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There are many clothes. And fashion is currently so fast-moving, that almost everyone Cut and every pattern is trendy. It comes just on the combination with accessories, Attitude and self-confidence. Because you can quickly lose track of what is one because now stands exactly what is in the moment in and to which dress I at what occasion to take action. Ana Alcazar, a model from Munich, founded by two former models was, luckily, can help here. The clothes of the brand fit to everyone Woman type, sporty, elegant or playful; in size 34 or 44; or young respectively young. The commonality of the various clothes is that they celebrate the femininity and the femininity of women, even today. So are they cut the figure with a flattering cut, without raising a problem, nor the body in a kind of sack. The motto of the design team is to look at the infinite Variations of people, especially of women.

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Combinations with Ana Alcazar dresses

Dresses from Ana Alcazar for everyday life

Femininity is the main focus of the Ana Alcazar brand. That sounds like first-class dresses and extravagant clothes, which you might wear three times in your whole life. But no, many of the dresses from Ana Alcazar are super suitable for wearing in everyday life. These dresses are comfortable because they are made of elastic, stretchy and soft fabric and are perfect for a meeting, the cake cake at school and shopping for the coming days due to the mostly used knee length. The cuts of these everyday dresses vary to allow every woman the perfect dress. There are some that are held in the Wickellook and reflect something playful but sensual at the same time. Or the dresses have the classic A-line, with which, white  Sneaker combined, also perfect cycling.

Dresses of Ana Alcazar for the summer

When the summers call, they long for airy, sleeveless garments that make the tanned skin even more visible and reduce sweating to a minimum. Exactly such clothes are available at Ana Alcazar. Whether it is floor-length, low-sleeved Maxikleider with a colored summer print, which almost satisfies the longing for the sea because it flows so beautifully blue along the body. Or short dresses with wide straps, in an incredibly bright white that makes even slightly tanned skin appear as if you had spent the last weeks in the Seychelles. With the dresses of Ana Alcazar, a pair of sandals with cork heel and a conspicuous one Sunglasses – for an extra portion of stylefaktor best with mirrored glasses – you are definitely armed for the summer or the next beach holiday.

Ana Alcazar dresses for an elegant event

But as the motto of Ana Alcazar suggests, there are beautiful, feminine and extravagant evening dresses. The lengths of the dresses vary depending on the event you are invited to. The knee-length cocktail dresses are best combined with a filigree sandal and long earrings to accent the neckline. With a floor-length dress you can get to more comfortable shoes, like Pumps with a small heel grab, because these disappear under the flowing fabric. But be careful: the dress should grind the ground, but do not wipe it. In addition, sneakers under the robe are also not recommended, because during running or dancing the shoe will flash once in a while. Except, of course, you want to make a statement à la Cinderella Story when Hilary Duff was wearing pink Converse under her white ball dress.

Vintage dresses by Ana Alcazar

The brand Ana Alcazar designs female and timeless dresses. They are priced mid-priced, which speaks for a lot of individuality and good quality. Since the designs are trend and season dependent, it is worth buying the vintage or second hand brand. This is how you can find your dream dress, which fits exactly to one and also spares your money bag. On Catchys there is a huge selection of second hand clothes by Ana Alcazar. And do not worry, the pages to which reference is made were all checked and also the individual clothes were subjected to a fake check.

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Fake check at Ana Alcazar dresses

Unfortunately, not only bags and other accessories are falsified, but more and more clothing, including many clothes. This is why, especially when you buy your dream dress, Second Hand, you have to be very careful and take note of certain things in order not to purchase a fake. The first feature that is an original dress by Ana Alcazar is the label with the logo of the label sewn to the inside of the neck. The shield would only have the name Ana Alcazar in lowercase. For some, under the labelnamen still “loves you forever”, but it does not have. Now and then there is a crown over the “n” in Ana. To the suffering of many, however, even these label signs are imitated and sewn in spurious clothes. This is why you have to pay particular attention to the details of the seam when processing the whole dress, but especially the label. If the logo is crooked, for example, it is probably a fake dress. In our video, we will explain to you again how you can quickly recognize a fake, so you can find your real Ana Alcazar dream dress also.

Alternatives to Ana Alcazar dresses

Dresses from Ana Alcazar are in the middle price segment and belong to the clothes you like to invest in and therefore high quality and a long life expectancy. If you like it colorful and feminine but is looking for a cheap trend part for the summer, you will surely find a dress at Esprit or Desigual . Here, too, there are many colored prints, but on more comfortable cotton clothes. Price is paid less here, but it does not necessarily mean that you have to make cuts in the quality. For ZARA or Mango you can find the classic cuts of Ana Alcazar dresses, but the prints are a bit too crazy and you do not want to spend so much money.

Popular models of Ana Alcazar dresses

Top dresses by Ana Alcazar

ana alcazar top dresses used
One of the most popular styles of Ana Alcazar dresses are the models with lace appliques or complete lace. These dresses are available in different lengths: in short, midi-long or floor-length. They have either a body-cut cut or a flapping skirt. There are, however, also special lace dresses, for example, which have only the upper part of the dress of lace, which in the whole looks as if you were wearing the top and the skirt. A beautiful look for a special occasion such as a wedding, an elegant summer festival or flat shoes a summer walk.

Maxi dresses by Ana Alcazar

Another very popular model of Ana Alcazar dresses, especially in the summer, are the Maxikleider. The floor-length dresses spray an absolute summer and beach mute. These dresses are perfect for the holidays and can be turned into an outfit for a night of fun through the exchange of flip flops to heel sandals and a tight waist belt in zero-comma-nothing from a beachlook.
ana alcazar maxi dresses used

Dresses with print by Ana Alcazar

ana alcazar print dresses used
Many dresses from Ana Alcazar have a playful, bright and summery print. These print dresses are especially popular as they bring art and graphics to the body, enriching the boring, dreary everyday life with color and joy. Whether colorful color expansions or discreet color-in-color prints, the Ana Alcazar print dresses are perfect for the office to keep your spirits high or to have a picnic in the park. There, the flower meadow is directly competing with abstract forms. Stylingtipp is in such dresses, that the rest of the outfit rather discreet and above all in one color holds. Otherwise, it will overcharge and randomly spoiled.

Blouses dresses by Ana Alcazar

Another very popular model of Ana Alcazar dresses are those that are cut in a blouse shape. These dresses have a classic collar, a button strip that either reaches to the chest or up to the belly button and are usually cut short, thus to the middle thighs. With a waist belt they look elegant and feminine, which is why simple ballerina suits. If you leave the belt away and tie a sweater around your hip instead, it works the look casual. Underlined is the coolness of sneakers and a stylish little backpack. Perfect for the next bike tour.


ana alcazar blouse dresses used

Frequently used materials and colors for Ana Alcazar dresses

na Alcazar dresses are not afraid to show color and display wild, colorful prints. That’s why the color palette really covers all the colors of the rainbow and even more. So there are white and black dresses, but also blue, orange and pink patterned dresses. In addition, restrained colors such as pink, gray and dark blue are also included in the assortment. All color preferences and preferences are met. Ana Alcazar loves the diversity of the designs, the women who wear her clothes and the color selection. For example, silk is used to lend the clothes of this flowing around the body and the breathtaking movement of the fabric while walking and dancing. Silk is known for being particularly soft and light and loose, or difficult to fall. That is why it feels quite wonderfully on the skin and does not complain. However, silk tends to wrinkle quickly, which is why you have to pay particular attention to the care of such dresses. This means that such a silk dress should always be properly hung up in the cabinet and not put into the dryer, because this is rather counterproductive in terms of wrinkle avoidance. For the winter dresses of Ana Alcazar knit is used, which is interwoven to a very special pattern: the Ajour pattern. This special knit warms, looks stylish and at the same time lightens the body. Lace is used for the lace dresses of the brand, but it is also combined with a knit or cotton for a comfortable wearing feel. It is sewn in different patterns, for example as a fine hole tip or in the form of large lace flowers. That makes for many individual dresses and look – for many completely different women.

Popular styles with Ana Alcazar dresses

The sensual dresses of the label Ana Alcazar are best styled in the classic style due to the timeless look and are not broken with another style or competing. That is why most of them wear high-heeled pumps for their dresses of Ana Alcazar, preferably with high and thin heel and a pointed toe, a tailored blazer and a knee-length coat in a restrained color like beige or black.