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Quality, style, elegance - everyone has an exact idea when he thinks of the "Burberry" brand. This high-priced fashion company has impressed with its timeless designs, a must for fashion enthusiasts. Because the longevity of the products best conditions for the purchase of an investment-pieces, it may be quiet second hand. When buying a used You do not have to compromise the value, nor the degree of fashion, because the trench coat for example, has hardly changed since 1914. Since vintage pieces are often cheaper than New, it is therefore all the more worthwhile in a formerly worn life companion , which will remain modern for a further 100 years.

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Did you know that …

  1. Both Roald Amundsen, the first man to make it to the South Pole, and Ernest Shackleton on his expedition to the crossroads of Antarctica, provided his team with Burberry
  2. the world-famous Burberry Check was only invented in the 1920s and was first used as a feed in the trench coats before it reached cult status
  3. Burberry sells four product lines: Burberry Prorsum – very fashionable, presented on Runway shows; Burberry London – tailored collection, clothes the customer carries to work; Burberry Brit – casual collection and Burberry Sport – athletic oriented collections
  4. “Burberry” was the original name of the company, but since many customers called the brand “Burberrys of London”, “Burberrys of London” was taken over quite early. In 1999 the British brand returned to the roots and renamed “Burberry”

Why is Second Hand worthwhile at Burberry?

The British tradition brand is particularly well-known for its timeless trenchcoats – the design and cut have hardly changed for decades and the coat is extremely durable due to high-quality material and outstanding workmanship. All the requirements for a true second-hand or vintage bargain are met. Now it is only necessary to find the right size and color and you are already richer with a classic in the wardrobe.

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The story of Burberry


Thomas Burberry opened his first own store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England at the age of 21 years


Thomas Burberry invents the gabardine fabric (a very robust, waterproof and breathable fabric that impregnates the yarn before weaving)


He opened the first store in London, which until 2007 was the Burberry Headquarter


The Burberry Equestrain Knight logo is developed and contains the word “Prorsum” (lat. “Forward”) on the flag of the knight


Invention of the trench coat


Listing on the London Stock Exchange + Creation of the Burberry Check


Expansion of business in America


Burberry is taken over by Great Universal Stores (CIS) before it was a family-run company. Burberry becomes the court supplier of Queen Elizabeth II


Expansion of the brand portfolio with accessories


First Burberry collection for children


Court supplier to the Prince of Wales


Creative Director Roberto Menichetti – under his guidance the checkered fabric was turned outwards + he launched the catwalk collection “Prorsum”


Christopher Baley is appointed Design Director and in 2004 he is promoted to Creative Director


Angela Ahrendts becomes CEO


Ahrendts switches to Apple and Bailey takes her place as CEO


Bailey announces “See now – buy now” collections for the shows in September and thus represents a revolutionary step for the high fashion industry

Catchy’s Burberry Brand Guide

burberry trenchcoat beige second hand & sale
Burberry trench coat
Hardly any other garment combines functionality and style as well as the over 100 year old design from the famous Burberry trench coat. Hardly any other has established itself on the list of absolute must-haves over the decades. Think of Humphrey Bogart, who converted the former military coat to the new fashion statute for men in the last scene of “Casablanca”, or Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, who passionately kissed on the rainy streets of New York in the film classics “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” the Burberry trench coat is more than just a coat. Available in different models (Chelsea, Sandringham, Kensington and Westminster), it protects against storms and gives the wearer a British touch of elegance. Burberry offers it in several classic colors – but it is particularly popular in “honey” – the typical “trenchcoat color”.
Burberry scarves
If you have the coat, you need the perfect accessory – whereby the Burberry scarf actually fits to every outfit. Available in different colors, widths, patterns and high-quality materials (silk or cashmere), each scarf is a unique masterpiece, which promises a long life expectancy, highest quality and a noble workmanship. Many fashion-conscious celebrities, such as Kate Middleton, Blake Lively and Naomi Campbell, have embraced this It Piece and have a look at how to combine the British favorite among accessories. Versatile and versatile – in the summer as an accessory on the bag, with a convertible tour stylish with sunglasses around the hair, on the cool evening around the shoulder or in winter despite the minuscond warm and elegant in cashmere combined with glove – the Burberry scarf is definitely one very good investment.
burberry scarf beige second hand & sale
burberry hay market tote bag secondhand & sale
Burberry Haymarket Check Tote
Even if Burberry has many different bags to choose from – the classic among the Must Haves is the Haymerket Check Tote. Featuring the iconic check pattern and high quality leather, this It Bag is available in three sizes: in small – perfect as a small everyday bag, which still offers enough room for everything necessary – and in medium and large – with adjustable straps even for a busy day has the greatest wearing comfort. Available in Burberry typical colors such as Military Red, Chocolate and Antique Gold, this bag gives every outfit an elegant British twist.
Burberry Knight Bag
It is IT under the It Bags – the Knight bag is very difficult to get hold of and is usually sold out. Especially here it is worthwhile to look for a second hand version. The exclusive bag from the Prorsum collection is very rocky and fashion forward. Also the function is not too short – thanks to the enormous storage space, it is suitable as an everyday bag and as a sports or travel bag. She has also convinced the British icons Emma Watson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


burberry knight bag handbag second hand & sale