Desigual Dresses

Perfect for the appropriate season, it may be a bit more colorful in the wardrobe. Color-colored dresses go easy in any weather. No matter whether it is drab and gray or warm in summer. Desigual dresses are simply different: monotony? This is in vain for the Spanish model. Desigual is on the safe side: it must be a bang. The beautiful pieces are for the cosmopolitan, self-confident woman - like you! You need an extra portion of a good mood? Then nothing like in your new Desigual dress and off to the coffee date in the city with your best friend. With a delicious latte macchiato, life can be enjoyed much better.

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Combinations with Desigual dresses

Desigual clothes in the office

A brightly colored Desigual dress in the office? Yes, that goes and you are guaranteed not to look like a parrot. You just have to know how to put your dress into the scene. The more colorful the dress, the simpler the accessories. For a colorful Desigual dress in mid-length, you can easily combine a simple blazer in a muted color like gray or beige. Especially trendy: a long trench coat. Elegant heels to it and finished is the office look with summer feeling.

Desigual dresses for any occasion

We should take life with humor and often see it more colorful. The dresses of Desigual help! Why only single-colored fashion pieces wear? If there are so beautiful colorful models of Desigual. And the great thing: for every occasion, the Spanish model has the right dress. Whether for the office, for the next city trip or for a casual cocktail party. Let yourself be enchanted by the colorful Desigual dresses and find your own personal favorite model, which you can present soon at the next family celebration!

Desigual dresses as a perfect summer dress

The warm season cries out for colorful colors, which should make our tanned skin radiate. The all-pleat gown of the Desigual dresses is just the right fashionpiece for a lukewarm summer night. So off into your new Desigual dress in airy midi or hip maxilength. In addition a pair of fine straps sandals for lacing in metal look and matching filigree jewelry. The trend color this summer is clearly pink gold. Also, Catchys offers a small selection of Cartier watches, have fun finding and finding!

Desigual Dresses in Second Hand and Sale

The Spanish label does not want to be monotonous at all and is doing everything it can to make your Desigual dresses as colorful as possible. If you prefer university, you have to go to the search. Because, apart from the most isolated models, most Desigual dresses are colorful. The models of the label are really affordable and worth every penny by the good workmanship. If you still want to get a real bargain, you should look for the second hand or the sale. Especially at Catchys you will find great Desigual dresses under 50 Euro. If this is not worth a virtual shopping tour?

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Who does not know them: the fake branded products from the last summer holiday, which are already “screaming fake” from 100 meters away? And surely one or other of us has already let such a part – consciously or unconsciously – turn around. Meanwhile the fakes are produced so well that an untrained eye can hardly distinguish the original and fake. This is annoying, of course, if you assume a real bargain got hold of and it then turns out to be a fake. Especially on online platforms, it is not at all easy to find out whether the Desigual dress is genuine or a cheap copy. For high-quality luxury designs is an indication of the price. Even in Second Hand or Sale, designer goods are not sold below value. If the fashion piece costs only a fraction of the original price, you should be sound. Desigual dresses are somewhat more difficult. Because: In the second hand, you can get some real bargains and still get an original Desigual dress. The price here is rather second-rate. In any case you should always pay attention to the processing. The Spanish label attaches great importance to a high-quality production. Fake Desigual dresses are less durable, less flexible, less high quality. Simply take the garment in your hand and feel the feel. Is it a sloppy material that smells of pure chemistry? Then finger away: fake alarm! Even faded patterns and an ominous name that reminds you of the original – but still just fake – should stop you from purchasing the supposedly genuine Desigual dress.


You like it colorful, you like to have a good mood with your look – but do not trust a Desigual dress as it is quite noticeable? Then try a slightly cleaner model, which is as colorful, but retains in the pattern something. You will always find colorful clothes at the Spanish fashion chain Zara. Because the label also knows Desigual – because of the Spanish spirit – what you should carry in the summer. Another plus: the clothes at Zara are even more affordable and just for students with a small purse ideal to dress up colorful dresses in the Desigual style. Do you belong to the women who love the style of Desigual, but are not so focused on the brand itself? Then look at the also Spanish model Custo Barcelona. Here you will find a wide selection of beautiful dresses with magnificent allover patterns and prints that invite you to dream. A beautiful model is, for example, the Adrina mixed dress from Custo Barcelona. Perfect for your next summer holiday. Let yourself be convinced and take a look at the collection of the Spanish label. A little extra tip for all brand lovers: If it is absolutely a Desigual dress, then it is worth a trip in one of the many outlets of Desigual. There you can get as with Catchy real bargains. What are you waiting for!?


Desigual Maxi dresses

desigual maxi dress
Your summer holiday is at your doorstep – you have saved a lot of time and for a long time you are looking forward to a few relaxed days at the beach with warm sunrays and delicious cocktails. For the perfect look, but you still have some beautiful summer dresses? Maybe you will find in our Desigual clothes guide. Because the Spanish label has a hand for colorful Maxikleider for individualists. You do not want just some dress! Desigual Maxi dresses are perfect for lukewarm summer nights and romantic beach walks. Also to the comfortable strolling through the old town of Barcelona, ​​Desigual has the right dress. Convince yourself of the many summery Maxikleidern. Particularly popular are the models “Helena” and “Quard”. These Desigual dresses combine all that the Spanish label stands for: colorful patterns, great colors, a feminine fit and a wonderful wearing feel. And the great thing is: these desigual clothes already exist for under 150 euros. This should also convince the biggest spider in fashion. Finally, you get a high-quality Desigual dress for the money in a trendy look. Sexy Plus: The back cut on the “Helena” model. So if you need some extra summer clothes in your suitcase, Desigual is your perfect shopping address. And if you already have a matching Desigual dress, then only the summer holiday is missing, in order to be able to do it properly!

Desigual dresses the different styles

The clothes of the Spanish model are as diverse and unique as the colors and patterns of the individual creations. Each collection, no matter what season, includes Desigual dresses in many different styles. Do you like casual and modern? Then a dress in the fashionable shirt look like the model “Lapascua” would be perfect for you. For the next party you are looking for a playful outfit? How about the coquettish party dress “Mihaela” from Desigual collection. With the glittering sequins, you are sure to take your eyes on you. An invitation to the cozy garden party with your friends has just flapped in? Ideal for the romantically playful summer dress “Rhode Island”. Just put a few Beach Waves into your hair and put on a flowering ring for the perfect look: The trendy hippie look is ready. But also for special occasions, Desigual offers wonderful dresses. Elegant yet sporty are the long sleeves like “Flare Sleeve” – ​​if you like something feminine, then Desigual dresses with frills are your outfit for the evening. Your new date will take you to a bar and you want to be particularly sexy? Desigual also has the matching dress for this: “Crudos” – fitted design and an elegant pattern. Perfect!
Desigual clothes used

Frequently used materials and colors of Desigual dresses

Desigual pattern

Colorful and colorful – this is the trademark of Desigual dresses. The Spanish label relies on youthful color combinations, which should be a positive feeling of life, joyous emotions and a good mood with their wearers. “Desigual” is Spanish and means “unequal or different”. And the fashion of the label from Spain, based in Barcelona, ​​is definitely different. But different is not automatically less fashionable. On the contrary: Desigual dresses are only so bright with colorful colors and patterns. Hardly any dress is discreet. The patterns are mostly allover and thus become an absolute eye catcher. Inconspicuously? Wrong! Desigual dresses are decorated with romantic floral patterns or modern graphic designs. Patchwork patterns are also used by the Spanish label. Every woman should own such a Desigual dress as a good mood piece in her wardrobe. Thus the gray days in the office are easily transformed into colorful moments.

Desigual viscose

Desigual Viscose – Partial to 100 percent or in the material mix. With this, the Spanish label is jumping on the train of modern and high-quality materials. For: viscose combines the best properties of natural fibers – the fiber looks optically like cotton, which is extremely skin-friendly and, in addition, is viscose like silk. Especially in summer, viscose is particularly pleasant on the skin. The fiber is chemically produced from a natural base material. However, it is not a synthetic fiber, but is made from natural cellulose. Great effect of viscose: the fiber is light and loose. So it is perfect for Desigual dresses. As a natural product, viscose is particularly skin-friendly and prevents the unpleasant smell of sweat on the fabric, since the fiber is very breathable, like cotton. Pure viscose tends to wrinkle, which is why Desigual has tended to add more fibers to the garments in most cases. A really wonderful material, which makes the dress only optically flowing. Due to the viscose, Desigual dresses perfectly match the feminine form.


Colorful, colorful – Desigual Dresses. The Spanish label has really turned out with the patchwork pattern and allover print. No matter whether floral or graphic patterns: the Spanish chic of Desigual makes you dream of your next summer holiday and gives you a positive feeling of life. The desigual dresses should express the emotionality of man. Whether in plain colors or striking with a colorful model – we have compiled a board for you with the most beautiful desigual dresses. Get inspired! What will be your next Desigual look: a koketten Partykleid or rather a romantic playful summer dress? You should definitely not be afraid to notice!