COS Dresses

Pure minimalism

COS (short for Collection of Style) is a fashion concept launched by H & M in 2007. In contrast to H & M, COS is in the middle price segment and also supplies high quality pieces for women, men and children. The style of the brand is mainly Scandinavian, that is simple, simple and simple. Which may sound boring at first, but it is definitely not. You should take a look at the clothes of the label. These prove to be true treasures that will persist seasons over seasons, at a low price in relation to the quality of the dresses. This is what is also said on the label's side: "COS offers new classics and essentials ... that are made to surpass more than one season. Cos mixes long-lasting quality with timeless design; clean silhouettes, innovative techniques and details inspired by art, technology and architecture. "

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Combinations with COS dresses

COS dresses in the evening

The classic in the evening is of course the little black, which can be found in all conceivable versions at COS. Whether as a shift dress with flounces at the front as an eyecatcher or as a mini dress with a sewn cape as sleeves. Since the dresses are very timeless and simple, they are practically seen in all styles. In order to achieve a more elegant look with a COS Dress, it is best to combine an It-Bag, such as the Drew Bag by Chloé or a embroidered version of the Dionysos by Gucci, so the simple dress is easy to upgrade. If you are looking for a more edgy style, choose a short silk dress in orange and go out with it, and you’ll find big golden accessories and sandals with socks to be the centerpiece of every party.

COS dresses a day

The COS range also includes clothes for the day. From office-friendly shirt dresses to cool knitwear for everyday life, everything is there. For example, with a gray oversized sweat dress with refined details on the sleeve with a pair of sneakers and a cap, plus a backpack and sunglasses, and ready for a leisurely stroll. For the office, of course, it must be something more chic. Here you can find various shirt dresses which you can style well to leather leggings, it is also recommended to combine a classic blazer or legerer a vest and the office look is ready. If that is too boring, put on colorful accessories and fancy shoes or bags.

A dress for COS for a special occasion

Whether it is a wedding invitation, a round birthday or a formal dinner, COS offers a solution. If you want to be safe, you can not go wrong with the little black man. In this case, however, it is more important to look for a more stylish outfit for styling. With pumps and a sweet clutch the dress comes to the best advantage. If you like it a bit more fancy is a slightly transparent Maxikleid to recommend, golden accessories and beautiful sandals and the look for a breathtaking appearance is finished.

Why buy clothes from COS from Secondhand?

On secondhand pages to look for clothes from COS is always a good idea. Who does not have money for the classic parts, which can be between 60 € and 200 € can get so a real bargain. Since the label specializes mainly in essentials and classics, the dresses rarely go out of style and are always worth investing, as they never lose their relevance and you can find genuine vintage gifts.

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Popular models from COS

Shirt dresses

There are many shirt dresses at COS, which are more suitable for everyday life. The color palette of these dresses is very covered from gray to beige to sky blue and kakhi, isolated patterns can be found, which are also kept very discreet. Most shirt blouse dresses from COS are straight cut and have a large patch pocket or a concealed button panel. The dresses however also with a certain extra for example an asymmetrical draping or a wide cut V-collar.

sweater dress

A sweater dress looks like a huge oversized sweater, making it perfect for college or a chill-out day with friends. The clothes are often made of jersey, cotton or knit, which is why they are unsuitable for the high summer and are more suitable in the transitional period. Most of the sweater dresses have a round neckline and reach the middle of the thigh, and they are usually straight cut. These dresses also impress with extraordinary details, for example with folds on the sleeves or the waistband of the dress.

Midi dresses

From chic to casual everything can be found here. The midi dresses are all waisted and conjure up a beautiful female figure. Especially for the office are many copies, as for example a red dress in vest optics, which is at the waist with a belt. The midi dresses of the label come more colorful like the rest of the assortment, over red to blue to camel and black is everything. But also these dresses are very simple and minimalistic, so you should always combine a certain extra like a great bag or unusual accessories or shoes.

A-line dresses

Most of COS’s dresses are cut in A-line. This means you can imagine the silhouette of the dress like an A, so narrowing downwards and becoming ever wider. The A line is a timeless and classic form of a dress and stands as good as any. It is perfect to hide a small belly or a wide hip. The dresses have a length up to a maximum of the knee and are kept very simple. The only embellishments are seams, drapés and folds in all sorts of forms, also in color, they are located in the covered area apart from a few clothes in bright yellow. There are clothes made of jersey and so more suitable for the day, but also dresses made of other materials such as silk or polyester which you can wear well in the evening or in the office.

Popular styles with COS dresses

Thanks to their simple yet refined and unusual look, the clothes from COS suit everything. Whether you leave the dress alone, in a clean outfit or enhance it with accessories, the dresses are the perfect foundation to combine a great outfit. But if you do not have an idea and need inspiration, you can be inspired by our board, which was specially created for this topic.

Materials from COS dresses


The purchase of silk is very expensive, which is especially noticeable in the price of a dress. The silk consists of the spun yarns of the silkworm. Compared to cotton, silk is very elastic and is very tear resistant. However, you should note that the silk can only be washed at a maximum of 30 degrees. Since silk is considered to be very noble, a dress of this material is particularly suitable for special occasions.


Cotton is a natural fiber and is extracted from the cotton plant, which belongs to the mallow plants and grows exclusively in tropical and subtropical areas. Cotton is rather low elastic and wrinkles therefore very light, which is why inorganic fibers such as elastane are usually added to achieve a higher elasticity. Most dresses from COS include cotton dresses with a silky sheen, which is achieved by finishing the fabric. Cotton dresses are similarly expensive as silk dresses, since the production and procurement of natural materials is more expensive than that of chemical fabrics.


Polyester is made from petroleum and belongs to the group of synthetic materials. Polyesters can be added with various materials to give all possible properties. Since polyester is produced from petroleum, it is often criticized by some environmentalists. COS, however, often uses recycled polyester to produce more sustainably. The simpler and cheaper production means that clothes made of polyester and also other chemical fibers are priced under cotton and silk. Often, the above-mentioned materials are also mixed with synthetic fibers in order, for example, to achieve more elasticity or other desired properties of the fabric.


Typical of COS is the reduction to the essential, that is little frills and little pattern, the dress itself should be the focus. Despite this minimalist style, almost every gown shows a small ornamental detail, such as a belt, an extraordinary cut, and an ornamental seam. The label uses only high-quality materials and attaches importance to environmentally-friendly and efficient production, but is affordable despite COS. “The elegant big sister of the fashion company H & M convinces with minimalistic elegance and high-quality materials. Especially for the shopping of different essentials and puristic business fashion, the label is ideally suited for Scandinavian elegance and trend-setting. “COS is not for nothing called the grand-elegant sister of H & M, which makes the label fashionable for everyone, but promises nevertheless good quality and fit. On the occasion of the 10th birthday of the label, this year appeared as a collection which precisely embodies the philosophy of COS. “The collection for women, children and men is intended to show the brand’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.” Focusing on creative pattern-cutting and the use of material, this ten-piece collection for women, men and children explores a modern approach to timeless design , Through close co – operation between the designers and the direct cut directors, garments were created, whose items are designed to fit together like a puzzle so that only minimal material is wasted. The collection also includes a cream white dress that has been trimmed from four equal rectangles to create an edgy silhouette and not to produce any superfluous garbage. This limited edition is not only internally oriented to minimalism, but also embodies this outward, the clothes live from the cut and the fit and thus show minimalism in its purest form.


If you do not want to spend so much money the Label Weekday is recommended, which is also a fashion concept by H & M. The price of the dresses is slightly below the COS brand, but promises just as good quality and Scandinavian clean design. Weekday is also a bit more youthful and trendy and therefore also appeals to the younger audience, also many fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni like to wear the label. Also Samsøe & Samsøe also a Scandinavian brand offers similarly simple and refined dresses as COS. Samsøe & Samsøe is pricewise the same with COS but also evening dresses in the assortment, the quality of the labels is however equal. Anyone who is more of a luxury lover will feel pudelwohl at Swedish Label Acne. The Swedish trend brand offers above all clothes from 200 €. The dresses are slightly more unusual and colorful than those of COS, but very similar to the fit. Since the clothes are somewhat more expensive, this also logically affects the quality.