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I am against fashion that is perishable.I can not accept that you throw away clothes just because spring is

Chanel - There are few names that make fashion, style and elegance so perfect like the French luxury brand - and this has been the case for decades! If we smell the scent of Chanel No.5, let us think of the soft smell of Mama, we see a Chanel 2.55, we remember the black and white fashion- Pictures of Omas wild times. Coco Chanel, however, leaves behind us not only timeless perfumes, Bouclé jackets and Tweed costumes, but also inspiring words like "I'm against fashion, the is transient. I can not accept that you throw away clothes just because Spring is. "Coco, we're all with you. That's why we love vintage and are us sure: You too would have bought second hand at Catchys ... What Coco Chanel can not do anymore, you can now take over. She would be proud of You and your vintage find!

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Did you know that …

  1. Coco is just the sparkling nickname of Mademoiselle Chanel. Her full name is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel
  2. the young Gabrielle first devoted herself to an extraordinary accessory – and began her fashion path quite unspectacularly as a hatmacher
  3. that 1921 is an important year for the world of fragrances. Chanel No.5 is created and the number one of the most popular bottles. No perfume is so often in the air
  4. Chanel was the first brand that has introduced a warneliste for nail polish. Smart. Because anticipation is, as is well known, the most beautiful joy
  5. that the Chanel 2.55 was named after its appearance, February 1955, and becomes more expensive from year to year … but somehow always more beautiful. Merci, Coco!

Why is Second Hand worthwhile at Chanel?

Who does not love the typical costumes and bags of Chanel? Through timeless design and high-quality workmanship, a Chanel generations can bring joy. So you can find also long-lived second hand and vintage finds, which can continue to be worn for a long time. Whether a second-hand or a Chanel 2.55 – on CATCHYS you will find in a selection of authenticated partner shops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection.

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Catchy’s Chanel Brand Guide

Chanel 2.55 – très timeless

Let’s start with the classic. No bag has the label as deserved as the Chanel 2.55. A bag that provides the chicest par excellence in seconds and is available in more and more colors. Are you looking for the clean vintage version with a rectangular closure? Then you are right with the Mademoiselle Lock. The 2.55 family from small to large: Extra Mini, Mini Rectangular, Mini Square, Small, Medium, Jumbo, Maxi.

Chanel Flap Bag – With the Hingucker-Extra

The special Chanel 2.55 with the unique “Coco Chanel closure” in the sizes Small, Medium and Jumbo. Also with your Vintage Flap Bag, you can decide how big your Chanel bag and the stock you need on the road.

Chanel Boy – The modern interpretation of the classic

Since spring 2012, the Chanel Boy complements the Club of Bag Highlights à la françaises. However, the fresh design in Small, Medium, New Medium or Large does not follow his sisters in any way and offers in the best imaginable way space for mobile phone, lipstick and Co. Oh Boy … Bag. You are our great new love!

Chanel Espadrilles – Summer shoes à la Chanel

After these shoes, modem girls from all over the world are panting in the warmer months. Be sure to check out our vintage copy and take care of yourself. Because at the sight of these espadrilles on your feet you will be able to focus your eyes on the lamppost in front of you … A modern shoe with a classic logo. No less than parfait!