Yves Saint Laurent Clutches

It is the certain touch of French chic that makes the clutches of Saint Laurent so much sought after. Whether for a chic dinner party, a long club night or a short coffee break - the Saint Laurent Clutch always fits and gives every outfit timeless elegance.

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Combinations with Saint Laurent Clutches

For the dinner party

Whether an elegant dinner, the Christmas party or a wedding – a clutch from Saint Laurent fits every evening dress, is not too conspicuous, but still a view. Combine the Clutch to the “little black” with a simple pair of heels for an absolutely stylish and always made look, or pair it with a fancy, colorful ball dress and statement earrings – according to Dresscode you can up- or downstyl the YSL Clutch.

For the club nights

It is Friday night and a long club night is announced? Grab the mini dress and the smartest pumps and do not forget the Saint Laurent Clutch! It complements both a restrained, one-color dress and a body-weaving dress in color.

For coffee

The Saint Laurent Clutch can not be used only in the evening – if you meet for a coffee with your best friend, you do not need much. Key, mobile phone and purse have more than enough space in the clutch. Wear it with Oversize shirt, light mom jeans and Loafern and the parisian look is complete. When it gets colder, a soft sweater of knit and simple boots will fit into the small bag. Shop Clutches of Saint Laurent cheaper on sale, second hand or vintage on CATCHYS!

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