Claudie Pierlot

Très chic, très en vogue et très francais: Claudie Pierlot. The designer is a real French woman, who founded her own model set in the 80s. Their playful designs still hold the balance between tradition and modernity. Claudie Pierlot loves the combination of clear, simple cuts and subtle details, such as knots, collars or loops, which give a feminine touch to their designs. Her hallmark: An uncomplicated feminine elegance, the timeless generations of women bewitched

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Popular models from Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot Tops

Claudie Pierlot’s shells have it, this unique indescribable charm that can also be admired in Parisian women. A self-assured yet feminine fragile aura that, as Claudie proves, can actually be packed into a piece of clothing. Chicke sled blouses, delicate silk tops or shirts that are a bit boyish and spray the flair of a French street café, where a toughe lady with jeans, loafers and hat sits. Just as you feel, you should be able to dress. Unique pieces can be found in the world of second hand. How about a cuddly cashmere sweater, an extrovert leather top or a striped shirt that every Parisian has in her wardrobe?

Claudie Pierlot Dresses – Feminine Raffinesse

Minimalist, but never without cream lid. A dress by Claudie Pierlot does not dispense with a personal touch. The belt around the waist. Or the sexy cut out at the back. Love is in the details. And we can not look at them at Claudie Pierlot. All ladies, who like to be a woman, discover here in an inspiring way how they can send their femininity subtly and stylishly. The annual Claudie Pierlot Sale is there as birthday and Christmas together. But, the wait is over. Thanks to the fabulous vintage world, you can always grab an ultimate Claudie Pierlot bargain online. All you need is the right moment when you and your new Claudie Pierlot Dress meet. When the lightning hits as in a romantic French film. Because the perfect Maxikleid, Slip Dress or small blacks makes our heart at least as high as at the sight of Alain Delon or Marion Cotillard.