Boys sandals

In addition to airy freedom, sandals for boys have many advantages: no sweat feet, healthy and comfortable walking as well as fashionable chic. From the colorful, gaudy crocs of the American manufacturer of the same name to the elegant Italian models of Naturino or Balducci, something for everyone. The enormously high wearing comfort makes sandals for boys the ideal footwear. Our style guide tells you how boys' sandals work best and how they can be combined.

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Style Guide Boys Sandals

Sandals for a lifetime

With running sandals, little boys, as the name implies, can learn to walk. Especially during the first years, the little treads help the child to learn how to walk naturally and are healthy for their feet. If the boy grows older and the outfit is particularly cool to be, for example Crocs come into question. The colorful, eye-catching shoes have always been in fashion since the year 2002. They are great for everyday use and can be combined with almost anything.

Sandals buying tips for boys

Sandals can be bought one to two numbers larger. However, the rider sandals should not exceed one centimeter. Color and design should match the outerwear. Colorful sandals are best combined with colorful shirts or sweaters in harmonious colors and simple models fit best to basic tones and simple patterns. Socks should not be put on the sandals. They are still out in boys and may be a fashionable crime. It is better to wear the shoe barefoot.

Young sandals in second hand

The little ones grow so fast. And with them also their feet. In the second-hand section of Catchys, you will find inexpensive sandals for second-hand boys. Especially in the first years of life, new shoes often have to be bought because the scion has grown out of the old ones. The reduced offerings in the second hand area can therefore be a true blessing. You can also find sandals of the previous collections of the most diverse luxury designers at Catchys under Second Season and can make so unique bargains. The next growth spurt is coming. With trendy new sandals you are well prepared for it.

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