Breitling stands like no other label for top quality flight watches. The two wings in the brand logo refer to aviation. The aesthetics of the chronographs are characterized by typical features such as thought-through bezels or stencils. Classics such as the Navitimer, Superocean, Chronoliner or Avenger have emerged since 1884. In 1952, the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) recommended the Navitimer as a pilot watch. Thus vintage copies of this model from the 50s are of considerable historical value. BREITLING for BENTLEY: Breitling is also associated with the world of luxury automobiles. There is a collaboration with Bentley. The collection includes watch models such as the Bentley Flying B Chronograph, Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon or Bentley GMT Midnight Carbon. It is not only the two logos of the two companies, which are similar, but also the high quality standards. Sean Connery wore a Breitling Top Time in the fourth James Bond adventure "Feuerball". But beware: The model was discontinued in 1972. For a vintage model, it is important to keep your eyes open. Also a Navitimer 806 has in the film their appearance. Of course, she is wearing a NATO pilot.

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Did you know that …

  1. the astronaut Scott Carpenter, who flew around the world on board the capsule Aurora 7 in May 1962, a Breitling watch, and more precisely: the Breitling Cosmonate wore
  2. Breitling’s first successful orbit around the globe with a balloon, the Breitling Orbiter 3 sponsored by Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard
  3. Breitling was the first manufacturer to produce a mechanical diving watch of up to 3000 meters
  4. Breitling 2002 signed the clock of the Bentley Continental GT

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Navitimer – the classic since 1952

The AOPA knew why they recommended pilots in 1952 to the Navitimer. This chronograph is probably today one of the best-known models and the classics par excellence. Just a vintage Navitimer is recommended, not only due to the solid processing and excellent durability, but also particularly because of the unique company history. The Navitimer is available in different versions. If you decide with the Navitimer 01 for a red gold case, black dial and black leather strap, then you have the perfect companion for the evening and you can not beat the elegance and exclusivity. All looks will be sure in your modern tuxedo. If you climb into your private jet and hand over the cockpit itself, the Navitimer GMT with steel case and the Navitimer steel bracelet is suitable.

Superocean – distinctive and straightforward

Underwater, Breitling is also his man, but the Superocean II 36 is also available in a design for women. “Preparation is everything,” it says so beautifully. To be ready for all eventualities, the Superocean II 36 has at least 40 hours of reserve and is waterproof up to 200 meters. In addition, there is a screw-down crown with two seals. In order to make the best use of the Superocean II 36 underwater, the pointers are extra large and thus easily visible in front of the large luminous digits. The Superocean Chronograph is even waterproof up to 500 meters. The Superocean Chronograph does not leave the optics on the track, on the contrary: the bezel is also available in rose gold. A truly extraordinary instrument. A little tip to combine: a quilting jacket or a Parka from Barbour makes you absolutely great to your Superocean. It is absolutely timeless, does not subject itself to a fashion trend and is thus as a vintage version particularly attractive.

Chronoliner – a symbiosis of space and time

The Chronoliner is named after Chronos, the Greek god of the time. This Breitling is inspired by an earlier model from the 1950s and 60s. The bezel is made of high-end ceramic. The Chronoliner displays up to three time zones at the same time, making it the perfect companion for long-haul flights. With her on the wrist you can be recognized as a true cosmopolitan. If you are traveling far, you will discover quite individual treasures, which can not be admired everywhere. Discover your vintage version of the Chronoliner. Who knows what she could tell it all, she has already traveled so far. The icing on the cake: an 18 K rose gold case.

Avenger – new standards

What for a fulminant name! The special feature of the Avenger II is that it has a conversion scale for Anglo-Saxon units on the titanium floor. For this purpose it is 300 meters water-tight. The dials are available in black, blue and gray. The latest addition to the model range is the Avenger Hurricane. It has a diameter of 50 mm and flashes yellow color pigments on the volcanoschwarzen number sheet. The white numbers are stencils, as they are used in aviation. The bracelet is made of rubber and durable textile. 70 hours of driving reserve are available. We recommend a vintage Avenger for each collection and a brand new Avenger Hurricane for very special moments.