with Esprit dresses

Esprit offers the right dress for every occasion. The black and blue dresses of Esprit are particularly suitable for work. Whether as a classic dress-gown or elegant dress, with a dress by Esprit you always make the right choice. For the summer wedding of the best friend is an airy leisure dress ideal. Here, you can also choose the romantic choice of feminine colors like Rosa . In the evening, an elegant cocktail dress can be combined with high-heeled shoes and if you do shopping on Saturday morning, you can quickly submit a jeans dress. Also for the university is a nice jeans dress, the top is narrow wide and wide. So you always look good and have it also comfortably when you sit in the lecture hall and make hard notes.

Esprit dresses for each season

Whether winter or summer, Esprit clothes can always be worn. Cocktail dresses are suitable for evening events and can be worn in both the cold and the warm season. Just look at the combination. The white dresses from Esprit fit particularly well into the summer and look great to sandals and a casual Bucket Bag – should it be cooler in the evening, a simple sweater can be thrown over the shoulders. The colorful Esprit dresses also make a good mood in the summer, especially the red and green dresses are among the favorites at Esprit. In winter it is necessary to wear the cocktail dress with closed shoes. This, on the other hand, prevents the toes from freezing and on the other hand it is much more elegant. A nice coat can not be missed in the winter and misses the evening look. Simple dresses in muted colors are suitable for the office. For the winter, for example, you could grab a maxi dress with long sleeves and throw a blazer jacket or a jeans jacket over it depending on the work environment. In the summer, you can also take an Esprit leisure dress and turn it into a work dress with a well-cut jacket or nice shoes.

Esprit Dresses Styles

Esprit dresses have many advantages, the two most important are: the adaptability to each style and the comfort. Whether you spend the weekend strolling with your friend through the city, or holding a presentation on half-board on Monday morning, Esprit clothes always fit. For the weekend are great the leisure clothes, as they are called by Esprit. They are loose, fall slightly and sometimes have quite playful details or prints. They are the ideal choice for all women who would like to emphasize their feminine side and describe their style as romantic. Dressmakers are something for the business women among you. If you like it elegantly and also like to walk around the office with laptop bag and blazer, the Esprit Etuikleider is the perfect choice. Really cool and casual are the jeans dresses. They offer a comfortable wearing and uncomplicated styling. A must have for all women who do not want to spend long time in the park or in the evening on the beach.

Esprit Dresses Second Hand

Esprit dresses are also worth the price in the shop, nevertheless it makes sense to look at the online second hand market. Esprit Dresses Second Hand, gives you the opportunity to get parts that are not available in the shop anymore, and on the other hand you save money that you could invest in matching shoes. Catchys, for example, offers a huge selection of second hand and second season parts and that is also quite uncomplicated and safe. Our websites, which we refer to, were all checked and also the parts that they sell were all subjected to a fake check. So you do not have to worry about the authenticity of your dream dress.

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Alternatives for Esprit Dresses

Esprit dresses have their own style. Romantic, feminine cuts that are so uncomplicated and beautiful – Esprit dresses stand for that. And if you like the style of Esprit dresses, but you would like to have a little cheaper or just like to look at other labels, there are still many alternatives. Catchys offers you a huge selection of second hand products and will also be happy to present you some of our spare parts for Esprit clothes. One option would be s.Oliver. This brand carries similar cuts and color combinations as Esprit, but the price is about the same range. If that is too expensive, you could look at Zara. The Spanish chain is always on the pulse of the times, leads the coolest cuts and has reasonable prices that you can afford. Zara parts can also be worn from year to year, even if you can only purchase them online and second hand. Another option would be the Spanish colleague Mango. Mango is priced in the same area as Zara, but can often offer more classic cuts that do not go out of style so quickly. A bit more favorable is the selection of H & M dresses, which show seasonal patterns and prints like Esprit.

Popular types of Esprit dresses

Esprit cocktail dresses

They look super chic and fit to every woman. Cocktail dresses give every woman that certain elegance that she wants to radiate when she has an event in the evening. Cocktail dresses go around. to the knee – for smaller women, however, such a cocktail dress can sometimes also replace an evening gown, it usually goes up to half of the lower leg.
esprit cocktail dress second hand
esprit knit dress second hand

Esprit knitwear

Especially in the cooler seasons, knit dresses are the must have in the wardrobe. Knitwear by Esprit are particularly popular, because their cut can be worn by every woman. Depending on the personal style and the situation, they can be combined quite differently.

Esprit Maxi dresses

Especially for big women the Maxikleid is a part, which must not be missing in the closet. In the summer, it looks casual with the sloppy hat and the oversized sunglasses and in autumn it can be worn with a cool jeans jacket until the last leaf of the tree has fallen. Maxi dresses from Esprit offer comfort and can be worn every season.
esprit maxikleid second hand
esprit jersey dress second hand

Esprit jersey dresses

Esprit Jersey dresses come in a variety of colors, cuts and patterns. Elegant in muted colors or playful with wild prints – Esprit wants to meet every taste, so there are also so many different variants. Esprit jersey dresses can be worn anywhere and the best as often as possible. By means of quality material and timeless cuts, the clothes of Esprit can be worn again for several years.

Frequently used materials and colors of Esprit dresses

Esprit jeans fabric

The blue and so robust cotton (also called denim) is one of the most frequently used materials in Esprit dresses. Already the gold diggers appreciated the cool fabric, which can withstand almost everything. For Esprit dresses, a slightly finer and thinner version of the jeans fabric than for the pants is used, but the ideal fit and the comfort remain.

Esprit Jersey

The jersey fabric is soft, elastic and is knitted from yarn, viscose, wool or even silk. Esprit dresses often consist of exactly this jersey fabric, because it is more comfortable to wear on the skin than many other materials, which are often felt as scratchy. Jersey fabrics are often used for clothing, but also for linens. They are breathable, soft and supple.

Esprit chiffon

The popular fabric chiffon consists of a fine transparent fabric. The use is mainly used in the production of evening dresses, lingerie or costumes for dancers. Esprit uses chiffon for the evening and cocktail dresses and gives them an elegant and simple but chic look. Particularly in summer, chiffon is popular, because the soft and thin fabric is air permeable and hardly adds weight to the dress. The fact that this is particularly noticeable on its crinkled surface is particularly evident in this fabric. In the case of friction, it feels like sand, the yarns which have been processed for the fabric are responsible for this.

Esprit cotton

The cotton is probably one of the most popular materials for the clothing industry. Esprit clothes are often made of cotton. At an early stage, it has been enthusiastic, since at least four peoples in America, Asia and Africa have independently claimed the cotton plant for the first material products. The natural fiber is still used today as a material for T-shirts, clothes, bed linen, etc. Esprit dresses mainly consist of cotton because they are very absorbent (especially for the summer), are very skin-friendly and have a low allergy potential. Cotton feels soft and comfortable on the skin, making it particularly attractive to people with sensitive skin.

Esprit colors

Esprit basically uses all conceivable colors for his clothes. Depending on the season and seasonal trends, warmer or colder shades can be used. However, colors like blue, gray and black are always there, so they meet exactly the taste of those who like to be simple and classy. In between, there are always new prints and cuts, but by and large Esprit remains true to its style and is therefore also bought by its customers for years.

Popular styles with Esprit dresses

Esprit dresses suit you perfectly and can be combined very easily. If you need some inspiration, the next section and our next Pinterest board might help. One option would be, for example, a patterned jersey dress to a black pantyhose, brown boots and a cool waist belt. Another variation would be to draw all the attention to the dress and to forego accessories. If you want to experience a country flair, you could combine a simple sweater and cowboy boots to the knielangen Freizeitkleid. A popular and elegant style is the combination of long dark evening dress with discreet jewelery.