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Warmly cuddled, it can be much calmer in the winter months. Nobody knows that better than Canada Goose. With their jackets they pamper shivering ladies from all over the world. These casual, high-quality designs are your safe bet for any weather, but they're also beautiful to see in cold weather! Canada Goose was founded back in 1957 in Toronto - by Sam Tick, a Polish immigrant, who helped with the Canadian frost wanted to create. With style! The characteristic calm design has established itself and is a prime example of winter fashion, which makes happy and you will hang in the spring only with complaining back in the closet for the well deserved summer sleep. Cheaper than Catchy's you will not find your Canada Goose Keypiece anywhere. Canada Goose has much more to offer - hats, caps, scarves ... Let yourself be surprised by the vintage vibes at Catchys.

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Did you know that …

  1. the winter label initially named Metro Sportswear Ltd. was baptized and let the connection to its frosty origins miss. Therefore, David Reiss, son-in-law of Sam Tick and new head of the brand, christened his baby in 1985 in Snow Goose. A few years later, “Canada Goose” launched under its third name in Europe and launched internationally valued parkas
  2. the brand has been named Canada Goose since 2000, and the connection to Canada is in everyone’s mind, the production of high-quality designs takes place exclusively in Canadian crafts
  3. Fans of the first hour were Canadian rangers and policemen who had to work in their fresh air job in Canada. But the chic functionality of outdoor wear was not long hidden even for polar researchers, winter sports enthusiasts and film crews, who had to film under extreme conditions
  4. Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian ever to climb Mount Everest, wore a jacket from … Canada Goose wore, of course. Lance Mackey was also very successful with his dog sled races and won in a parka by Canada Goose
  5. that the label is committed to preserving the Arctic in its commitment to the environment. Their connection to the icy climes expresses Canada Goose with its two resource centers and the zippers, buttons and small details that are made by Inuits.

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Catchy’s Canada Goose Brand Guide

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The model child of Canada Goose is undoubtedly the parka. The chic winter jackets are produced in Canada with the utmost care and quality. From now on you do not have to worry about temperatures below freezing, because when you are wrapped in high-quality down, you are showing the warm shoulder of the temperatures. With the Chilliwack Bomber you wrap yourself in an extra comfortable cushion in a compact design. The longer variant of the winter classic is called Chateau. Would you ask Antarctic explorers about their experiences with Canada Goose – they would rave about Expedition Parka. A bestseller of the house, which made it to Europe, Germany, in your streets. Because nobody has to freeze if there are elaborate inventions like Canada Goose’s heat system. Be it a short model like the Montebello Parka, which emphasizes your waist. Or a longer model that wraps you down to the calves with cuddly down and where you can crawl – Mystique. Victoria, Trillium and Kensington are the blockbusters of the Parka series. With their midi length they collect a lot of heat under the smooth surface. Clean design. Fur trim. That’s it. Simply perfect.

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Hats, caps, beanies – you have to protect your head in the winter in particular, after all, we lose a lot of our body heat on our heads. Pack your ears in soft wool from Canada Goose and you can be sure – warmer will not.
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