Liebeskind belts

You will be looking for: A fashion accessory that spices up your outfit, while modeling your figure and additionally underlining your look. Of course: a belt. But not just a belt, but a belt from a trendy label. We would have found one for you: Liebeskind Berlin. The founding of the young label in 2007 was a regular enrichment for the world of the Belts. Whether classic leather belts, or unusual rivet belts, the accessories radiate a distinctive style that has both elegance and street appeal. No matter whether, Lena Gercke or shooting star Maria Ehrich, everyone in the fashion world knows the designs of Liebeskind Berlin to appreciate. We have compiled these unusual, high-quality and unique must-have belts for the label at Catchys.

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Combinations with love child belt

Liebeskind Berlin: the style of the capital for him & her

Who does not dream of single-handed belts in the wardrobe? Because a belt not only pushes the slipping pants, but also belongs to the planning of the perfect outfit. Liebeskind Berlin is famous for its trendy and urban belts. The success story of the young label began in Berlin and the city is still the main inspiration source for the brand. Whether in the club or in everyday life: the label Damen, as well as the gentlemen, always inspire anew, especially with his creations in the area of ​​belts. The brand has a suitable model for every situation. Just as versatile are the designs of the belts, which are offered in smooth copies, with snake patterns or additional eyecatchers. For some models there are different colors. Of course, high-quality leather is the primary material of every belt.

The right nose for accessories: Liebeskind Berlin

Thanks to a robust and high-quality belt from the Liebeskind brand, your pants or skirts are ideal for long-lasting well-being. On the other hand, Liebeskind develops their own fashionable qualities for their customers in different color and shape variants, which offer the right favorite piece for every style and taste. A lovingly designed belt will easily become a special sight in the ensemble of your carefully combined outfits. Liebeskind Berlin Belt you will receive in many versions. The focus is on vintagelook belts as well as rivet belts in discreet or playful designs.

Liebeskind belt in second hand & sale

Liebeskind accessories are among the most popular in the fashionbranche. Since the demand is very high, you should be fast to get a belt of the latest collection. This uniqueness in quality and design has just a price, which is why belts from the last season as well as retro models are very popular. Timeless classics in a simple design made from high-quality liver, will never be out of fashion after a good care. Catchys offers you a special variety of Liebeskind Berlin belts in second hand and sale, convince yourself and find your new favorite item for your wardrobe.

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Fake check of love child belt

DJe is more well-known the brand, the higher the fake rate. Louis Vuitton and Gucci are currently the most popular labels, but also newcomers such as the label “Liebeskind” are also present and are falsified by product pirates. It is precisely this product piracy that hurts the company. We from Catchys have put together some characteristics as you distinguish a copy of a real love child belt.

  1. Leather Contra Synthetic leather: When designer classics like the love child’s belt are imitated from artificial leather, adhesive is often used. For example, the inner lining of the belt is adhered to the outer material. This is never the case with real leather and you can smell it immediately. High-quality leather darkens over time, the leather becomes somewhat bland. This is a quality feature in this case, because with this vintage effect original designer belt get a certain patina. In addition, each seam of the belt must be carefully and neatly sewn.
  2. Search in tested onlineshops: In order to avoid the purchase of a fake from the start you should look for only in tested onlineshops after Liebeskind belt lookout. Avoid the purchase of belts from the brand Liebeskind from non-certified retailers.
  3. Check the texture and the weight of the belt: All the genuine Liebeskind belts do not only look good, they also feel good. If you have the possibility to actually hold the belts before purchase and inspect them before purchase, then use this. Due to the high-quality leather used, the belts have some weight. If the belts are flyweights, this is due to bad materials and they are thus fake.

Alternatives to love child belt

You find Liebeskind belt super, but they are simply too expensive for you? There are some brands that are close to the classic charm of the Liebeskind belts, but definitely better for a narrower budget, we give you a brief overview. Here are our suggestions specially for you: Elegant, simple, casual – the belts of Jack and Jones . In the Jack and Jones collections the perfect belt for every classic type. The design is at least as beautiful and stylish as the belt of Liebeskind and definitely suitable for a small purse. Check out Jack and Jones and find your favorite favorite for a more stylish performance! Are you looking for an alternative to the beautiful rivet belt from Liebeskind? Belt Handmade in Germany! The brand Bbelts sells high-quality leather belts with an unusual buckle at a good price performance. The belts have like a childhood belt a clear recognition characteristic. The belts are all riveted to guarantee their trademark. The label represents more classic, subtle colors, but still special eyecatchers. A clearly good alternative to Liebeskind belt.

Popular belt models of the brand Liebeskind

Love child rivet belt

Rocky and cool – like the capital Berlin – so are rivets of the Liebeskind brand. With such a thing you are always up to date. The great rivets in the color gold or a silver version are the highlight of every outfit. For trousers, jeans or skirts, you can add a touch of color or discreet nudity to any season. Once more fancy with a belt which is all over the place with the little eye-catchers, or rather a little decent with few rivets as details, Liebeskind Berlin leaves nothing to be desired. The designs of the rocking accessories are available for fashionistas as well as for our fashionable men’s world. However in the house Liebeskind is not distinguished colorfully between gentlemen and ladies. Each color variant is the same for every gender, but the subtle color selection like blue, gray, brown or green is not a bad thing. We at Catchys are sure, with Liebeskind Berlin your belt dreams are definitely fulfilled in rivet optics. Find your favorite favorite belt in a rocky look!

Liebeskind Belt – Classic colors with great effect

The belt was originally a simple necessity, not to lose its own pants, today it is reliable companion and versatile fashion accessory. You think you often, the hairstyle sits, the outfit is put together and yet the conscience is missing something. Clearly, it must be a belt that makes the style perfect. The company Liebeskind Berlin offers you a variety of belts in classic colors that fit every outfit and also enhance every outfit stylishly. Belts in black, light or dark gray, different shades of brown or even in summer pastel shades such as pink, turquoise and pink leave nothing to be desired. Liebeskind belts have a high recognition value and are stylish, robust and with the right care durable. The accessory with absolute it-piece potential for every fashionista. Due to the classic design, the Liebeskind belts will definitely never go out of style and adapt themselves perfectly to every outfit due to the discreet closures. For sporty jeans or the rocking leather jacket the ideal combination.

Many belts for many occasions – the love child belt

While the belt used to be worn so that the pants do not slip, it is now no longer a purpose. On the contrary, he betrays something about his wearer. An elegant, fitting and high-quality leather belt by Liebeskind shows whether someone is thinking about his appearance and leaving nothing to chance. Especially on a high-quality Liebeskind leather belt, one can see whether the belt owner attaches great importance to good quality. The quality is shown however after repeated wearings. Because these leather belts are made of inferior leather, they look worn out after a short time. For this reason, Liebeskind relies on very high-quality material for processing his belt and you do not make a mistake. You can easily wear a first-class leather belt of the company for years and decades, without this striking wear marks. Quality pays off! We are sure that you will find your new accessory with Liebeskind.

Frequently used materials and colors of Liebeskind belt

High quality cow leather for an individual look

Just as with other, fashionable accessories, the Liebeskind belt also depends on the leather for the individual look. The most common of these is the cow leather, because it is very sturdy. A reason for the frequency of belts made of beef leather is the size of the beef. Also very long belts of love child do not have to be created from several pieces. The leather is also used to ensure a high durability and yet to radiate the noblest style. Rindsleder looks more harmonious and smoother and is treated accordingly as very high quality and noble. In addition, the scarring appears to be particularly dense.

Color variations for your individual belt

Lovebelt belt – Countless cut and color variations make the beautiful companion into a look that every woman and, of course, man also likes. The leather belts in the simple classic colors like brown and black fit perfectly to every trousers, are stylish and have a nice look Clasp in silver look. From monochrome belts in the colors black, gray, white, brown, beige, green, blue and berry, to beautiful Flechtmotiven. As individual as you are, you should also choose the color of your belt. So absolutely no problem, if you want to choose the color of your belt to the appropriate color of the shoes. Now you are spoiled for choice.

Popular styles with love child belt

Liebeskind Belt – You are not only an accessory, but also a true fashion statement. The choice of the right belt depends entirely on the occasion, the clothing and, of course, your personal taste. Because a great belt can perfect any outfit. How about, for example, with a classic outfit to bring your It-Piece to life? A white blouse and a perfectly fitting jeans and a grobstrick cardigan, or in combination with a timeless classic, the leatherjacke and high heels? Or to a little black, rocky watch and fancy bracelets. We at Catchys show you how to adapt your outfit to your new love child belt. Let us inspire you.