Zara blouses

Zara is one of the leading fast fashion chains of our time. This means that trends shown on the catwalks at Fashionweeks will be picked up in just a few weeks and provided for the masses at a reasonable price. In addition to classic blouses, there are always fashionable, up-to-date designs that are very close to those of the great designers. Zara enables its customers to participate in this trend not only quickly, but also with a small purse.

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Combinations with Zara blouses

Elegant blouses by Zara

Many blouses from Zara are very elegant and suitable for evening wear. Zara blouses are made of genuine silk in classic and refined designs, which in combination with an elegant black trousers and pumps can look very chic and high-quality. Even a casual, light blue boyfriend jeans is enhanced by a silk blouse by Zara. A few nice sandals and a clutch.

Sporty blouses by Zara

Zara also has blouses in the assortment for sporty, casual types. Here the classic blouse collar often falls away and much is played with details, for example, the button strip is laid on the back to provide for a hidden, playful detail. The sporty blouses of Zara are usually a bit wider and more spiky cut and have short, t-shirt-like sleeves. The casual look of the blouses fits perfectly to comfortable leisure looks with jeans and white sneakers.

Summer blouses by Zara

Especially at hotter temperatures, Zara attracts with its beautiful summer blouses. From off-shoulder blouses in the trendy Vichy pattern to embroidered tunics in the Bohostyle, Zara has everything the woman’s heart desires. Here, the blouse is definitely the eye catcher of the outfit and is especially good in combination with eg a frayed jeans skirt or a casual culotte. Beautiful sandals underline the summer look, who likes to be more athletic, contrasting with cool sneakers.

Second-hand Zara blouses

Due to the fast collection changes at Zara, popular blouse models are often very quickly sold out completely or in the right size. Here it is a good idea to look for second-hand Zara blouses, because you can not only find the dream blouse, but also often find great bargains. Catchys offers a wide selection of often even new-quality second-hand blouses from Zara. Enjoy browsing!

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Alternatives to Zara blouses

In addition to Zara, there are also some other fast fashion houses, which can withstand the rapid implementation of trends and are no less stylish. An equivalent alternative is, for example, the Spanish chain Mango , which with their trend-oriented styles make fashionista hearts beat faster. Massimo Dutti also has great blouses in Zarastil, which are particularly suitable for business life. The quality and price are slightly higher than with Zara and the style is generally more adult and more elegant. Have fun shopping!

Popular blouses from Zara

Blouses from Zara TRF
Zara’s second line TRF, short for Trafaluc, speaks to a younger target group in the teenage age and convinces with its fancy blouses. Here the current trends of the catwalks are implemented, from embroidered to oversized to off-shoulder, TRF’s assortment is everything. Whether sexy, edgy, sporty or classy, ​​at TRF every young woman finds a style for herself. Zara allows its younger customers to develop their own personal style without having to abandon trends and take too deeply into their pockets. There are also no limits to color. At the moment, colorful eye-catching prints dominate the summer.
blouses trf
blouses business
Zara Businessblusen
In addition to the trend-oriented, often very extravagant blouses from Zara, there are always blouses that are perfect for the office day. These classic-cut blouses are available in simple colors such as black and white, but also in trendy tones, so you do not have to lose your sense of style in the office. If you work in a less strict environment, you can also wear blouses with fashionable details such as embroidery or appliqués at the collar. No matter which version you choose, with a business blouse by Zara you are always appropriately attracted and can in the evening spontaneously to an afterwork drink with friends or colleagues.
Zarablusen in the Bohostil
Zara is known for his blouses in the fashionable bohostyle, which are available all year round. The colorful patterned, often refined embroidered blouses of flowing fabric are particularly comfortable to wear and play the body very flatteringly. Also flowerprints, whether light or dark, have been very popular for a few years, because they immediately provide a good mood.
zara blouse boho
zara blouse off shoulder
Zara Off-Shoulder Blouses

Since the last year, the off-shoulder trend has become an integral part of the streets. Wherever you look in the summer, the shoulders are mischievously staged. At Zara the off-shoulder blouses are often particularly playful and convince with girlish, large flounces and beautiful pastel colors. The models vary from long sleeves to fine straps, which provide extra support and prevent the blouse from slipping off. Also particularly popular are off-shoulder blouses in white, light blue and striped, as these convey a particularly summery, maritime feeling. </ Div> </ Div> </ Div> </ Div>

Frequently used materials and colors at Zara Blouses


Cotton is used particularly often in Zara blouses. Here Zara tries to increase the production of cotton, which is obtained from sustainable sources. For this reason organic cotton is mostly used, which is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Due to the fact that the seed is not additionally genetically modified to be softer or more bulky, it protects its environment, that is, the nature and, of course, the people who grow the organic cotton. In addition, Zara is cooperating with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to support the responsible cultivation of cotton, ie plantations that monitor working conditions, water use and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Another fiber that Zara uses for her garments is Tencel. This environmentally friendly, future-oriented fiber is of botanical origin, it is made from the raw material wood. The wood comes from forests that are controlled and where afforestation programs are guaranteed. During production, which is produced in a closed circuit, the used water can then be reused 100% and the chemicals used can be reused to 95%. The material is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Thus it is perfect for the summer blouses of Zara.

Recycled substances

Zara is committed to using materials that do not pollute the environment too much. This is why recycled materials are often used, since the production processes consume less water, energy and natural resources. This creates less waste, which protects the environment. Zara is currently developing a new recycled fiber called REFIBRA® Lyocell, which is made from recycled cotton and wood, using a sustainable company in Lenzig. Zara also works with recycled polyester. Since it is made from dispensed plastic bottles, the plastic waste is reduced and thus also the nature protected.

Popular styles with Zara blouses

Bloggers love the girl-cut blouses by Zara, which are staged with giant bells and oversized ruffles. These romantic, often pastel-colored blouses are then combined with contrasts, such as chunky boots and black leather jackets, to achieve the perfect blend of girlish and “Do not mess with me” attitude. You can find more inspiration in our Pinterest board. Have fun with styling!

Typical Zara blouses

The Zara blouses are available in sizes XS to XL or 32 to 44. It should be mentioned, however, that Zara blouses are somewhat smaller depending on the cut, so it is advisable to choose a size above the usual size