Esprit blouses

Of course, blouses for ladies are an indispensable basic. But what brand? Whether with a shirt collar, round neck, stand-up collar, tie band at the gathered neckline or soft flowing waterfall neckline. Esprit offers you a wide variety of fashionable blouses with feminine charm for the lady of today. Esprit blouses brav and bieder? That was long ago. The blouses of the American label have long since become a fashion keypiece. For this reason, Catchys has taken a closer look at Esprit's blouse collection.

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Combinations with Esprit Blouses

The Esprit Blouse – stylish all-rounder

Esprit blouses are esteemed mainly because of their excellent quality and their appealing and fashionable design. On top of this is the fact that regularly familiar faces promote the brand. Regular Esprit blouses can be seen on large posters and in shop windows. In addition, Esprit blouses are suitable for most occasions, which is why they are often the first choice for fashion-conscious women. Not infrequently, Esprit blouses are designed in such a way that accessories can create the most diverse looks. For example, an Esprit blouse with floral print or in animal look can be combined with a boyfriend jeans for a casual look, as well as with cloth pants and blazers for a smart business style. With a beautiful frilly blouse with voluminous flounces of Esprit, you draw the full attention to you. Very well she fits to the business pants or skirt, but also skips a jeans skilfully on. Choose lace-ups or skirt elegant pumps. The Rüschenbluse is an excellent companion for a gala as well as for the office. This blouse does not need any accessories, if you do not want to do without, then choose subtly. If you love it more, choose a charming silk blouse from the label. A light silk blouse fits fabulous into a costume or a trousers suit. But look also at the stars in Hollywood, because they like to wear a silk blouse to the torn jeans and crazy sneakers. Blouses from Esprit are totally chic and absolutely hip. The white blouse by Esprit fits easily into any wardrobe and can be combined in a class. Sexy to the tube jeans, flat shoes or pumps and you become an absolute view. For the black or a colorful mini skirt in the summer you are always attracted with a white blouse by Esprit. It is good for going out but also for leisure.

In which designs are Esprit blouses available?

Whether classic shirt blouse, airy blouse top, sportive blouse, fashionable chiffon blouse, casual long blouse or romantic tunic: Esprit offers you a wide selection at an irresistible price performance ratio. There are different models: from the classic white shirt blouse to the airy long blouse with colorful patterns. White Esprit blouses, for example, belong as obligatory basics in every wardrobe. With this classic dress you look fresh and well-groomed. And the best: white shirt blouses, lace blouses or long blouses fit too easily. Romantic Esprit blouses with embroidery, piping or beaded trim are more hip than ever. From fine silk blouses to chic chiffon blouses to elaborate long-sleeved blouses with decorative flounces: especially women with androgynes can be a bit more playful. Particularly successful look refined decorated bloomers to casual ladies jeans in the vintage look!

Creative interprets – everything is crazy about the Esprit blouses

Yes, there is. The blogger blouse by Esprit. What distinguishes them? Revolutionary novelties of the American label, especially fashionable creations or graphic silhouettes. If a blogger with an Esprit blouse on Instagram and Co shows up, the run on the special pieces starts immediately. But also the classics among the Esprit blouses are popular as never before. What is the reason? Unlike the shirt blouse, Esprit blouses usually have no button strip, which allows a lot of room for new interpretation. This allows completely new cutting styles, materials and details.

Esprit Blouses in Second-Hand and Sale

Blouses from Esprit are among the most popular in the world. As the demand is very high, Esprit blouses are very popular for a modern and stylish appearance. This perfect combination of quality and design is very popular, which is why esprit blouses from the past season as well as blouses in the sale are coveted. Timeless classics from Esprit will never go out of style and represent a good investment. Catchys offers you a special variety of Esprit in second-hand and sale, convince yourself and find your new favorite blouse for your wardrobe.

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Alternatives to Esprit Blouses

You are convinced of Esprit blouses, but would you like to keep some alternatives? Maybe we can supply you with some labels with similar characteristics and good quality. Catchys shows you some brands with similar design. Here are our suggestions:

s.Oliver blouses

s.Oliver is one of the most distinctive labels on the streets of our cities. With a sense of style, quality and consistency, the successful brand has developed into a popular fashion and lifestyle label. Esprit can certainly be the water, especially the collection of flowers. The s.Oliver world re-creates the feeling of a young, urban and energetic generation with every blouse collection. A generation that knows what it wants. And what does she want? In any case, look super chic with the blouses!

Vila Blouses

A fashionable and chic outfit you get with the trendy Vila blouses. This Danish label knows very well what underscores your femininity without losing any of the uncomplicated look. Stunning and high-quality fashion does not have to be expensive as with Esprit. This philosophy brought the Vila brand to the top. The collections of the Vila Blouses, just fantastic, are charming and full of charm. The materials are usually soft flowing fabrics or jeans and cotton fabrics. An equally favorable alternative to Esprit blouses.

Popular Blouses from the brand Esprit

Esprit tunics – not new, but faithful

esprit tunic blouse
Repeats are boring? That’s not true. Perfect example: the tunic of Esprit – we get it from the closet, for example, or from the shopkeeper: nothing new on the fashion market, but always reinterpreted. And gladly. After all, it is also interpreted nonstop by the designers. Sometimes it is the reason why the It-Piece is constantly adding to the list of summer must-haves. In terms of styling everything is possible with Esprit Tuniken. In any case, much more than you think! Tunics are real styling miracles – and the American label also always manages to surprise us. Who would have thought that wide pants to an Esprit tunic would not be eco, but hip? Or are delicate models particularly good in the pantsbund make? Summer brings endless ideas. In classical and straightforward white, of course, the absolute classic model, but also more playful variants with beautiful flower embroidery or elaborate prints from bright to dark colors are in the fashion world hotly desired. No wonder that, for example, actress Felicitas Woll is totally in the trend pieces of Esprit. For about 50 € a good investment for a guaranteed stylish summer.

Esprit Shirtblouses – Classic allrounders

Whether in simple colors or colorful patterns. With long or short sleeves. As a long blouse or classic look. The selection of shirt blouses at Esprit is great. This is why the American company also has the right blouse for every occasion. In addition, it is so wonderful to combine! Depending on the occasion, rather reserved shirt blouses are suitable. A romantic touch gets the look with blouses in pastel tones, such as delicate pink or light blue. For a more casual dresscode patterned variants are also wonderful. For an ideal outfit, for example, the shirt blouse can be combined with a classic pencil skirt. No wonder Esprit shirt blouses are among the must-haves in every wardrobe. Here are some very helpful facts about shirt blouses: 1. Shirt blouses combine the feminine cut of a blouse and the look of the classic men’s shirt. 2. There are a lot of interesting collar variations: jumpsuit, sleigh or turn-around collar are just some of them. 3. Esprit shirt blouses can be decorated with frills, sequins or embroidery.

Esprit blouses for becoming mamis & small individualists

esprit maternity blouses

It’s hard to believe, but Esprit really provides you with every life situation. “Esprit for mums” offers you an extensive range of pregnancy blouses in beautiful fashionable design. Flowing fabrics and light colors will put your belly on for around € 40 beautifully. A comfortable blouse that puts your beautiful pregnancy round perfectly into the scene? Can it get any better? Sure, because, of course Esprit also offers sweet blouses for small individualists with sophisticated fashion taste. Because an Esprit baby blouse is exactly the right thing for little girls, because the beautiful cotton models contain refined embellishments on the front. Sometimes a button strip, playful breast pockets or elaborate childlike prints, the girls blouses embody a unique look which have the potential to become the favorite clothing item of small fashionistas. Obendrein by 100% cotton wonderfully washable. For about 20 € to buy in the shop. But how about second-hand blouses from Esprit for little princesses? For the most part you get several barely worn and high-quality garments for less money. In addition, used garments are more harmless to the health of the children than new ones: due to the more frequent washing, hazardous pollutants such as chemicals are no longer present in the fibers. This is an important point especially for newborns and allergy-prone children. Worth considering? </ Div> </ Div> </ Div> </ Div>

Frequently used materials of Esprit blouses

Blouses from Esprit are worn directly on the skin. High quality materials and their processing. In the assortment, Esprit therefore offers exclusively exquisite blouses that convince you not only visually, but also with an excellent wearing comfort. This is important, because only if you feel comfortable in your Esprit blouse, you are convincing and you can appear confidently. No matter whether you prefer soft cotton, cool linen or an airy synthetic fiber blend – your well-being is the first priority. The ladies’ blouses from Esprit are available in different materials. For example, silk is one of the noblest materials for the blouses and stands for exclusivity. The material slides easily over the skin and gently glows. A blouse from this fabric is suitable for upscale events as well as for a stylish appearance in the office. On the other hand, models made of cotton are durable and durable. Furthermore they offer the wearer a high wearing comfort – the whole day. Variations made of polyester are characterized by their high dimensional stability: They hardly crease and look even attractive in the evening. Careful workmanship is a must for Esprit Blouses for women: That’s why you will only find pieces that convince by high quality. From the invisible seam to the elaborate trimming to reinforced parts in the area of ​​the collar, our focus is not only on the design. Esprit value for a successful craft. To make sure you have a perfect fit blouse, Esprit offers selected models in the sizes 36 to 46 in, often even in an even wider range from 34 to 44.

Popular styles with Esprit blouses

You really want to have an Esprit blouse, but are you wondering what you should combine? Catchys advises: be brave and use the latest fashion trends that allow so much: an elegant blouse you can wear as well as classic and sporty denim and rugged biker boots, as you can choose colorful and gaudy socks with eye-catching prints for classic suits. We recommend to mix classic elements with extravagant or casual so that a very individual look is created – your look. Style breaks are the order of the day, with boots of all styles, the blouses of esprit, tight jeans and the accessories of your choice have fashionably everything you need for an inspiring outfit. If you are looking for more inspiration, we have put together a Pinterest board on the topic “Favorite Styles with Esprit Blouses” for you.

Typical Esprit – an introduction to company history

Esprit blouses are feminine, playful, elegant and a part of the so-called American Dreams. The history of the international model set Esprit is a typical American success story as it is in book: The american way of life. In 1968, Susie and Douglas Tompkins, the “fathers” of the fashion chain, set out to sell their self-made clothing in a van by California. Already in the 1970s it became a well-known company, which also expanded to Europe. Today the Esprit brand is a worldwide concept in the fashion world. It stands for young lifestyle fashion, the classic style skillfully combined with new fashion ideas. The result is the refreshing and indescribable look of Esprit blouses. Special emphasis is placed on quality. Quality First is one of the company’s mission statement. The brand sees itself as a model that combines luxury and fashion and makes it affordable.