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Anyone who has discovered the exclusive charm of the Parisian label Brontibay can not get away from the clean, high-quality and cheerful creations of the founding couple. Brontibay was launched in 1995 by Pénélope Robertson and Olivier Naim in Paris. Her specialty is fine French bags , wallets and clutches . These are made of so soft, supple leather that you will soon have nothing else in your hand. Especially the simple designs of the luxury brand guarantee you a timeless companion for office, university or school. If you wear your Brontibay bag or jacket carefully, you will be able to sniff the fresh leather from the Paris workshops for decades ... Take the test and grab your finally affordable Second Hand Brontibay favorite at Catchys.

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Did you know that …

  1. the name Brontibay (which does not sound so French) is composed of the two famous Australian beaches “Bronti Beach” and “Byron Bay”. For the two founders have met there
  2. Brontibay is a luxury label in the classical sense. It is represented in two noble boutiques in the heart of Paris. C’est tout
  3. all products made by Brontibay in France. Made of the finest Italian leather. The best for the best
  4. despite noble materials and high standards, the Italian brand works with environmentally friendly and recycled raw materials, which are available to the employees on site. With this sense of responsibility, our amore grows limitless!
  5. the motto of the brand is “BRONTIBAY, créatif-chic en couleur”. This gives the brand the idea behind its designs – creativity and French chic in its best form are possible, even if an exciting color play is attracted by the creations. Far from pale brown-beige black. This is the Paris of Modernism. A luxurious Paris à la Brontibay.

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Catchy’s Brontibay Brand Guide

Brontibay Bags – I will not give you any more

Rarely understands a brand leather as perfectly to process as the luxury brand Brontibay. The reserved but elegant bags from Paris are not only excellent for French women. Who would not like to run a designer bag made in fine craftsmanship only for you? With the vintage copies of Catchys you discover with a happy hand the bag, which makes your heart beat faster and thanks to the wonderful second-hand concept can be boosted at unique prices. Look, is your love interest already waiting for you?

Brontibay Wallets – The bag in the bag – très important

You have your wallet every day in your hands – But when did you last consciously looked at it? This will certainly change if you see the wallet of Brontibay and dust off at Catchys. With the elegant leather accessoires, it goes without saying that your look will stick to the noble design. The high-quality leather is consistently resistant to all friction in your handbag – so you have as long as anything from it as from any other purse. The wallet – It has been wrongly neglected, but that is over. Now is the time of the chic money purse. Perhaps an unexpected gift for a very special person?

Brontibay Jackets – Quickly thrown over and … parfait!

A jacket can protect more than just wind and weather. It should be thrown over, if you’re shivering. However, she is also to round off your individual style and underline your fashion personality. Do you value outstanding quality and appreciate French design? Then rummage after your vintage trésor of Brontibay. If a piece of clothing is a “treasure”, then these elegant jackets from Paris.