A high-quality watch on the wrist is an accessory that many save for a long time. Because an investment in a unique timepiece is worthwhile - He should be kept alive for a lifetime and be passed on to the offspring in the best case. With a copy of Chopard this is not a problem. Because the luxury models from the traditional house stand for the highest quality, the latest technology and a timeless style that will make your eyes sparkle with every glance at the clock. In future, you will always know which hour has hit. The Swiss watch manufacturer was founded in 1860. A long time, in which the family business has worked its way up to the top of the world. Even the finest jewelery collections are today part of the highly valued repertoire of the brand. Chopard understands his craft and manufactures watches that are unbeatable in terms of longevity. A treasure for the vintage world ...

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Catchy’s Chopard Brand Guide

used chopard clock

Chopard Happy Sport – The sporty classic

Are you looking for a watch that always presents the right time but is timeless, chic and sporty at the same time? For you or your loved ones, who deserve a mad surprise? Then a Chopard watch will guarantee pure enthusiasm. Not only in sports. Because the traditional model makes with its classically beautiful aura, as its name already promises, in fact very happy. You just have to decide on one execution. Gold, Rose, Steel or Leather – Each of the materials complements perfectly the diamonds floating above the dial or artificially placed around the case. Elegance par excellence – on your wrist.

Chopard Happy Diamonds – Watch and Ring – A radiant couple

The Chopard watch “Happy Diamonds” has taken the design of high-end watches to a new level. Because the world of accessories was amazed at the launch of the first exemplar when they discovered that each of the diamonds on the watch is lovingly individually embedded in a shell made of gold. This allows the precious stones to “move” freely without scratching the surface of the sapphire crystal. It seems as if the diamonds are floating and make the whole clock even more sparkling. An innovative idea from Chopard that guarantees their watches that no one else seems so bright – bright like a diamond. Also on the matching ring.
Chopard Imperiale – With royal sophistication
Every queen knew the power of the jewelry she wraps herself around. Since we no longer have to limit ourselves only to chains and pins in our times, but have also discovered high-tech accessories with sparkling packaging for us, the Chopard Imperiale is our favorite for a royal elegant aura. After all, your femininity does not reflect anything so beautifully as jewelery, which comes from precise manual work and is awarded the (Swiss) title of “particularly valuable”. Especially radiant. Especially glamorous. Imperial. Your new second hand watch from Catchys unites all that.