Burberry Coats

Since 1955, the Queen of England has been bringing her coats from Burberry . This is not only due to the fact that the British manufacturer is the inventor of the trenchcoat, but that his coats with the Burberry typical check pattern in the inner lining look majestic and comfortable to wear. The range of Burberry coats available ranges from warm winter coats from cashmere, wool and lambskin to models made from technical fibers for milder weather.

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Combinations with Burberry coats

Burberry coats for women

The trenchcoats with puffed sleeves can be combined with wide skirts and cashmere sweaters to create a comfortable and elegant outfit. To Burberry coats in the Sandringham style, you can wear short dresses and boots to achieve a youthful, fresh and yet noble appearance. Cashmere robes with fur collar harmonize well with shorts, cashmere sweaters and woolen hats. With this combination you have the perfect winter outfit. To the classic duffle coat you can wear boots, tight jeans and blouse. In addition to single-breasted, Burberry also offers plenty of double-breasted coats,ponchos and jackets, so there is something for every taste.

Burberry Coats – ideal for any suit

As a man, you make a suit with shirt and tie with a classy cut Burberry coat guaranteed nothing wrong. Depending on your personal taste and weather, you can buy from the Parka, to the Pea or Burberry coat Outstanding quality affordable

If your dream coat is already out of stock or you need a fitting addition to the suit or the winterlook of boots and cashmere sweaters, the second hand area of ​​Catchys is the right thing for you. Here you can find both current and older Burberry coats greatly reduced. Why should you dress worse than the Queen? The second-hand area of ​​Catchys makes the dreams of the narrow valley real.

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Fake Check the Burberry Coats

Burberry coats have been among the fashion classics for many years and have been copied or copied since then. When buying an original Burberry coat, a few notes have to be considered, which finally clearly distinguish the original from a copy. Of course, a logo in the inside of the coat is a clear indication, but beside the logo the buttons or the material are also signs for originals. The Burberry Trenchcoat is made of the special gabardine fabric and has been protected by the company, so the feel of the material, for connoisseurs is an indication of originals. In addition to the material and the logo, the trademark-protected check check is another indix to distinguish the original from the copy. Likewise, the logo of the brand is embossed on the belt and on the buttons. → Watch our Fake Check video and read our magazine article. Because only with sufficient expertise it will not be a mistake.

Alternatives to Burberry Coats

Burberry coats are a fashionable dream but financially difficult to schedule? For many years, the classics of the fashion house Burberry have been one of the fashion must-haves and have been copied in a variety of fashionable fashion collections. Big fashion houses like ASOS , Zara and Mango make fashionistas with smaller portmonaiee wear the British chick.

Popular coats from Burberry

Burberry trench coat

The Burberry trench coat is the best-known coat from Burberry and at the same time the icon of fashion history. The classic design as well as the simple elegance of the coat make the trench coat an eternal classic. Classic and stylish, the trenchcoat is worn in the colors honey or black, but there are also other colors, such as paraderot or pastel pink, for the courageous ones. The trench coat gives the wearer a special classy elegant chic and is an outfitelevator in all combinations. The Burberry trenchcoat can be combined with a wide range of looks and outfits, whether elegant with the little black or relaxed and cool with boyfriend jeans, the trench coat is never the wrong choice. The special and patent-protected material, gabadine of the trench coat is an excellent protector against rain and wind and is tied to the stylish with the belt in the waist. The development of the classic trench coat is a continuous process and continues to evolve from one collection to the next. It is experimented with different materials and lengths.
burberry trenchcoat second hand
burberry dufflecoat second hand

Burberry Duffle Coat

The Burberry Dufflecoat, like the trenchcoat cult status, was also one of the classics among the coats. The special feature of the Burberry duffle coat is the straight and downward straight shaping and the distinctive toggle knobs on the front of the coat. The special feature of the coat is the large hood, which can be quickly and easily pulled over the head on cold winter days in combination with a thick woolen scarf. The duffle coat is made of warm woolen fabric and is produced in the processing or fabrication by an elaborate weaving process, in which two substances are combined. The Burberry Dufflecoat is especially cool in the colors beige, red and black, a classic cool look and warms even on the coldest winter days. The Burberry Dufflecoat is the perfect companion for leisure activities and looks especially stylish in combination with a nice cashmere sweater, jeans and tight winter boots. Likewise, the Burberry Dufflecoat can be combined romantically, with a playful dress and leather boots.

Burberry Cape

The Burberry Capes, which are available in different shapes, colors and materials, should not be missing in any wardrobe. The Cape, celebrated in the 50s and 70s, has undergone a blossoming season in recent years and is being reinterpreted and interpreted at Burberry in every collection. The classic Burberry Cape is sleeveless and is designed in the form of a slightly flawless design. As a rule, two slit arm openings are worked into the arms. Classic is the Burberry Cape in woolen fabric and is particularly popular in the colors beige, black and dark blue. The Burberry Cape, especially in the last Burberry collection, experienced a new heyday, using the most varied materials and the capes to special accessories. The special capes can be obtained exclusively on the official side of the brand and exclusively on order. The Burberry Cape is an all-rounder and suits to casual outfits and situations, whether it’s cool to jeans and sneakers or elegant to the evening dress and stilettos, the Cape is a stylish companion.


burberry cape second hand

Burberry Parka

The classic Burberry Parka has not been a wardrobe for many years and is the perfect all-purpose coat. The stylish Parka is knielang and available in the colors black and Canva. The classic epaulets, the traditional check under the collar and straps on the sleeves make the Burberry Parka a fashionable companion on cold days. The Burberry Parka is equipped with a slightly padded removable lining and can be combined by a hem at the waist. The Burberry Parka has been a stylish companion in cold temperatures for many years, and can skillfully add style breaks through combinations with other styles. The shape of the parka is simple and straight, which is why combinations with narrow cut outfits are more stylish and advantageous. For a fashionable relaxed look, the combination with a nice cashmere sweater and skinny jeans is very stylish. For friends of style breaks the Parka can be combined well with playful clothes and rough shoes.


burberry parka second hand

Frequently used materials or colors of Burberry coats

Burberry Gabardine

The known Burberry gabardine does not refer to a material but rather to a special weave which is characterized by diagonally extending bonds. The firm grip of the material is the perfect protector against the wet and wind and keeps warm even on the coldest days. Gabardine is particularly used in the manufacture of Burberry trenchcoats and capes.

Burberry Duffel

The popular and classic dufflecoats are made of the material Duffel. The heavy wool is produced by a special processing method, in which two woolen fabrics are combined by a special weaving process

Check Lining

The classic feature of a Burberry masculine is the well-known Check Lining, which has since the origin of the brand for the fashion house Burberry. The so-called Check Lining was modeled on tartans of Scottish clans and can be seen in every collection of the fashion house. Burberry was able to protect the trademark of the company under trademark law.


The classic color Burberry, Canva has established itself with the years clearly in the fashion world. The brand ‘s special features were already accented by actresses like Audrey Hepburn and other great personalities. The classic color has stood for the fashion house for years and is particularly beautiful as a trench coat.

Popular styles with Burberry coats

A Burberry coat is a particularly fashionable companion, which can be imagined from many wardrobes and from the fashion world. Burberry protects the wearer from all weather conditions and keeps fashionably warm. The most beautiful are Burberry coats in beige and black, the classic colors are light and fashionable to combine. Burberry coats are fashionable all-rounder. Each of the different styles or different characters of women can integrate the coats of the British brand into their own look. The British all-rounder can be combined in so many different ways, but three styles are very interesting for fashionable women. The classic trenchcoat can be combined with a stylish and polished dress. It is particularly nice to trench the trench coat, up to the top, and combine the coat as a dress. The sleeves are lightly padded and bring a certain casualness into the look. Finally, the jacket or the jacket dress should be closed with the belt and combined with high shoes. The internationally renowned fashion icon Rachel Zoe is the inventor of this particular and slightly wicked look. The Dufflecoat is especially on cold winter days a faithful companion and offers besides warmth, fashionable aspects. The thick winter coat can be fashionably combined with jeans and thick woolen sweaters and especially girlish in the layered look, combined with a warm cardigan, tight strands and a playful maid dress, which is best cut out and flatters the silhuette of the wearer as well as the coat. Elegant looks are just as easy to arrange with Burberry. The particularly beautifully processed and detailed capes are fashionably stylish combination partners for evening dresses and beautiful evening outfits. The special capes in many different colors and workings, such as the very popular special brand of the brand, which includes capes, which are individual pieces and have a special unique feature. Noble evening outfits, such as evening gowns or the classic little blacks get a special unique elegant touch through the combination with a Burberry Cape and are great Outfitelevator. Likewise the combination of the special capes in connection with a club outfit is an exciting interplay. For bold fashionistas, the combination of a cape with high heels and a straight running tuxedo and a simple Crop Top is a great combination. In conclusion, the iconic coats from Burberry are fashionable and loyal companions in all life situations and, in addition to the functionality, bring with them a great deal of elegance and style awareness. To provide you with inspiration for your new coats, we have put together the most beautiful looks in a Pinterest board. Let yourself be inspired and become part of the Burberry world.