Desigual coats

"It's not the same" - colorful pieces of clothing, where the eye reaches, patterned bags and colorful coats. The speech is from Desigual. The Spanish label is no longer an insider's tip. The fashion of Desigual is simply different. Women who are keen on colorful and creative fashion find fashion at Desigual that gives expression to their lifestyle. The fashion of Desigual is young, colorful, cheeky and original and conveys good mood and positive emotions with its colorful designs. Especially the coats of the Spanish label are an absolute eye-catcher and ensure a change in the autumn and winter weather. Learn more about Desigual Coats in this Catchy Style Guide!

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Combinations with Desigual Coats

Desigual coats: Positive vibes, positive mind

“We dress people – not bodies,” is the motto of Desigual, which is particularly well-suited for the masculine creations of the success label. The coats by Desigual convince with colorful patterns, which immediately make a good mood and easily upgrade every simple winter look from jeans and sweaters . With Desigual Mode you can prove trend consciousness at the highest level and enjoy every single moment of your life to the fullest. Thus the company radiates with its coats positive energy, commitment, tolerance and fun.

Desigual coats: From Barcelona to the whole world

Fancy patterns and bright colors in coats are your thing? Then you are at Desigual exactly right! The expression of creativity was particularly important to the then 20-year-old founder more than 30 years ago. It is no wonder, of course, that the coats of the fashion group are now successful in more than 65 countries, and are the ultimate must-haves in the wardrobe for trendsetters in all cities.

Uniqueness down to the detail: Coats by Desigual for him & her

No other brand represents colorful designs as Desigual – the label from Barcelona stands for cosmopolitan and self-assured fashion that catches everyone’s eye. The Desigual coats impress with unique combinations of color, shape and pattern, a concept that makes the design handwriting of Desigual unmistakable. Fashionistas all over the world adore themselves as followers of the stylish coats from sunny Spain. Men also find a wide selection of clothing on the success label. Desigual men’s clothing is a bit more discreet, but the details are not lacking. The fashion-conscious man can reach a colorful striped coat and combine these to simple pants and a classic shirt . The coat with a discreet floral pattern is also the best in simple looks.

Desigual Coats Second-Hand and on sale

The extravagant design in combination with the best quality of the Desigual brand has of course its price, which is why coats from the last season are very popular. The second hand market can also be a wonderful treasure trove for bargain hunters and sustainable consumers. On Catchys, you’ll find a wide selection of high quality second-hand and sale Desigual coats that will help you make the difference. Have fun exploring and discovering your new favorite coat!

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Fake Check Desigual Coats

Nothing is worse if you spend money on brand clothing, then you have to conclude that it is not original, but a fake. Plagiarism not only damages the reputation of the brand, but are also processed inferior quality. We give you a brief overview of how to distinguish a Desigual forgery from an original.

  1. To avoid the purchase of a counterfeit, you should only look for Desigual Coats in Verified Online Stores. Avoid buying branded coats from non-certified retailers.
  2. Watch the Desigual logo. This lettering should always be carefully processed and, of course, written correctly. For example, the “S” in Desigual is always written in the mirror. However, there are several versions of the logo, so always keep an eye on the company’s website.
  3. Basically counts: fingers away from offers, which promise an original coat for 20 €. Desigual coats are never sold for such a low price.

Alternatives Desigual Coats

The coats from Desigual impress with unusual designs and high quality. However, if you would like to see a few alternatives before buying, you should take a look at the coats of Joe Browns. Do you like to laugh and love to poke others with your sense of humor? Then the cheerful fashion of Joe Browns matches your taste! Whether it’s a case of striking prints, bright colors, or classic denim, Joe Browns is the perfect brand to have a style statement like Desigual. The lifestyle company loves to create fashion that stands out from other models by exciting and individual styles. The clothing of Joe Browns is original and casual and available to both ladies and men. Also Custo Barcelona offers many coats, very similar to the design of Desigual. Bright colors and psychedelic patterns that remind the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s: the collections of the Spanish label Custo Barcelona are often described. The high-quality material ensures high wearing comfort, while the jacket is at the same time an absolute eyecatcher. More affordable alternatives can be found in every season, however, at fast fashion chains such as Topshop, Mango or Zara . In addition to classic coats, these also offer a variety of models which are inspired by the trends of great designers.

Popular coat models from Desigual

Desigual wool coat – for any weather

desigual coat wool
Be passionate, be wild, be Desigual. A label with its shrill designs is an absolute statement in your wardrobe. Especially with the woolen dresses from Desigual, a monotonous winter outfit can be turned into an eyecatcher in no time. You can choose between many different models, from extravagant and colorful patterns, to feminine and floral, to classic and simple in black and beige tones. The latter are nevertheless distinguished by interesting cuts and materials from other coats on the road. The Desigual coats are made from selected materials to ensure the best results not only at low temperatures, but also long-lasting and robust.

Transitional dresses from Desigual – always good for a surprise

Desigual transitional coats are available in many variations. For outdoor lovers, a Parka from Desigual is just the thing. It is characterized by a comfortable cut, which allows for every movement and is also very practical thanks to its many pockets. For the time in spring and autumn, a trench coat is a timeless companion. With him woman or man is always well-dressed, whether on the way to the job or at the shopping tour. Many Desigual models are also breathable and prevent sweating under the mantle. One of the most popular transitional models of Desigual is the mantle of the “Abrig” line. This features a waisted cut and creative design. Noble knobs, an embroidered inner lining and the unique pattern mix make the “Abrig” a particularly beautiful model.
desigual mantel trench

Desigual “Natalia” – a coat with lifestyle

desigual mantel natalia
The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are falling and it is time to bring the really warm coats, knit sweaters and scarves out of the closet. But why must they always be gray or black in autumn and winter? The winter alone is already dark enough, because some color in the outfit choice can not hurt. With the popular “Natalia” coat by Desigual, you can prove the color, because it is available in bright colors like red and green. On some models, the colorful metal buttons, which are decorated differently with decorative stones, are particularly striking.

Desigual Jeans coats – for diversity in the wardrobe

Desigual’s denim coats are ideal for the transitional seasons, with details such as knitted sleeves, patchwork and a versatile color and material mix. The denim coats with patches are particularly comfortable to wear due to the cotton part and provide for an individual look through the varied decoration. The extravagant Jeans coats come best with simple looks, such as a black roll-neck sweater and jeans. It is more elegant with a leather skirt and high quality leather loafers. The models “Chaq” and “Nouco” are particularly popular with the jeans of the Spanish brand. These models impress with wonderful color combinations and sewn strass as well as particularly creative, eye-catching patterns. Particularly striking are the jeans coats by their strong turquoise tones, as with the coat “Chaq Mondena”, which with bright colors and conspicuous applications is an absolute statement coat.
desigual coat of arms

Commonly used materials and colors on Desigual coats

Materials at Desigual Coats

Desigual – the brand that instantly conveys a good mood. The fashion of Desigual is made for individualists and individualists who like colorful and feminine clothes. Not only that, the creative design makes the Spanish label so special, also the high wearing comfort is characteristic of the Spanish success label. Desigual looks for pleasant and light fabrics when selecting materials. From the woolen coat to the silk coat, at Desigual you are spoiled for choice. Many pieces are made of soft cotton or viscose. The material mix of chemical and natural fibers ensures pleasant moments of comfort, whether it is just warm or cold in front of the door. And who is not happy if you get compliments everywhere for a great, special piece of clothing. Such positive experiences are pre-programmed with the coats by Desigual, as the majority now recognizes the brand at first glance and can not hide its admiration. The coats are partly embroidered in elaborate handwork and the high-quality quality ensures that the new favorite pieces from the Desigual collection also last long.

Colors at Desigual Coats

The fashion of the brand Desigual seduces its trend-conscious followers again and again with a wild color mix and even more daring patterns. The motto: the more colorful and colorful, the better. With the color selection the company definitely no limits are set. You often ask yourself, is this still fashion or art? However, one finds also somewhat isolated parts. In contrast to the rest of the collection, two-color coats or patterns with only two color variations are discreet.

Popular styles with Desigual coats

Quilting, wool or coaching coats from Desigual we prefer to wear the otherwise simple outfit, since the clothing pieces through unusual patterns or colors serve anyway as a view. A dark blue tube jeans, a single colored coarse knit sweater in classic discreet colors and ankle boots or boots – that’s it! Finish is the fresh look for your new Desigual coat. For you it should be a bit more chic? How about a simple plain-colored dress coat (matched to the coat) with opaque pantyhose and pointed leather pumps? Sporty transitional coats of the brand are best combined with boyfriends and simple booties. For more inspiration look at the Pinterest board!