If one thinks of sparkling engagement rings, one immediately falls to Cartier. But the Paris label, founded by Louis Cartier in 1847, not only produces sparkling jewelery, but also luxury watches. Nevertheless, the best-known and most popular creations come from the jewelery sector - first and foremost the pieces of the Trinity collection, which was first launched in 1924 and consist of three gold tones, symbolizing different stations of a friendship: white stands for friendship, rose for love and yellow for loyalty. Of course, the experience of going to a Cartier store and picking a ring is something very special, but the real charm is mainly used vintage pieces. With some luck, you can find real treasures in second hand stores, which tell a very own story.

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Did you know that …

  1. the founder Louis Cartier was the first in the jewelry that used platinum? He used the metal for his Garland Style collections.
  2. Prince Rainier bought two engagement rings from Cartier for Grace Kelly in 1956? The first was a ring of diamonds and rubies, but when he visited her in LA, he knew that the ring was not enough and bought her a short 10.47 carat engagement ring with diamonds.
  3. according to Vogue, New York hospitals are equipped with screwdrivers for the Love bracelet if a patient has to remove the bracelet
  4. that the highest price ever paid for a Cartier jewel is $ 30,335,698? The jewel is a Burmese ruby, auctioned in Geneva in May 2015.
  5. Cartier for the iconic Panthere Ring invented a completely new method called “Fur Setting” to exactly imitate the fur of a panther? In production small stones are used in fine wire of precious metals.

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Popular models from Cartier

Cartier Jewelry – Make a statement

Cartier became known through his jewelry – even today the sparkling and shiny chains, brooches, earrings & Co. are among the most popular purchases from customers. It is therefore no wonder that Cartier, one of two jewelery manufacturers, is among the top 100 brands in the world.

Cartier watches – From classic elegant to extravagant

In addition to jewelry, Cartier is also known for his watches. Louis Cartier was the first to introduce the classic watch. He got the inspiration from his friend and pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont, who complained that his pocket watch was so hard to read during the flight. In the meantime, Cartier has been designing unusual watches, such as the Baignoire watch, from extravagant models such as the Ballon Bleu to classics such as the Pasha watch – all of course in a distinctive Cartier style.

Cartier Bracelet – Not just for lovers

The Cartier bracelet is one of the most popular pieces of the Paris luxury label. The special feature: the bracelet can only be opened and closed again by the small screws, which require an extra screwdriver. In the past Cartiers Love Bracelets were sold exclusively to couples. For the first time, the Love Bracelet came onto the market in 1924 and is often given away today.

Cartier rings – the dream of every woman

Honestly, every woman actually dreams of a sparkling ring from Cartier. It does not matter if it is a Trinity or a classic engagement ring – all Cartier rings are very special. Fun Fact: style icon Chloë Sevigny betrayed that her most expensive gem is the extravagant Panthère ring. The Panther motif was launched for the first time in 1914 and is decorated with rings, brooches and pendants.