Diane von Furstenberg Dresses

As soon as you think of dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg, the famous wrap dress comes to mind. No wonder, finally, the practical yet feminine dress by Diane von Fürstenberg was personally invented and presented in 1972 for the first time. The feminine cuts of the DVF dresses flatter the feminine curves and put them skillfully into the scene. Even stars like Sarah Jessica Parker or Duchess Kate love the colorful dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg and wear their models in everyday life as well as to events. On Catchys you can find the beautiful designs of the DVF dresses in high-quality second hand quality and can get even more real bargains.

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Combinations with Diane von Furstenberg dresses

Relaxed while shopping in a Diane von Fürstenberg dress

In the case of a successful shopping day in the city, women must above all change – to always try the latest trend pieces. Pretty annoying with jeans & co! If you wear a dress by Diane von Fürstenberg when shopping, it is much easier. The beautiful dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg can be put on or off in no time. The shopping trip with the best friend makes even more fun! What are you waiting for? Into Diane von Fürstenberg dress throw and off you go to the city.

Chic to barbecue party in a Diane von Fürstenberg dress

The summer is on and with it cool barbecue parties with your friends. The dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg are just perfect for a relaxed yet chic look in everyday life. The light jersey material is comfortable on the skin and also looks very flat to flat sandals or ballerinas. A cuddly cardigan for the later hours and ready is the perfect outfit for the barbecue party. With a Diane von Fürstenberg dress you are chic and yet not overdressed. Your new DVF dress is simply a real all-rounder and fits every occasion!

Tough in business with a Diane von Fürstenberg dress

Business Wear is often quite boring and designed in muted tones. But who says that must remain so? A dress by Diane von Fürstenberg can help quickly. A feminine wrap dress or high-fit cuddle dress from DVF let you look serious and are not boring by the colorful design and the cool patterns. With a dress by Diane von Fürstenberg, you are stuck out of the gray mass and at the same time embody the toughe businesswoman.

Summerly with DVF

With colorful prints and a loose fit, Diane von Fürstenberg dresses are real summer favorites. Wear the tunic dress with a long Maxikette, Wedges and XXL straw hat for the ultimate summer statement look or combine it with some simple details and a shopper for a relaxed beach day.

Second hand models of the Diane von Fürstenberg dresses

In the search for the matching Diane von Fürstenberg dress you have to spend between 300-1000 € for a new-looking dress, depending on the model and material. This is a lot of money for most of course. If you still want to enjoy the comfort of a Diane von Fürstenberg dress, you should look for second hand models. The beautiful DVF dresses are timeless thanks to their colorful print patterns and are detached from seasonal trends. The fabrics and colors remain in top quality even after many washes. The investment in a Diane von Fürstenberg dress is worth it! On Catchys you can find the most beautiful models from the Second Season and can get real bargains.

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Alternatives to Diane von Furstenberg dresses

You did not find your dream dress at DVF yet and you’re looking for similar dresses in the style of Diane von Fürstenberg? Then check out our selection of Tory Burch! The feminine cuts and cool patterns make the clothes of Tory Burch a great alternative and also second hand in a similar price frame. Or do you love the wrap dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg but you are the models but a bit too expensive? No problem! Ana Alcazar or Esprit design dresses in a similar style: winding optics and colorful prints. If you still can not find your perfect dress in the style of Diane von Fürstenberg, it is worth visiting high-street stores like Zara, Mango or H & M. There you will find a series of great clothes for many occasions every season.

The most popular dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg Wrap dresses

The wrap dress by Diane von Fürstenberg is probably the most famous design of the American power woman. Designed by a woman – loved by all women. The Diane von Fürstenberg Wrap Dress, also called Wrap Dress, is the ultimate dress for every woman. Lightweight jersey fabric skims the female curves and has a high wearing comfort. The beautiful DVF wrap dresses are offered in all lengths. Whether as a sweet mini dress for the trip to the lake, as a midi dress in the office or as a floor-to-shoulder Maxikleid at the weekend for shopping in the city: A dress by Diane von Fürstenberg can be worn almost everywhere and suitably style. That’s why the DVF wrap dresses are among the real all-rounder underwear and should not be missing in any wardrobe. If you like eye-catching patterns, you can let go in the colorful prints of the label or select a simpler model for more formal occasions. You will love the dresses of Diane von Fürstenberg! The practical wrap dresses are priced as new in a frame between 400-700 €. Second hand, you can discover Catchy’s real bargains and find a DVF dress for only 150 €. So quickly hit before someone snatches your new favorite dress away!
diane furstenberg wrap dress second hand
diane furstenberg evening dress second hand

Evening dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg

The evening dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg are made of flowing fabrics, which emphasize the figure elegantly. They are rather simple and captivate by their details: A long leg slit gives an evening dress by Diane von Fürstenberg immediately the certain extra and also the simple cocktail dress is by a refined cut to a real eye-catcher. The dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg are either unicoloured or in the colors that are so typical for the label. It is dull with a DVF evening dress certainly not. You can find beautiful dresses in mini, midi or maxilength and choose the appropriate dress depending on the occasion. For the family celebration with the relatives, a Diane von Fürstenberg looks beautiful in mini- or mid-length, while you can wear the DVF evening dress in Maxilänge at the theater or at a wedding. No matter what model you choose: your big performance is guaranteed with a Diane von Fürstenberg evening dress! Evening dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg are slightly more expensive compared to a new one between 600-1000 €. At Catchys you can find the dreamlike dresses from Diane von Fürstenberg from just 200 €! If it’s not worth it!

Dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg

The power woman of today knows it all too well: An important business lunch is on and the question after the appropriate outfit stands in the room. Serious should be the look yet feminine, and elegant. A dress with a certain something must come! The choice falls naturally on a dress by Diane von Furstenberg dress. Especially the dresses by DVF are perfect to shine in the job. The dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg are high-heeled. They are cheeky and underpin the image of a modern business woman and yet formal enough to negotiate sovereignly at an important meeting. Fabric dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg can cost up to 500 € as new. Why not save and the beautiful DVF dresses on Catchys already from 100 €?


diane furstenberg etiquette secondhand
diane furstenberg maxikleid second hand

Diane von Furstenberg Maxi dresses

The Maxi dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg impress almost all through unusual prints and make immediately good mood. In the summer at the beach or during a stroll through the city: A Diane von Fürstenberg Maxikleid is a real eye-catcher and can be worn comfortably on the skin even at hot temperatures. The light fabrics and colorful patterns make you feel like summer, sun and sea. With a DVF Maxikleid you get the holiday feeling directly into your wardrobe. The Diane von Fürstenberg dresses in maxilength are however also in the elegant version. You will be amazed at the fantastic evening gown. Flowing fabrics made of high-quality materials make the Maxi dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg the perfect choice for the final ball or an evening at the opera. For a new DVF Maxikleid you have to spend more than 1000 €. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the many-sided selection of catchies. There Maxikleider from Diane von Fürstenberg await you from 200 €. Bargain alert!

Materials & patterns of Diane von Fürstenberg dresses


Many of the Diane von Fürstenberg dresses are made of 100% silk jersey. Silk jersey is a form of fine knitwear, which is however very elastic and still breathing-active. This makes the Diane von Fürstenberg dresses the most comfortable clothes on the market. No matter what season of the year, dresses from DVF go with the seasons and can always be styled appropriately. The fine fabric lends itself to the body and perfectly matches the female curves. And the best: Diane von Fürstenberg dresses are extremely easy to care for! Of course not all dresses are made by Diane von Fürstenberg from silk jersey. There are also a variety of other materials such as viscose, cotton or polyester. Fine chiffon is especially used with the DVF evening dresses and underlines thereby its elegant note.

Colors, Patterns & Co

Dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg are well-known for their strong color and the striking patterns. There are often geometrical prints or the famous Animalprint for DVF. From zebra to snake to leopard, the animals of the desert and the jungle serve the DVF dresses as a model. The colors of the dresses do not lose their luminosity even after washing, and also look second-hand as new. Radiant, strong colors like deep royal blue, needle green or cheerful orange are typical for the design of the Diane von Fürstenberg dresses. The combination of powerful colors and exciting patterns makes every dress by Diane von Fürstenberg an exciting eye-catcher, which draws attention to its wearer. The dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg are not for the gray mouse next door but for the successful power woman who likes to be in the spotlight.

Popular styles with the dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg

One of the most popular looks with dresses by Diane von Fürstenberg is clearly their wrap dresses in all colors and lengths. The colorful patterns make every single Diane von Fürstenberg dress a real eye-catcher. Since accessories are almost to the side! With high heels or filigree sandals, the Diane von Fürstenberg dresses look serious and are perfect for formal occasions. In combination with white sneakers, a DVF dress also looks sweet in everyday life. Cool Girl meets Lady. Our Favourite! In our Pinterest board you will find a little suggestion how you can style your new Diane von Fürstenberg dress. We are looking forward to your looks!

Wrap Dress Check

In general, you should be careful with the second hand shopping of Designerware. Coveted brands are always better falsified and you have to pay attention to the details if you do not want to fall into a fake trap. Diane von Fürstenberg dresses are very popular, especially their famous wrap dresses are often faked. So that you can see a real Diane von Fürstenberg dress, you can pay attention to a few details. Usually the DVF dresses are made of high quality silk jersey and with a “100% silk” patch, while the fake goods often promises “100% silk jersey”. Basically Diane von Fürstenberg dresses are very high-quality processed. Poor processing is most likely a fake. A look at details such as seams or buttons can provide you with an insight into the authenticity.