Cartier Bracelets

Bracelets by Cartier are made for eternity. The French luxury goods group only uses high-quality materials such as Feingold, silver, copper, nickel, etc. to produce its unique yellow gold, white gold or red gold creations in their inimitable quality. From the love bracelet to the amulets bracelet to the Trinity variant or models with eyelets and chains, Cartier bracelets offer unmatched brilliance and workmanship for both women and men's bracelet.

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Combinations with Cartier bracelets

Cartier bracelets for women

If you’re looking for a classy eye-catcher that puts your outfit on the cake and gives you magnificence and grace, Cartier bracelets are just right for you. A popular classic is the Love bracelet, which is available in numerous models. With its classy, ​​simple design, you can combine it perfectly with other gold or silver jewelery, such as the watch, the earrings or a necklace. You can wear the Love bracelet in everyday life, as it is not too noticeable. For example to jeans, blouse, summer dress or sweater. With the amulets bracelet you have an elegant and fascinating lucky charm by your side, which you can also wear together with your watch. It is important that you match the color of your outfit with the color of the gemstones, either with the same or with complementary colors. So you can make a good figure with your amulets bracelet in the business look as well as in the leisure dress or the gala dress.

The men’s bracelet by Cartier

Women have a significantly wider range of accessories for their wardrobe than men. For you as a man, however, this is a huge advantage. Why? Because you can make a perfect statement with a few or even just one accessory. So, Cartier also offers you the Love bracelet with diamonds or sapphires, or Trinity bracelets in different designs. If you combine Cartier bracelets with your business outfit, you should ensure that the metal elements of your suit are like cufflinks or similar in color in line with the ornaments of the bracelet. You can wear your men’s bracelet as well as everyday wear, high-quality leisurewear or a casual look.

Cartier retro look thanks to second hand

Cartier bracelets are made for eternity. That is why they are so popular in our Second Hand and Second Season. Here you can make great bargains and get an elegant amulets bracelet, men’s bracelet and much more at a fraction of the original price.

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Fake check the brand Cartier

The luxury brand Cartier is very susceptible to counterfeiting, which is probably due to the success and demand of Cartier. We at Catchys will give you some points to avoid falling into the wrong Cartier bracelet. Engravings: The signature of every Cartier bracelet is especially important. On the inside of the bracelet, the name “Cartier” has to be engraved in the special italic font. The letters must be clear and clean. Also engraved should be the size of the bracelet. The jewelery is available in the sizes 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 cm, which indicate the circumference of the wrist. If they are not present, this is clearly a counterfeit. The serial number: Each individual Cartier bracelet has an individual serial number (given only once). Possible formats for the serial numbers and corresponding examples are:

  • 2 letters and 4 digits (CC 1234)
  • 3 letters and 3 digits (CDA 123)
  • 1 letter and 5 digits (12345 C)

The price: The total impression counts when buying a bracelet counts: fingers away from offers, which promise an original Cartier bracelet for 600 euros, which was supposedly bought for 6000 euros. Cartier bracelets never have such a great loss of value, are more valuable.

Alternatives to Cartier bracelets

But please with bracelet! The quality at their price is especially evident in Cartier jewelry, which is not exactly one of the affordable things in life. Could you possibly have a better alternative with similar charm? There are some variations that are very close to the Cartier wristbands, we will give you a brief overview. Here are our suggestions:

  1. At Dyrberg / Kern you get simple and elegant bracelets with engravings. These are at least as beautiful as a Cartier bracelet due to their individual design. They are not so durable in the gilded version, but they are much more cost-effective.
  2. Or let your individual bracelet be made by a goldsmith in Cartier style? Here you can decide everything by material, size, price, engraving and decoration individually, which is a particularly great advantage with jewelry. This can, of course, be significantly more favorable depending on the desired material and the type of construction, and nevertheless represent a high-quality variant.

Popular models from the brand Cartier

Panthère de Cartier Bracelet

Are you ready to jump? The wild panther – more than just a symbol for Cartier, he is rather the timeless icon, wild and elegant at the same time, ready to jump at any time … Louis Cartier was the first to tame the majestic cat of prey in 1914, which ever since ever new facets of his being in the Cartier collections. Emerald eyes and diamond-coated fur decorate the Panthère collection and nestle perfectly around your wrist in the wild. Awaken the killer cat in you: Once you are the hunter, then you show yourself playful or cuddly? Then you have found the right accessory with the Pantère de Cartier bracelet.

Maillon Infini de Cartier Bracelet

A chain with finest delicate limbs in 18-carat yellow gold, which seems to go into infinity? The Maillon Infini de Cartier bracelet makes it possible. Unique beautifully curved limbs close infinity around your wrist. Glamorous and classic at the same time. Only one thing can make the Maillon Infini even better: it will never go out of style.

Juste un Clou de Cartier Bracelet

A style, a collection. Juste un Clou embodies the spirit of the seventies of the New York scene, a generation that appreciates tradition but relies on innovation. For this, the nail – turned into the luxury accessories of an exuberant and liberally shaped time. Whether for men in cool silver tone or glamorous with diamonds for the ladies’ world, the Juste un Clou bracelets embody the distinctiveness and importance of everyday objects. The luxury accessories are available in the highest quality materials such as white gold, red gold or yellow gold. One thing is sure to be sure, the Cartier jumper and Clou Armreif combines legendary design with a high degree of recognition.

Agrafe de Cartier Bracelet

The Agrafe de Cartier bracelet – pure elegance and refinement. Inspired by the closures of a corset and one of the central motifs from the Haute Couture. Cartier is a true pioneer of his own creations, whose uniqueness and style as well as their excellent craftsmanship are appreciated, which is clearly reflected in the Agrafe de Cartier bracelet. The dainty bracelet is available in white gold or red gold for you.

Materials and colors of Cartier bracelets

Yellow gold radiates in the purest quality

When it comes to jewelry, Gelbgold enjoys great popularity. Above all, the striking “golden” color fascinates its wearer especially, which is produced by an alloy of Feingold and with silver and copper. For these reasons, jewelry made from yellow gold is much more attractive, especially when compared to pure gold. However, the gold content may vary greatly depending on the alloy. The price of course increases again with the gold content.

Red gold offers a rich spectrum of colors

With the classic red gold the spectrum reaches over different color variations. From reddish tones to rusty red, the red color is striking in red gold, which is achieved by adding a high proportion of copper. However, this also means that jewelry made of red gold is somewhat more susceptible to oxidation.

White gold is a classic

Unusually popular are white gold jewelery, as these combine the most diverse features. There would be the high quality and at the same time a very discreet look. The white gold is always a pure homogeneous substance. This means that the color is not only present on the surface. For small scratches the color always remains the same.

Which gold is the best?

This decision is certainly very individual. Each single alloy is based on gold, and is distinguished by the addition of other metals. Individual jewelry vary mainly in the optics and of course also in the price. The higher the gold content, the higher the price. However, with a correspondingly high price, you also invest in quality. So the decision is up to you.

Popular styles with Cartier bracelets

Cartier – Bracelets and Bracelets? You want them all – but do not know what to combine? We have created popular styles for you to create a magical look with your new favorite accessory from Cartier.

  1. The golden ribbon of love: Cartier Love Bracelet – What could make your outfit more perfect than the right man or woman at your side? Love is a feeling that is difficult to describe, but if there is a piece of jewelry that reflects the symbol of love, then it is the Cartier Love bracelet. Even the most legendary love couple of Hollywood wore the exquisite bracelet: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The Love Armreif has long been one of the most successful creations of the legendary Paris jeweler. Because the accessory is a very special proof of love! The individual halves are fixed directly to the wrist with two small screws – the piece of jewelry can only be opened with the appropriate screwdriver. It is to be worn by men and women alike and only to be given away. There is hardly a more beautiful symbol for a “fixed bond”.
  2. Jewelry is stacking in! – For a perfect look to the Cartier bracelet you can also wear other matching jewelery. Combine other jewelery with your new Cartier bracelet or bracelet. But avoid the Christmas tree effect! We will give you a brief overview of the Styleguide, how to combine jewelry stylishly. The good news first: when combining, almost everything is allowed. If you’re not too perfectionist, you can even mix golden and silver bracelets in your look. But you should pay attention that your overall styling does not overcharge. Choose petite and filigree armchairs to match your Cartier It-Piece, so it’s always in the forefront. Of course, you can also incorporate colors, so you look particularly trendy.
  3. Which outfit fits my new Cartier accessory? – The great thing about your Cartier bracelet or bracelet: You can upgrade with it even the simplest outfit. Combine it with a white blouse and a statement chain and immediately your basic look becomes a trend style. Also for the chic evening dress or a fashionable roll-collar pull, your Statement Piece by Cartier is perfect. To put it simply, with your outfit, you are not restricted with your Cartier jewelery in any way: enjoy its beautiful charisma on many occasions, with a desire for a special look that will attract all eyes!

Find your outfit inspiration in our specially selected Pinterest board.