Chie Mihara

Chie Mihara

Clack, clack, clack - Oh, what a beautiful, feminine little girl with a classic, nostalgic flair! They can only be from ... Chie Mihara. The little Chie is a Brazilian girl with Japanese parents. She was born in Porto Alegre in 1968, but quickly she moved out into the big wide world. At the age of 18 she moved to Japan and studied design at the University of Tokyo. An advanced study at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology followed, before she went her first Modste steps by the hand of Junko Koshino. Five years later she is Charles Jourdan's valuable employee in Spain. At the end of 2001, Chie Mihara was born as a model for lovingly designed designer shoes. The brand has developed internationally, into the shoe cabinets of modem girls ... and sneaked into selected vintage platforms like Catchys!

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Did you know that …

  1. the desire to set up a model set Jeremy Hackett in 1979 came. He met his future partner, Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, at an established flea market at Portobello Road in London. And the chemistry was right
  2. they had already begun in the same year with the presentation of their own treasures on the famous square – and even became Fleemarket sellers
  3. the later luxury label, therefore, before the opening-up, sold first stores exclusively for second handpieces
  4. the brand not only offers masterful fashion designs, but also has a tailoring service as well as a style guide for fashion-minded men in the repertoire
  5. Hackett London also sponsored the Chelsea Football Club

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Catchy’s Chie Mihara Brand Guide

chie mihara pumps used
Chie Mihara Pumps – Feminine and sophisticated
With a classic pump you can not go wrong, do you think? Right when he’s from Chie Mihara! After all, whoever falls in love with a shoe is not infrequently just as flashy as when the toes are squeezed and the heels are bloody … Not so with the qualitatively unique designs of Chie. What’s left of her shoe workshop is checked for la-comfort and is the perfect owner with Catchy’s individual detailed designs.
Chie Mihara Boots – The winter favorite with the extra extra
There is no more chic way to stroll through the wintery mud than with Chie Mihara boots. High-quality leather and special highlights such as elaborate lacing or feminine buckles allow the cold to be handled more easily. The investment in a pair of high-end boots is worthwhile. No one wants to have frozen toes or unhappy multifunctional boats! Good for Chie Mihara’s second-hand boots. Style and functionality at a fair price – winter can come!
chie mihara boots used
sandal chie mihara used
Chie Mihara Sandals – Hotly Loved
Feminine straps made of soft leather with small highlights such as flower appliques or shell design desired? Then you are right at Chie Mihara. With the fashionable sandals, your feet will not only look great in the summer – you will also be looked after very well. Finish off with rough seams that rub your feet or thin soles that burn your heel. Feel-good sandals save your summery shopping trip or the long day in office, café and outdoor swimming pool guaranteed!
Chie Mihara Ankle Boots – Warm feet on heels
It is IT under the It Bags – the Knight bag is very difficult to get hold of and is usually sold out. Get into the designer hand and shoppe vintage Chie Mihake boots if you like shoes that are feminine and yet incredibly handy. Small booties are the salvation in autumn and winter. Or, if we think carefully … Even in spring and summer. Because whenever the weather moves between minus degrees and heat wave, sales boats are the perfect partner for the female performance with feel-good factor. And thanks to Catchys, you feel your wallet too well. Win win.


chie mihara ankle boots