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Elegant on the slopes

The top skier Wilhelm (named Willy) Bogner devoted himself in 1932 to his great heart project - his own company. Of course, he did not yet know how successful his way would go. The first first-class steps in the fashion world were also a little delayed, because first Bogner imported everything from Norway - but not high fashion. In 1936, however, the first ones were allowed to look forward to fine fabrics from Willy Bogner. And that was the German Olympionics. In 1977, Willy Bogner died and left his son's management. The junior took the new position responsibly with his wife and sister and continued the international brand with great success. "Success does not come by chance" - right? We already know exactly what we got at Bogner. Have you already discovered the family business for you? The most beautiful secondhand exploration tour is here at Catchys.

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Did you know that …

  1. the Bogner brand was still in the children’s shoes. After the company premises were bombed in 1944, Bogner moved to Berg am Laim. The new manufactory is a sauerkraut factory – and it still does its best to this day!
  2. after the end of the Second World War Bogner launched his first fresh fashion show in Munich – traditionally conscious in the Hofbräuhaus. Sympathetic! And Bogner Fashion was well received. Sales rose to DM 4 million as early as 1952. A success story in the battered post-war years
  3. Willy Bogner Junior 1986 an excellent marketing idea came to mind. He shot a film titled “Fire and Ice” and posted a license called “Fire + Ice” posting. The name under which up to now high-quality ski products are available. Fashionlegenden – Homemade
  4. also the German Olympic team once from the qualitatively unique clothes from the house Bogner so fire and flame was that they are equipped today with Bogner-Gear
  5. Wintersporters are not only equipped with Bogner perfectly at icy temperatures. Golfer Bernhard Langer or gymnast Philipp Boy swear by Bogner’s designs. For athletes, who appreciate the ambition and diligence, count on the reliable and body-loving pieces with tradition

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Catchy’s Bogner Brand Guide

Bogner bags – quality par excellence

The Signature-B on Bogner’s Bags – We connect it with office, beach, bistro and balls. For everywhere we can take the Bag Beauties of the German traditions brand. They score with their clear and functional design, which leaves nothing to be desired. Because at the latest when you touch the soft leather, the firm carrying handles or sturdy handles, you will not put them out of your hands any more. Promised. Tablet, Bikini, Crime and Replacement Shoes – You should all be in our excellent Bogner Vintage handbag.

Bogner Jackets – Class on top

ABogner jackets emphasize functionality and an ingenious cut. However, the perfectly seated pouches can also look insanely chic. Johannes Hübl also knows this. And Olivia Palermo loves to cuddle. Maybe you catch at Catchys yes also a jacket that has already delicate celebrity skin warm and protected from rain showers. The second-hand love is boundless – and always draws more circles. Above all high quality key pieces like a Bogner jacket must be loved further!

Bogner ski jackets – chic on the slopes

You want to chase down the slopes. Test your new skis. Enjoy the panoramic view with mountains, sun and glittering snow. And do not let yourself be irritated by wind, snow and cold? Then a ski jacket from Bogner is an excellent choice for you! It not only keeps you warm, but also lets you radiate with design and elegance. A real classic.
Bogner fire and ice – Prepared for everything
Talking about classics … The licensed motto of Bogner “Fire and Ice” is no coincidence. The fashion line covers the entire spectrum. Down jackets, caps and ski suits. Skirts, sunglasses and ballerinas. For whatever season or occasion you need a reliable style partner, Bogner has a classic design piece ready for you. Smartly invested. The most catchy of Catchys.