Ugg Boots

Just as Coke stands for cola, Ugg boots in Australia and New Zealand are commonly referred to as lamb or sheepskin boots. Responsible for this are the enormously comfortable and unmistakable "Ugg Boots" of the Australian luxury manufacturer. Originally developed in the 70s, Ugg Boots have become fashionable in recent years around the world. The Australian designer brand has much more to offer: children's boots, such as running shoes or children's slippers and women's boots such as the Bailey Button.

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Combinations with Ugg Boots

Ugly shoes can be so beautiful

According to legend, the name “ugg” comes from the English word “ugly”, which means “ugly”. This is what the wife of the founder of the Ugg shoes said about it at the time. All the more fascinating it is with what elegance and uniqueness Ugg shoes convince today. The perfect everyday look you get with Bailey buttons, a chic coat and tight jeans. In the office or in the city, Ugg boots are always a good choice, both for the sporty and the elegant look.

Children’s boots to fall in love

The cute kids boots from Ugg harmonize well with tight jeans, pullover and jacket and make up the fashionable highlight in the outfit. Combined with earhooks and gloves, thick-lined Ugg boots provide warmth and protection from freezing temperatures while looking great on the go. In the meantime, manufacturer Ugg is also offering shoes in its unmistakable style for the summer. For example, Bailey Buttons work great with children in combination with chic sunglasses and tights or shorts.

Kids Boots by Ugg Boots in Sales and Second Hand

If the next growth spurt does not want to wait until the next season, Ugg kids boots in our second hand range are a good choice. The stylish and elegant boots like the Bailey Button or Indianboots are available on Catchys at reduced prices. Models of current collections are affordable with just a few clicks. The popular Ugg (ly) shoes are available in both children’s and adult sizes. The playful straps and metal elements and the fashionable and practical cuts of Ugg shoes are responsible in addition to the high wearing comfort that the shoes are not only in Australia and New Zealand, but around the world known and sought after. Sold out and out of print models can be found in our second hand section.

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