Lacoste belts

An outfit can be destroyed or upgraded by the use of accessories. If you want to make sure that the latter is the case, Lacoste belts are always a good choice. The stylized crocodile is not only one of the most famous logos in the world, because it is ingeniously designed, but because we combine the term lacoste with outstanding quality and a unique fashion taste. Lacoste belts can be the icing on the cake or even the central element of your outfit.

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Combinations with Lacoste belts

Lacostes male belt

Previously, a belt belonged to every men’s outfit without suspenders. Today is not so. The more attention is paid to a chic belt that matches the outfit and the effect it has achieved in a man. With a business outfit with a suit and tie or jeans and a jacket, a black or brown belt is still an absolute must. Here you can make an impression with a noble part of Lacoste and thus emphasize your career ambitions stylistically. Likewise, a sporty outfit also benefits enormously from a Lacoste belt. Casual jeans and shoes, as well as a matching shirt – finished is an elegant and yet sporty outfit for the man. In color you should make sure that shoes and belts as much as possible form a unit and fit together.

Facetable styles for women

Women can put a special accent in their outfit with Lacoste belts. If it is a sporty outfit, jeans , low shoes and shirt are a good choice. Straight narrow belts are recommended for a sporty outfit. But also in your everyday look you can easily integrate Lacoste belts. Make sure your shoes and belts are in harmony. Create an interesting contrast by combining a black belt with a white trouser or a white top. Lacoste belts are also phenomenal to wearers’ wearers and pencil skirts . They underline your figure and give you the highest degree of elegance and style.

Lacoste belt in Second Hand and Second Season

Whether you are looking for a current, last or older collection, here at Catchys you will find numerous reduced belts from Lacoste, which will help you do something good for your wardrobe and give your outfits a few extra styling possibilities. Click through our offer and find a belt that best suits your jeans and shoes and whose effect you can vary with your tops.

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