Comma blouses

Comma blouses are particularly popular in German-speaking countries. Fashion-conscious and elegant women have long since discovered the Comma blouse for themselves. Comma blouses are elegant, chic, classic, colorful and playful romantic. The beautiful cuts, fashionable models and casual patterns make the blouses so special and ensure that they are universally applicable. In the office, you can wear them the same way as in the university or on Saturday afternoon, when you go to a coffee with your girlfriend. They can be combined perfectly with all conceivable fabrics and transformed into different styles. The selection of different models and colors is enormous and the price of quality appropriate. Comma blouses can be worn throughout the year and are fashionable but not subject to the latest trends. A Comma crepe blouse would, for example, be ideally suited for spring and a long sleeved blouse for the autumn. But also Blusenshirts and Blusentops are a popular choice among the Comma blouses.

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Combinations with Comma blouses

Comma blouses for every season

Comma blouses are the ideal choice for any season. In winter and autumn you can grab the Langarmblusen. These can be styled with a scarf and sweater for warmer or colder days. In the winter, you can simply throw a nice woolen or artificial fur coat, combine black or dark blue long trousers and wear black ankle boots with heel and finished your girl boss outfit. For the warmer seasons, we recommend to use crepe blouses. These not only look chic, but are also much more comfortable to wear when you have to walk through the hot city on your way to work. Crepe blouses can be combined very well with denim fabrics. For jeans, the Comma crepe blouse looks super casual for the city walk.

Comma blouses in and after the office

Comma blouses are of course perfectly suited to make them your new favorite parts for the work. With a blazer, a nice bag and a pencil skirt, you look great in turning around. And you feel good, too, because the Comma blouses are made of pleasant fabrics, which make a long and exhausting day behind the desk much more bearable. Nevertheless, Comma blouses do not have to be worn in the office. Even after the office they can be easily combined. For example, if you’re replacing your smart office pants with a pair of simple jeans and your blazer with a leather jacket, your office outfit can be leisurely with just a few steps.

How to dress your Comma blouse:

There are many different ways to style your Comma blouse. The most popular variant is the pencil skirt and pumps. But you can also wear it quite differently. Especially during leisure time, you can be particularly creative and try different trends with your Comma blouse. For example, you have a rather cut-out dress and would like to wear it, but it’s way too cool to walk around the city with spaghetti carriers? For example, you can wear a simple, classic-cut comma blouse under the dress. If you are about to paint your home or bathe your dog, then you can also give a dungarees over your Comma blouse. This combination may sound dubious to you, but this combo is not only trendy but also a way to wear your blouse in your spare time.

Comma Blouses as Second Handpiece:

Comma blouses are so popular with women because they are fashionable, chic and versatile. That is why it pays to invest in a comma blouse. The quality is absolutely recommendable and the prices more than adequate. As a second hand bargain on catchys, the Comma blouse is still a bit cheaper and still just as nice. Catchys offers a huge selection of second hand and second season parts, so you will also find your new favorite Comma blouse on our site. Second Hand (Online) Shopping makes sense since you get not only pieces cheaper, but also have the chance to buy a part that you can not find in the shop anymore. So you can find a blouse that you’ve been looking for months or even years. In addition, (Online) Secondhand Shopping also has the advantage that you can get parts that are available online only in second hand version. Louis Vuitton and Hermes are examples of brands that can only be purchased online in second hand versions.

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Alternatives to Comma Blouses

Comma blouses are beautiful, of excellent quality and reasonably priced. Nevertheless, we would like to show you some alternatives, if you would like to look at other brands. An alternative would be the blouses by Michael Kors. These blouses are priced well above the average of Comma, but the quality is impressive and the style is similar to that of Comma. Michael Kors blouses are elegant, classic, yet youthful and fresh. Another (and cheaper) alternative to Michael Kors blouses would be those of Vero Moda. The blouses of this brand are just as chic, office-like and feminine as those of Comma. And also the quality is right. A brand that is more focused on trends than classic is Topshop. The Briton loves the hottest trends of the season and always shows this in his collections. In terms of price, Topshop is slightly below Comma. For this, Comma blouses can be worn longer because they are not so fashion-bound. S.Oliver is especially an option for you if you like the style AND price of Comma. S.Oliver and Comma perform similar bluesigns and convince both equally through classic and timeless designs with style. Two other alternatives would be the Spanish fashion giants Zara and Mango. Zara and Mango have for years been the favorite brand of many young, fashion-conscious women. Great designs, fashionable cuts and affordable prices are what make Zara and Mango so popular. To whom the Spanish occurs, for which we have another great brand: Ralph Lauren. The blouses of Ralph Lauren are expensive but the pieces of Zara and Mango, but less fashion-worn and real quality pieces, which can be worn for years.

Popular shoes from Clarks

Comma Langarmblusen

comma long sleeve blouses with dots pink
Comma Langarmblusen are particularly popular with fashion-conscious women, who want to appear fashionable and chic every day, but do not want to spend hundreds of Euros on a single piece. Comma Langarmblusen are available in various styles and styles. Also colors and patterns offer you a wide selection. The original price is about 60 €. They can be worn throughout the year and are a good option both in the office and in their spare time. With a blazer, they can easily be upgraded, with a jeans jacket or cool accessories, on the other hand, the Comma Langarmbluse can also be easily made more casual.

Comma Kreppblusen

Comma crepe blouses are the blouses of the summer. They are chic, airy and easy to combine. In addition to the pencil skirt or even the fabric pants, the crepe blouse perfectly complements the outfit. It can be combined very differently and is a more airy option to the long-sleeved blouse. This blouse model impresses with its classic cut and its playful details, which make the top so noble. Depending on the color and pattern, it can be combined with either muted or bright colors and thus placed in the center of the outfit.
comma crepe blouse white

Comma Shirt Blouses

comma shirtblue blue
The shirt blouse is one of the most popular blouses at Comma. She is chic, classic and unaffected. Together with a pencil skirt and high-heeled shoes, you can wear them nobly and style them with a matching jacket at any time. However, if you combine them into a pair of suspenders and flat-cut lacquer lacing shoes, you’ll get some androgynes in your look. The shirt blouse is particularly suitable for the office as it looks chic and clean. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear and easy to combine. In cooler times of the year you can wear a sweater over your blouse and round off the outfit with a statement chain.

Comma ¾ sleeve blouse

The ¾ sleeve length for blouses is especially popular in the transitional periods between summer and autumn and spring and summer. This arm length is as chic as the long sleeve, but often more comfortable. Particularly suitable is this blouse model for smaller women with shorter arms. Combinable it is the same as the other blouses. It looks particularly beautiful with a high-waisted skirt, because the ¾ sleeves of the blouse then end up at the same height as your waist sits. This automatically directs the view of your body center and emphasizes the waist-to-waist ratio. The Comma ¾ arm blouse in combination with the skirt will help you to figure it out.
comma 3/4 bluse blau

Frequently used colors and fabrics for Comma blouses

Comma blouses come in all sorts of colors and cuts. Comma itself has no color palette or similar, for which the label is particularly well-known. Comma blouses, however, are mainly chic and elegant, therefore, the shades that are used are more muted tones. Bright colors are also always included in the collections, according to shrill colors (eg neon) but one is in vain. Comma stands for fashionable garments that are affordable. However, if you look at the colors and cuts more closely, you quickly realize that the brand is not for fast-paced fashion. Even if there are always parts in each collection, which correspond to the current trend color, the majority is fashionable but independent of trends for several seasons. Comma often uses flowing, loosely falling and light fabrics for the blouses. Because this selection of fabrics give the blouse this distinctively elegant and uncomplicated look. And that is exactly what we want women to be. For flowing fabrics look not only noble, but are also much more comfortable to wear than thick fabrics. Comma blouses are made of fabrics such as crepe, lace, cotton, viscose or polyester.

Popular styles with Comma blouses

You can wear your Comma blouse as you want. You can combine them to match your personal and individual style. She looks especially chic with a long, high-waisted skirt. But also a beautiful fabric pants with a bow and high shoes can put your blouse perfectly in the scene. Blouses also always look great to denim. Whether you’re throwing the denim fabric in jackets over your shoulders, or you prefer a classic “Old Blue” jeans, your Comma blouse will fit perfectly. For more inspiration, you can also look at our Pinterest Board, which we have created for you.

Comma Blouses in Detail Check

Comma blouses are easy to combine and a true classic in the working world. The office classics are available in the sizes 32 to 46. This is something not only for every taste, but also for (almost) every figure. The blouses are in European sizes and the original price is between 50 € and 80 €. Second-hand bargains can be saved. In the nape of the neck you find a sewn black etiquette, on which is written “comma,” in white. This label is the guarantee of the authenticity of the product and shows the logo of the brand.