Van Laack Blouses

You are a career woman? If you do not compromise on the success of your career, you should not compromise on businesswear. So you set high standards when choosing your clothes? High-quality materials, careful workmanship and an unmistakable, individual style are of particular importance to you? Then you are exactly right with the label Van Laack. One thing that Van Laack is particularly good at: high quality business blouses! Luxurious blouses have managed to bring the label a high profile through its tailoring skills. A well-stocked selection of selected best materials and creations convinced demanding ladies in the office everyday life and in the spare time. Discover exclusive blouse designs that use classic shapes and details at Catchy's.

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Combinations with Versace sweaters

Quality with luxury factor – noble blouses from Van Laack

The blouses of van Laack you can see at first glance that these are not fast-fashion blouses. At the latest when you feel the fine material on your skin, you know why van Laack always resonates with a touch of luxury. The van Laack Fashion is made for a tasteful and absolutely stylish business chic with luxury effect. The blouses can also create a completely representative look. Likewise, the fashion of the long-established company also enhances your leisure look and gives it a certain leisure charm.

Get started with girl power in the job routine: a sense of style with Van Laack blouses

Especially as a woman, you do not only want to score a job with competencies, but of course you also value a stylish appearance. Van Laack creates for you high-quality looks with beautiful blouses, which in addition to perfect fit and noble feel trumps above all with really much femininity. These are creative collar variations, trendy cuts and bright colors that will ensure your perfect appearance. So you not only clearly stand out from your colleagues about your competences and show style security when it comes to choosing your business outfit!

Glitz and glory with Van Laack blouses

The “royal shirt”, with which Van Laack has been advertising for years, promises quite a few things for the men’s world: perfect fit, noble feel and promising quality that will not let you down in your job. Of course, Van Laack also uses this in his women’s collections! So that the ladies with glamor and shine in their equally “royal” women’s blouses achieve a special effect in office life. Since the classic costume can stay in the closet.

Van Laack blouses in second hand & sale

Van Laack blouses are among the highest quality in the world. As demand is very high, Van Laack are in great demand for a modern showroom appearance. This uniqueness in quality and design has just a price, which is why Van Laack from last season and blouses on sale are sought after. The timeless classics will never go out of style and add value. Catchy’s offers you a great variety of second-hand and sale Van Laack blouses, convince yourself and find your new favorite piece for your wardrobe.

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Alternatives to Van Laack blouses

You are looking for an alternative to Van Laack, because the quality has its price you can see especially in Van Laack blouses, which are not just among the affordable things in life. Could you perhaps convince a cheaper alternative with similar charm? There are some variants that are very close to the Van Laack blouses. Here are our suggestions: 1. Seidensticker Blouses: Today Seidensticker has become a blouse brand with a name recognition in Germany and the epitome of excellent shirts. Because in every fiber of the products, detail is noticeable, which makes Seidensticker so successful: quality, durability, reliability, innovation and tradition. With about 70 € a good and cheaper alternative to Van Laack blouses. Find your alternative on Seidensticker.2. Hallhuber blouses: Stylish blouses for business and personal use: Hallhuber blouses. The company offers an extensive range of high quality blouses for every occasion and has definitely become a trend label. In addition, Hallhuber never gets bored with prints because the blouses of this season are chic poodle ladies or cheeky kittens. For a budget of about 70 €, you can call yourself the proud owner of a Hallhuber blouse. A real alternative to Van Laack.

Popular blouse models by Van Laack

You are looking for a stylish Van Laack blouse. But not yet know which model you should choose? These models from classic to modern by Van Laack should have everyone in the closet.

Van Laack shirt blouses – for a successful office appearance

van laack shirt blouse white
Whether in simple colors or colorful patterned. With long or short sleeves. As a long blouse or classic look. The selection of shirt blouses seems endless at Van Laack. That is why the German company also has the right blouse for every occasion. In addition, it is so wonderful to combine! Depending on the office are more restrained shirt blouses. The look gets a romantic touch with blouses in pastel shades, such as delicate pink or light blue. With a casual dress code, patterned variants are also wonderful. For an ideal outfit for the office, the shirt blouse can be combined with a classic pencil skirt. No wonder shirts are among the must-haves in every wardrobe. Here are a few extremely helpful facts about shirt blouses: 1. Shirt blouses combine the feminine cut of a blouse and the look of the classic men’s shirt. 2. There are many interesting collar variations: puffy collar, tie or turn-down collar are just some of them. 3. Van Laack shirts may be decorated with ruffles, sequins or embroidery.

Van Laack linen blouses – the summery fresh variant

On warmer days we want Van Laack blouses made of linen! We are particularly happy about this because Linen keeps the skin cool, is very insensitive and extremely durable. In addition, Van Laack linen blouses are beautiful, because the linen can be all designer art in terms of blouses show. Where should we start? Short and long sleeves, round and square hems, small stand or no collar at all, ruffles, cuffs, special buttons and sequins, Van Laack linen blouses have everything we need for blouses. The wide assortment will seduce you, and you will already feel the tactile feeling of how this blouse will touch. With the color you are definitely spoiled for choice, because this is not quite so easy due to a huge color choice. However, you should always choose the color of your new Van Laack blouse after the occasion. Classic for everyday office life, unusual for your leisure look.
van laack linen blouse white

Van Laack blouse top – a modern alternative

van laack blusentop white
The blouse top by Van Laack – a real must-have for your wardrobe. It is an indispensable part that accompanies all your outfits and conjures up a chic and modern style. Traditionally, the blouse top is reserved for work, but of course is also suitable for your leisure look. Usually the blouse top is made of flowing materials and cut wide. This blouse by Van Laack is definitely comfortable to wear, feminine and casual at the same time. The loose falling materials The blouse top will allow you to discreetly accentuate your curves and match any figure. In combination with a pair of simple trousers, it loosens up your look and gives it classic elegance. A black and a white blouse top by Van Laack are timeless and never go out of fashion: They are the perfect combination partner for an elegant outfit for the office. For more fantasy, grab a ruffle blouse top for extra volume to your outfit.

Optimal fit, colors and materials of Van Laack blouses

The perfect fit for Van Laack blouses

We all know that: You want to buy a nice blouse, but the mirror of the locker room reveals a dilemma: for those who have been equipped a little more sumptuous, the blouse on the chest. If one then chooses a size larger, she is too far at the waist. A solution now promises van Laack with his blouse collections, which are perfectly tailored to these needs of customers. The clou is that the blouses of a clothing size are made with different cups. Lower breast darts on the larger cups create more volume in the chest area. The blouse does not get wider in the side, but only gets more width in the front – so there is space for the bust. In addition, the darts on the back can be split to gain an inch or two: great for those who are pregnant and have a bit of baby fat at the waist.

Color variations and cuffs of Van Laack blouses

First-class blouses by Van Laack also impress with fresh colors and great patterns. In the color choice remain with the German label left nothing to be desired. Van Laack enchants with its diversity. Whether in great stripes, fresh patterns or in every imaginable color! At Van Laack you will surely find something. The cuffs are particularly beautiful on the Van Laack blouses, the cuff at the end of the sleeve of a blouse. These are available in variations such as rounded, straight, short or at a premium.

Material of the Van Laack blouses

The Van Laack blouse collections captivate with craftsmanship perfection and a love of detail. In addition, the blouses are made of the highest quality materials. The finest materials such as pure silk, pure cotton, fine linen fabric or high-quality knitwear are used in the high-quality tops. Van Laack is also working intensively on innovative technologies for the production of fine textiles that convey a new feel. Thus, the brand has already succeeded in developing the particularly airy “Air Cotton”, which is up to 30% lighter than conventional cotton fabrics. With “natural easy care” van Laack offers another noble fabric for blouses that is almost non-iron.

Popular styles with Van Laack blouses

Boredom? Out of place! They are the stars of business fashion, cool companions for casual looks: Van Laack blouses for women are available for every occasion – from festive to leisure-time, from simple to extravagant. Countless different cuts, styles and designs make it one of the most exciting garments in the fashion world. The absolute classic: a blouse in the color white. We give you a few styling tips: you should pay attention, you think a white Van Laack blouse can only be good? Definitely not! We prove to you that you can combine the white blouse of the German label also cool and trendy. The cool look: Choose a loose-fitting blouse or a longer white shirt blouse and styl style a comfortable boyfriend jeans or sexy skinny pants. By loosely tucking the hem of the blouse into the waistband, you emphasize your figure. Your look looks especially cool when you combine a leather jacket with jeans and a white blouse. Or perhaps summery-sweet: The combination of oversize blouse from Van Laack and shorts definitely has a sense of style. You love the boho look? Then choose a white blouse with romantic embellishments of hole embroidery or lace and voluminous cut. The office look: You are looking for a more modern office outfit? Then choose flowing white blouse by Van Laack with a slight V-neckline or a romantic bow-tie model. You can combine wonderfully a patterned pencil skirt or one of the trendy miniskirts. A blazer and noble pumps complete the trendy business outfit.

Typically Van Laack

Quality made in Germany! Van Laack focuses mostly on men’s shirts. For more than 130 years, the Van Laack shirt has impressed with its incomparably high-quality and detailed workmanship, which the company also uses for its blouses. Following the tradition of the house, the production of every shirt or blouse is bound to perfection. Furthermore, van Laack shirts / blouses have always been characterized by innovative solutions and their modern implementation. It is always made from the, for Van Laack typical, fine and luxurious fabric qualities. Our offer ranges from classic business blouses to casual sports shirts. Each blouse shines with small and fine details. The result is excellent craftsmanship in combination with our exquisite materials, a fit and comfort that will make every van Laack item immediately become one of your favorites.