Apart Dresses

Elegance and femininity are very popular with the German brand Apart. In the seventies Apart's creations fluttered into the houses of many women as part of the Otto mail-order catalog. Since then, the brand has been enduring and, above all, thrilled with chic, glamorous dresses. The Etuikleid is especially a best seller. From the casual jersey dress over the summery maxi-dress to the evening dress Apart offers however the perfect dress for every occasion and for every taste. Let us help you find the perfect dress for your favorite dress.

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Combinations with apartment dresses

Dresses for special evening events

Above all elegant evening dresses characterize Apart. For every evening occasion you can find the suitable dress at Apart. In a figure-dressed dress in a bright color like red or blue, it goes to the chic dinner in the noble restaurant. Combined with opulent jewelry and pumps , the Wow effect is ensured. In a timeless, simple dress-gown, with delicate sandals and a conspicuous clutch, you are the eye-catcher at the next event of your company. In a dress by Apart, every woman can feel glamorous!

Apart clothes for summer parties

Apart clothes can not only be chic, but also casual and playful. Thus the clothes of Apart are ideal for garden parties and other summer events. To the hip rooftop party it goes in a white-blue-striped shirtblouse dress. Colorful sandals and statement earrings make the stylish appearance perfect. In an airy dress with a floral pattern, you can make a good figure on a relaxing garden party. Barefoot is the best way to enjoy the evening and dancing is easy all night.

Apart clothes second-hand and on sale

Dresses from Apart are very high quality and their investment is definitely worth it. It is always worthwhile to look for second-hand clothes. In this way you can not only find new sold out models, but also make great bargains. Here too, Catchys has an extensive selection that leaves nothing to be desired. At reasonable prices and in the best quality everyone can feel a touch of glamor. Also find the dress of your dreams of Apart here at Catchys. Have fun searching and finding!

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Alternatives to apartment dresses

If you have fallen in love with the style of the dresses, but the right model has not been there, then we have some alternatives. If you are looking for a high-quality Maxikleid, then you should look at the clothes of Michael Kors . Playful summer dresses in apart style are available at Liu Jo . If your budget is a bit smaller, but you do not want to do without the incomparable style of Apart, then we have alternatives. For instance, you can find cheap Etuikleider at ASOS . Something more unusual models for the small purse are available at Zara. Also find your personal favorite model!

Popular dresses from Apart

Apart Etuikleider

apart etuikleid used
The Etuikleid is a timeless classic, which simply belongs in every wardrobe. The figure-hugging, fitted fit puts the curves of every woman in the right light. Also at Apart, dresses are available in many different interpretations. Whether it’s a simple black, colorful print, a round neck or a V-neck – the choice can be hard. Details such as waist belts or leather inserts make the dresses by Apart particularly interesting. Even with a large-area floral or plaid pattern, the costume looks elegant. Whether in the office or at a party, with high-heels or cool loafers, Apartressujleider are very versatile and fit depending on the styling for every occasion.

Apart Maxikleider

Maxi dresses are for many a true must-have in summer. The loose cut and the length allow for real hippie feelings. Max’s dresses from Apart also offer an elegant touch. So the models are suitable not only for the beach, but also for the evening and every party. Apart Maxikleider are with extravagant prints, round neck or V-neck, with sleeves or sleeveless or completely classical in a soft flowing fabric to have. Noble materials, elaborate embroideries or jewelery details make the Apart Maxikleider something special. The dresses are perfect for the evening summer walk as well as for a fancy event.
apart maxikleid used

Apart leisure clothes

apart leisure clothes used
Apart is not only chic and elegant, but also casual and casual. Of course, the brand remains true to its style, so that a touch of glamor is always present. Leisure dresses from Apart lust for the day and in them you can just feel good. Whether shoulder-free, with pleated, floral patterns or in a colorful color – Apart Freizeitkleider make you a real eye-catcher. Whether Mini, Midi or Maxi, with clothes from Apart you get well dressed throughout the year. Apart Freizeitkleider fit both to the shopping trip as well as to the walk in the park or to a day in the university.

Apart Jersey dresses

Jersey dresses are so diverse that they can be worn for any occasion. Apart has a very wide selection of jersey clothes to offer. With a large-area pattern, extravagant or plain, long, short, sleeveless or shoulder-free – the jersey dresses from Apart leave nothing to be desired. Among the different cuts and designs, the right model can be found for every style and type. Whether it’s more classic and chic or playful and girlish, with jersey dresses from Apart you can not go wrong. With the matching shoes and accessories the Apart Jersey dresses for every day and every occasion.
apart jersesy dresses used

Apart Knitwear

apart knit dresses used
In the winter you really like to be cuddly and warm. Because an airy dress is not the best choice. Luckily, however, there are knitwear which, in combination with woolen tights and thick boots, are absolutely winter-proof. Also Apart has some knitwear on offer. The models of Apart impress with their elegant design and the high-quality materials. With the knitwear from Apart you can make both in everyday life with boots or sneakers as well as in the evening with ankle boots a super figure.

Apart business dresses

The business dresses from Apart are a great alternative to trousers suit or costume. With an apart business dress, it is easy to be self-confident and strong, making the best figure in the job. The models are anything but boring and sting out of the crowd. You can choose from figurative, waisted, long-sleeved or short-sleeved models. With unusual prints, cuts and refined details, office clothing is completely redefined. Combined with elegant high-heels and a blazer, you are well armed to conquer the chef’s chef.
apart business clothes

Frequently used materials in apartment dresses

Apart Jersey

Jersey dresses from Apart not only look great and above all high-quality, they also offer a comfortable wearing comfort. Jersey is a popular material in the textile and fashion industry, characterized by breathability and absorbency. Furthermore, Jersey clothing is easy to care for and feels comfortable and soft on the skin. These attributes also benefit the clothes of Jersey from Apart.

Apart cotton

Cotton is one of the oldest fibers, the cotton plant has been bred for many years and processed into the material we know it. Even clothes from Apart consist again and again of cotton. This makes it not only comfortable to wear, but also durable and easy to maintain. At the same time, dresses made of cotton also look very high-quality and from the fabric can be made everything from Etuikleidern to Shirtblusenklindern everything.

Apart Polyester

A very frequently used material for clothing is also polyester. Polyester is very easy to maintain, flexible and durable. From the fabric can be made great creations, from the airy summer dress to the elegant Etuikleid. Polyester is a versatile material and is also used by the designers at Apart.

Apart Milano Strick

Milano Knit is created by a special knitting technique. This type of knitting is often used especially in knitting clothes by Apart. The technique creates a cross-stripped pattern. In addition, the material becomes very firm and dense. Apart knitwear made of Milano knitwear are ideal for winter.

Popular Styles with Apart Dresses

The brand Apart makes it easy for women to feel feminine and elegant. If you have found the right dress, there is only the question of the right styling for the occasion. For example, with a white shoulder-strapped lace dress, soft sandals and a straw hat, the romantic, playful look is ready. Or a figurative knit dress with dense boots and leather jacket as a contrast to the feminine dress? Or classic with a dress-gown and elegant pumps? The combination possibilities are infinite. Enjoy!

Typical Apart Dresses

Apart began 1975 as a supplementary booklet to the Otto catalog. Due to the high demand, the German brand has established itself as an independent model set and has still endured today. Apart from a few ups and downs, Apart also gained international success. With ever new collections moving between timeless elegance and a trend-conscious style, the brand appeals to a broad clientele. Clothes by Apart are mainly intended for women, who are firmly in their lives with both legs and know what they want. They do not follow trends, but they are extremely fashion-conscious and love to dress themselves feminine and elegant.