Diane von Fürstenberg

"When a woman is herself the best friend, life becomes easier"

The wrap dress. No name is connected with him like that of Diane von Fürstenberg. No wonder - after all, it was she who invented the legendary dress. But there is much more behind DVF. Much more femininity in the form of floral prints, innovative graphic patterns and waisted skirts.Dianes style is characterized by the femininity of the 1940s, coupled with the hippie chic of the seventies. In addition, she also spoils the women's world with sportswear, beautyproducts or perfumes. Madame von Fürstenberg wants all ladies to feel like goddesses in their creations. A high claim - but none as good as Diane. Stars such as Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller and Michelle Obama swear by the self-confident feminine cuts and looks. Do you also love Diane von Fürstenberg and want to give you a real DVF bargain, in which you feel pudelwohl and feminine as never before? Then you should count on vintage and catchies as your reliable partner in hunting for preloved fashionhighlights!

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Did you know that …

  1. Diane Simone Michelle Halfi, the world’s leading ladies’ fashion lady, introduced her first dressing dress in 1972 – her Wrap Dress conquered the world and was sold five million times in 1976 alone. A love that is endless, for its genius is still celebrated worldwide to this day
  2. Diane launched a very special perfume in 1975. The fragrance bore the name of her daughter Tatiana
  3. Diane von Fürstenberg left her tailoring table in 1993 and inspired her as an editor for the Vanity Fair magazine
  4. Diane after her divorce in 2001 had to give her princess title – You did not know that she had one? Right, she is the queen of the dresses. What an award this could be
  5. Diane von Fürstenberg has an intense relationship with her testimonials and sees in them more than one clothes stand – About Karlie Kloss she once said: “I like Karlie. It is similar to me. She’s her own wife! “Thanks Diane. For your fashion and your words

Why is Second Hand worthwhile with Diane von Fürstenberg?

The partygirl of the 70s created the ultimate dress for women – the wrap dress. Newly interpreted season by season, it has established itself as a wash classic. You want to get one of the first vintage models? No problem – CATCHYS quickly finds you in the large collection of authenticated partner shops.

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Catchy’s Diane von Fuerstenberg Brand Guide

Diane Wrap Dress – the classic

The wrap dress is and remains Diane’s greatest success. The reason is that we do not know any other piece of clothing, the woman body so perfectly enveloped and flatteringly emphasized as a DFV Wrap Dress. The light jersey fabric wraps around your curves and makes you feel nu in style and chic. So Diane brings out the best of every female body type and offers her star dress in all colors, patterns and lengths. Secure this legendary Key Piece at Catchys with one click. And you have a dress – like your second skin!

Diane Fleurette Dress – Playful, feminine, classy

The Fleurette Dress by DFV is swinging, loose, and laid back. And despite its comfortable attributes, Diane manages to give her designs an elegance that is unmistakable. Your secret recipe! Would you like to be dressed in an airy dream of silk for the wedding celebration of your best friend or to do your new favorite dress all summer? Then you should not wait any longer with your second hand search!

Diane Maxi Dress – Maximum Style Consciousness

You know about the magic of a Maxi Dresses? When your legs gently swing around and give the summer feelings par excellence? Then a Maxikleid by Diane von Fürstenberg is the ideal choice for you. After all, the designer wants you to get your femininity out. That you can endlessly long legs be conjured and a relaxed hippie aura hover through the day. The famous pain of the choice is still with you. Colorful, floral, with embroidery, wrapped, wide flowing … You decide!

Diane von Fürstenberg Bags – My Bag is Diane

A woman and her bag are inseparable. And since women should know best what their sisters need in order to carry all their belongings carelessly – we put on ladies like Diane, who furnish us with pockets that can do much more than look pretty. Diane von Fürstenberg loves her motto of the free woman. And that should not have to do without anything. On no pens, blocks, creams, powders, perfumes or coffee cups. Exactly as on style, elegance and femininity!