Christian Louboutin

"High heels are pleasure with pain"

Whether a trendsetter or a gray mouse, everyone knows the ladies' shoes with the red sole of the French designer Christian Louboutin. And yes, presumably you have a wish list with at least a pair of high heels from the Paris label. Before Christian Louboutin founded his own label, he worked for the crème de la crème of fashion houses such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent as a shoe designer. He also got the inspiration for his first Louboutins in a museum, which would have hung a prohibition sign for high shoes, as the heels had scratched the precious floor. The designer was so fascinated by the shape of the shoe that he quickly decided to make millions of women happy with his creations. In order to get cheap Christian Louboutin shoes, you now have two options: Either you fight with thousands of other women in the sale and outlet around your life ... ähh, your dream shoes or you are shopping the object of your desire quite easy and convenient used here at Catchys.

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Did you know that …

  1. Carrie Bradsaw from Sex and the City in Season 3-6 often wore Louboutin shoes? The special: In a series of the 3rd season, which played in LA, the soles of their Louboutins had two different metallic shades of red
  2. Jennifer Lopez even dedicated a whole song to the shoes with the red sole? The title “Louboutin” appeared in 2009
  3. Christian Louboutin has also produced a make-up line alongside shoes? Here the investment is worthwhile just because of the failed packaging
  4. the heels of the high heels of Louboutin measure at least 12 centimeters? If you do not want to hurt yourself, you should work diligently
  5. Christian Louboutin worked for a while as a landscape gardener in the 80s because he had enough of fashion? Shortly afterwards, however, he missed the design of shoes (luckily) and returned to the fashion world

Why is Second Hand at Christian Louboutin worthwhile?

The red sole has now become a wash icon on ladies’ feet worldwide – corresponding to the feminine treads with a hefty price tag. Second hand Louboutin shoes you will find but often in an absolutely new condition for cheaper. Find the perfect pair for you at CATCHYS in a selection of authenticated partner shops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection.

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Louboutin sneaker – and there is it!

Yes, they really exist, flat shoes at Louboutin! And this is quite good, because the Louboutin sneakers are not only just as stylish as the 12-centimeter-high shoes, but they also have something ahead: they are comfortable, no matter how long you have to stand or go. Of course you do not have to do without the classic red sole – the full Louboutin pleasure minus the pain? Yes, please! How practical that the sneakers are also still small works of art and no boring sneakers. With embellishments such as embroidery and patches to bling bling, the flat shoes keep loosely with the classic high heels.

Louboutin High Heels – the dream of all women

High heels of Louboutin are the dream of every woman – you take the time that you can not run on them and spend the evening just at the bar. Perhaps it is the high heels, which make us between in love and nervous, or the red sole, which is a recognition feature and at the same time a small pusher push to heaven to all the women who run behind one, free according to the motto “Look, I have it made”. But even if the classic pumps have very high heels, this does not always have to be the case: the Louboutin Kitten Heels proved to be similar in the past. By the way, the soles were not always red. For a while, Louboutin made high heels with soles in baby blue, which were specially created for brides. Meanwhile, however, the blue soles have already been discontinued.