Tiffany & Co. Bracelets

"Nothing very bad could happen to you at Tiffany's" - on the contrary, at Tiffany & Co. makes you feel like a princess, surrounded by diamonds. It is clear that the Tiffany brand is a synonym for every jewelry lover. At least since the film classics "Breakfast at Tiffany's" you dream of dancing as audacious as Audrey Hepburn in the noble store and marvel at all the sparkling jewelery. We are particularly in love with the beautiful Tiffany bracelets, which flatter every wrist perfectly. The Tiffany Bracelets are completely timeless and real treasures for life. Therefore, it is no wonder that celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Kate Hudson and marionette player Maria Sharapova wear the jewelery label.

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Combinations with Tiffany & Co. bracelets

The huge plus that jewelry has is the fact that you can combine jewelry to almost any style. Tiffany bracelets give each outfit a noble and unique touch.

Tiffany bracelets for school and university

Of course, it does not always have to be the sparkling Tiffany bracelet of the collection in the school or university – in everyday life you are therefore more likely to use simpler creations. The most suitable creations for this purpose are, for example, the Tiffany City HardWear link bracelets. These are elegantly rebellious and convince by their clean design. This allows these Tiffany bracelets to be combined perfectly with minimalist outfits, which are worn every day at school or college.

Tiffany bracelets for the office

Also to elegant business outlets, Tiffany bracelets are a perfect complement and give each office outfit a unique touch. It does not have to be a sparkling Tiffany bracelet: The Tiffany T fold-up wrapping bracelet stands for reserved elegance and is unobtrusive with few diamonds. Whether it’s a pencil skirt, a blazer or a trouser suit, the Tiffany Bracelet fits effortlessly into every combination and enhances the overall look.

Tiffany bracelets for festive occasions

Festive occasions such as weddings, receptions or even the red carpet are crystal clear the king’s discipline for Tiffany bracelets. On this occasion, each individual model of the jewelery can be combined. If you wear a long evening dress with little neckline and accordingly no necklace, the combined Tiffany bracelet should be all the more striking and sparkling. It can therefore be completely occupied with diamonds or be equipped with a pendant – true to the motto “Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day!”

Tiffany Bracelets in Second Hand & Sale

In the official shop of Tiffany & Co. the available models change depending on the current collection. Anyone who has fallen in love with a creation that is no longer available on the official website will definitely benefit from a second-hand purchase. Often, rare vintage treasures can be found here and you can discover Tiffany bracelets at inexpensive bargain prices. Thus real classics experience a revival and are aroused to new life. Let yourself be surprised by the variety offered and find your Tiffany treasure!

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Fake Check Tiffany & Co.

As beautiful and noble as Tiffany’s jewelery are, it is no wonder and unfortunately they are not uncommon to be falsified. Therefore, it is inevitable to pay attention to a few features. So you are not guaranteed to enter a Tiffany Fake! Processed chain links must, for example, be completely manufactured in one piece, weld seams or even gaps must never be found. In the case of carabine hooks made of sterling silver, “925” is additionally stamped, this number represents the purity standard of the material used. If your Tiffany bracelet is an engraved bracelet, the embossing should be clean and crisp. Since these are very high-quality materials, your Tiffany bracelet should not be too light, but rather heavy and therefore valuable. The jewelery box also provides information about the authenticity of the Tiffany bracelet: the box must be coated with grained and not smooth paper, as usual with fakes. You can be sure of course if you buy your Tiffany bracelet at one of the certified stores in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg or Berlin. Or on the official website of Tiffany. If you want to know more about how to distinguish the original and fake of the Tiffany bracelet, we will present a Fake Check video here!


Wristbands from Tiffany are the absolute jewel of every woman, very clear. If, however, the sparkling creations of the jewelery label are too expensive, despite all the beauty, there are also numerous favorable alternatives. And you do not even have to compromise on the quality! Do you like the engraved bracelets? Then look at the bracelets of the label Marc Jacobs! You’ve totally fallen in love with the playfulness of the Tiffany bracelets? How about Prada flowers bracelets? There are even more alternatives for Tiffany’s pearl bracelets: the Thomas Sabo label gives jewelery lovers their money’s worth. Small chained chains have always been your favorite? Louis Vuitton also puts on graceful elements in jewelery and not even expensive! Just take a look around and you will discover that many Tiffany items can be found in the designs of other jewelery labels. You are not convinced yet? Then just stumble on the Catchy’s bracelets for smart alternatives!

Popular Bracelets from Tiffany & Co.

Return to Tiffany Charm Bracelet with Heart Pendant

This Tiffany bracelet is a true classic of the jewelery label and is part of the “Return to Tiffany” collection. It consists of several coarse limbs and embodies the famous beauty of the collection through the elegant design. The Tiffany Charm bracelet is sterling silver and the size medium is 19,05 cm. The iconic trailer, designed for the first time in 1969, is a special extra. The heart-shaped pendant carries the engraving “Please return to Tiffany & Co. New York” and is to remind you how time-consuming and unique Tiffany is. In addition, the Tiffany bracelet can be engraved with up to three letters in addition to give it a very personal touch. The creation is particularly suitable for occasions where you prefer rather less striking jewelery and therefore only a highlight with a stylish jewelery. The bracelet fits both festive occasions, party outfits or simple everyday looks for school, college or the next shopping trip. The price for the Return to Tiffany Charm bracelet with heart pendant is just 350 Euro exclusive additional personal engraving.
please return to tiffany bracelet
bracelet with heart tiffany

Return to Tiffany Bracelet with Key and Love Heart Pendant

If the return to Tiffany Charm bracelet with heart pendant described above is too simple, the return to Tiffany bracelet with key and love heart pendant will be spoiled with loving and playful details. Again, the inspiration from the iconic key pendant from 1969 is not to be overlooked. In contrast to the already presented charm bracelet, this Tiffany bracelet consists of two fine-twisted chains of sterling silver. It is complemented by the special extra of two small silver keys attached to the chain. Since the bracelet was made entirely by love, the engraving “Please return to Love Tiffany & Co NYC” can be read on the noble heart pendant. In the medium medium, the Tiffany bracelet is 15.5 cm long and flatters the wrist of each woman perfectly, the two combined chains again form a special highlight. It completes every delicate look and can be combined with almost any outfit. The beautiful creation is available for 310 euros.

Tiffany City Hardwear Bracelet with offset balls

For those who still prefer something more urban, the Tiffany City Hardwear Bracelet with offset balls could become an absolute favorite. This Tiffany bracelet has no closure but is open in one place. The two overlapping ends complete with balls, giving the Tiffany bracelet a particularly timeless accent. On the balls you can also find the engraving “Tiffany & Co New York”. It stands for rebelliousness in an elegant way, using a extravagant and high-quality Designs. The design is supposed to stand for the personality of the woman in New York City. The flowing design is available in 18 karat gold as well as in 18 karat rose gold and measures 15.9 cm in size. It is especially suitable for outfits with rocky chic and urban touch. The pleasant and easy-to-wear creation convinces even the more simple type woman. The Tiffany City Hardwear Bracelet with offset balls is available from 1600 euros to buy.


pearl bracelet tiffany and co

Tiffany Beaded Bracelet

Tiffany’s stylish Tiffany pearl bracelet shows that iconic classics can always be given a special touch. The times when pearls had to think about their grandmother immediately are long gone: every fashionista should have a timeless classic as a pearl jewelery in their jewelery collection. The Tiffany creation consists of high quality freshwater pearls and has a fine-grained sterling silver closure. This Tiffany bracelet is 18 cm long, the individual beads have a diameter of 5.5-6 mm. A small heart-shaped pendant, also made of sterling silver, can be found as a loving detail at the closure. This carries the engraving “T & Co” and rounds off the noble design of the pearl bracelet perfectly. Needless to say, the Tiffany beaded bracelet is not just stale as Audrey Hepburn wear over long black gloves, but also combine with outfits beyond Hollywood. Especially with classic black and white combinations the form-finished piece of jewelry excels particularly well. It is also suitable for elegant business outfits and gives the wearer a subtle elegance. The price for the classic is 430 euros.

Materials from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Diamonds

The selection of diamonds from Tiffany follows a long tradition. The call to find the most important diamonds in the world does not precede the jewelery label for nothing. It dates back to the year 1887. At that time, the founder of Tiffany, Charles Lewis Tiffany, acquired the French crown jewels. From then on he was known under the title “King of the Diamonds”. The Tiffany brand, therefore, is like no other jewelery label for the finest diamonds and continues to honor its reputation and the title “Diamonds King” with their perfect and high-quality creations.

Tiffany Sterling Silver

Above all, the sterling silver from Tiffany already follows a long tradition and stands for innovation and design. Already at the end of the 19th century, the Tiffany Silver Studio was awarded several times at the world exhibitions. The jewelery label gained great prestige and gained more and more in fame. The purity standard 925 of sterling silver, which is valid in the United States, originates originally from Tiffany. Later it was even partly taken over internationally.

Tiffany Gold

The Tiffany Gold is also an exceptionally high-quality product: the Tiffany Gold is therefore 18 karat gold, which corresponds to clear purity. In order to be absolutely certain of this, the gold is won exclusively from an American mine. This corresponds to the highest standards and fulfills both the ecological and social responsibility of the jewelry industry.

Tiffany Rose Gold

In the case of gold in the color of rose gold, Tiffany also focuses on the finest materials: this is also won from only one mine in America. As with all gold sources, Tiffany’s environmental and social standards are met to the highest standards, setting new standards throughout the jewelry industry.

Tiffany beads

The beads used by Tiffany also meet the highest quality standards. The jewelry label itself calls them “perfect natural jewels”. In contrast to other materials, they do not require any additional finishing, since they are naturally of radiant beauty. Tiffany chooses the pearls, which are later used for jewelery creations, with the utmost care.

Popular styles with Tiffany bracelets

Tiffany bracelets can enhance any simple or even monotonous outfit, they can be combined with incredibly much. No matter whether you prefer a simple brace or a sparkling diamond bracelet, there is no limit to your creativity. For example, many fashionistas can be inspired by the color of the famous Tiffany jewelry box: the iconic turquoise. The silver Tiffany jewelery perfectly harmonizes with the color of the turquoise sea. But in general: Tiffany bracelets guarantee a noble and stylish appearance and in combination with almost everything! In order to bring you some inspiration for your perfect Tiffany look, we have created a board with the stylish Tiffany combinations.