Zara coats

A Zara coat can be quickly and easily adapted to every look. Whether it's a business outfit, a dress or a pair of jeans and a shirt, the coat picks up the outfit and keeps you warm. Depending on taste, there is a special coat at Zara, which can be worn open or closed. Zara coats are often classic in design and can therefore be combined with many designs and colors. From what length a jacket is a coat, can not be exactly stated, since the styles and lengths have always changed in the individual epochs.

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Combinations with Zara coats

Zara Trenchcoats and Summer Coat: Timeless and stylish

The coats that Zara offers are based on current trends, but always remain true to a classic, timeless, Spanish line. This is also reflected in the trenchcoats and Zara summer coat. The cuts fit well to most body shapes, the colors are classic and therefore well combinable. A coat in summer? A trench coat is the perfect transition jacket, as it can be worn on short jackets to clothes and skirts. A summer coat also keeps you warm on warm summer summers and completes every look.

Zara winter coat: cold protection with style factor

A winter coat has an important task: it must keep warm. Zara attaches great importance to high-quality materials, which ensure high comfort. A winter coat can be combined with jeans, thick pantyhose, boots and boots. Whether on the way to the office or skating – winter coats keep warm and always make a good figure. Through the classic cuts, designs and colors, Zara winter coats are timeless classics and therefore always a trend clothing item.

Zara Coats Second Hand: The Benefits

Buying a Zara coat online second hand has several advantages. The offered dresses have the same quality, are the same classic coats, which are also offered in the stores and are thereby significantly cheaper. Second Handmode will be checked before purchase again to meet the high standard of buyers. Zara quality, trendy styles and all at good prices – second hand shopping is worth it!

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Alternatives to Zara Coats

Zara coats are just great. Not to be loved by fashion editors, fashion bloggers (like Ali Gordon) and even members of the royal family, such as Kate Middleton, the Spanish flag and his coats. If you would like to look for an alternative, we have something to offer from Catchys. How about a coat of H & M? The clothes of H & M are just as modern and adapted to the trend of the season, but they are cheaper in some cases and are therefore a good option. The Spanish colleague, Mango, offers just as much style and modernity, but is priced quite similar to the offer of Zara. Likewise an attractive variant to Zara coats would be the trenchcoats and coats by Only. This label is especially for classic cuts and cool details. If the price could be a bit higher, as long as the cut and quality are right, we would also have Superdry or Tom Tailor in the repertoire.

Popular models from Zara coats

Zara trench coat

The trench coat is one of the classics among the coats. This coat form originally came from the soldiers, but then became more and more popular and nowadays it is no longer impossible to imagine our wardrobe. This is why you can find at least one trench coat in almost every Zara collections. Zara stands for timeless elegance and cool modernity at the same time. This is exactly what the Zrara Trenchcoat embodies. The special thing about a Zara trenchcoat is the super affordable price to a comparatively high quality. Due to the choice of color, cut and fabric, Zara trenchcoats are much more expensive than they really are. The waist is accented by a belt with a metal buckle. It can be worn like a Zara coat almost all year round and spoofs every simple outfit. The chic trench coat from Zara can also be worn over the evening dress. It is available in various colors and lengths.
zara trenchcoats second hand
zara wrap coat second hand

Zara wrap coat

The Zara wrap coat is a kind of more casual trench coat. It is usually longer and has less details on the shoulders than the trench coat. The special feature of Zara wrap coats are the two front parts, the carrier loosely over each other folds and then with a binding belt closes. Depending on how tight the belt is tied, the coat can be worn more elegantly or casually. It is available in a wide range of colors and materials – depending on the trend colors and seasons. The silhouette of the Zara wrap coat is rather unstructured, which is why the belt is so important if you want to give your outfit a feminine touch. This coat of the Spanish fashion house is suitable for various occasions. On days when you do not feel so comfortable, you can put a simple jeans and a T-shirt underneath, coat the coat and add a large pair of sunglasses and you already feel top styled.

Zara Blazermantel

The Zara Blazermantel is a very special jacket style. It is reminiscent of a blend of a blazer and a trench coat, but the waist belt is missing. The cut is very straight and therefore very simple. It is as versatile as its shorter colleague, the blazer, too. Available in Zara either in a straight cut, or slightly waisted. However, it is much less figurative than the wrap coat or the trench coat. By means of a suitable belt, however, it can also be converted into a trench coat, thus emphasizing the waist. One of the biggest advantages of wearing a Zara Blazermantel is the fact that they are always well-dressed. Zara coats always convince through classic and modern cuts, beautiful fabrics and unique workmanship for a quite low price class. The Zara Blazersteltel thus evaluates every outfit a lot, without costing a fortune.


zara blazer mantel second hand
zara dufflecoat second hand

Zara Dufflecoat

The Zara Dufflecoat is less well known than his three colleagues, but still enjoys popularity. It was named after a Belgian town. The dufflecoat is produced from a certain woolen material, which was produced in the town Duffel. The Zara Dufflecoat can be seen as a hybrid between jacket and coat. Especially the hood, which is reminiscent of a jacket, and the gag locks, which again remind of a cloak. Another distinctive feature of a jacket is the shorter hem. Zara Dufflecoats are more rare than the Blazersteltel or the Trenchcoat, but there are always collections, in which they occur. The mantle inspired by the menswear, which is already popular with the ladies, is particularly suitable for leisure activities. Zara makes his dufflecoats always more casual and then more elegant, so there is something for every guy.

Frequently used materials and colors at Zara coats

Zara colors

Zara represents almost all colors. The color combinations of the coats always depend on the season and the current trends. Zara, however, works with his coats in much the same way as classic colors, in order not to lose the elegant style for which the Spaniard is so well known. Winter coats are mostly gray, brown or dark blue. Also black and white can be found again and again. In the spring, it often comes to pastel shades or quite bright colors.

Zara Polyester

Polyester is one of the most frequently used fabrics in the clothing industry – not just for Zara coats. In the meantime, there are only a few garments which have to get along without polyester. It is often blended with cotton. The advantage of Zara coats, which are at least partly made of polyester, is the easier care. A Zara coat of polyester can easily be put into the washing machine and looks like new again. This saves money not only when buying the coat, but also during cleaning.

Zara viscose

Viscose is a kind of mixture of cotton and silk. You get practically the best of both worlds. On the one hand, viscose is skin-friendly (like the cotton) and on the other hand it looks as elegant and chic as the silk. However, viscose is not only a mixture, but it can also be referred to as a hybrid. It is produced from a natural basic material, but is a chemically produced fiber. Viscose is usually used by Zara as a silk substitute and is used in parts which should fall loose and appear noble by the choice of material. In Zara coats, viscose is mainly found as a feedstock.

Zara Cotton

Another material that is often used in Zara coats is cotton. The cotton is probably one of the most popular material types for the clothing industry, also in Zara coats it often occurs for the outer part. The cotton was very early. Peoples in Asia, America and Africa have claimed the cotton plant completely independently of each other and used it for the first production of the material. The natural fiber is still used today as a material for T-shirts, clothes, bed linen, etc. Zara coats are made of cotton for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, the cotton is very absorbent and is therefore particularly interesting for the summer. One must not forget that there are also summer coats. Another point is that cotton is very skin-friendly and also has a low allergy potential. Cotton feels naturally very soft and pleasant on the skin. So it is a good option for people with sensitive skin. Zara coats are also made for the visual impression with cotton. Cotton has this distinctive, grippy look, which is especially interesting for winter coats. Zara coats of cotton keep warm without having to become too heavy or too many layers of fabric. This makes cotton not only interesting for winter coats for men and women, but also for children.

Popular styles with Zara coats

Zara coats are special for many reasons. They are chic, cool, trendy and inexpensive. In addition, they are super-adaptive and can be easily combined from their wearer to numerous outfits. Stylish ladies could combine their Zara coat to a tight leather leggings, a wide white blouse and high boots. In addition, a cool sunglasses and a casual shopper and finished is the blogger look. Men can combine their Zara coat in muted colors, among other things, to form a beautiful shirt and a suitcase, plus leather shoes and a simple scarf – a simple combination, but incredibly chic. The zara coat can be worn almost all year round. In the spring, for example, a dark jeans, sneakers and a cool polo shirt. On colder days, man can still pull a nice sweater over the polo shirt. The women could wear a jeans skirt over stockings and a warm roll-neck sweater and then casually throw the Zara coat over the shoulders. If you like to describe your style as chic, we recommend that you use simple colors such as gray, white, black or dark blue. If you love colorful things, you should have a more sophisticated version. Luckily, Zara has something for everyone. Particularly suitable for the city would be to combine the Zara coat in a dark color to a black trousers and a nice woolen sweater. For the especially fashion conscious, there is also the possibility to combine the brown-gray Zara coat to a white blouse with a sweet bow, a black miniskirt and a cool hat. For more inspiration, you can also view our specially created Pinterest Board.

Zara Coats in Detail Check

Zara coats stand for timeless elegance and high-class modernity. The Spanish fashion house mainly focuses on trends of the season. Details are super important to stick out. Details of Zara would be for example embroidery in the coats or a special way to sew the shoulder materials. Also flatter sleeves at the place of straight cut sleeves is a Zara-typical design. Each Zara coat includes an etiquette in the collar, with the Zara logo. This detail is a reference to the authenticity of the coat and also shows where it was produced. Many parts of Zara are produced in Spain or Portugal.