Gucci belts

The Gucci gucci belt is a must-have for every fashion-inspired woman - it gives every outfit an enormous style boost and is especially second hand also affordable for the small purse.

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Combines with Gucci belts

Casual with Gucci belts

The advantage of the Gucci belt is that it can be up-down or downstyle everyday – especially the black belts are the right combination miracle. For a jeans with light wash, a simple top and leather jacket, the Gucci belt looks particularly cool and is suitable for a stylish appearance in everyday life. If you are looking for a more striking look, you can go to a colorful embroidered bomber jacket in the style of the Gucci jackets on the runway or combine a colorful bag and jeans in a used look.

Fashionable with Gucci belts

Another favorite of the streetstyle scene is the look of plissé skirt and gucci belt, here are very gladly the fashionable red belt combined by Gucci and so a color accent. Another fashion favorite are the brown belts from Gucci, which bring a certain vintage flair with them. To do this, a few Princetown Loafer and an Oversize sweater and the streets of the big fashion towns can be made stylishly unsafe. The outfit is very cool when you look at it with a leather biker jacket and cool sunglasses.

Why second-hand at Gucci belts?

Whether you’re a vintage gucci lover or just want to save money on new models, take a look at the second hand online offer for Gucci belts. At Catchys you will find a generous offer of second hand Gucci belts with authenticity guarantee.

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Fake Check Gucci Belt

Hardly a belt is fake as often as the Gucci belt – therefore one should be particularly careful when buying, finally one wants to get for its money the original. Obvious plagiarism, which is recognizable by bad artificial leather, plastic hardware or wrong logos, there are now also unfortunately professional counterfeits – from the box to the serial number all inclusive. We’ll show you how to recognize the most believable fake belt.

Alternatives to Gucci belts

You’ll find high-quality leather belts everywhere and often at absolutely reasonable prices – from Topshop to Uterque to Michael Kors, especially on Catchy’s reduced or used leather belts are an absolute bargain. If it is synonymous times can be artificial leather, Zara offers very trendy alternatives.

Popular Gucci belt

Belt with GG buckle

The new classic – since 2016, the Gucci GG belt is a true It-Piece par excellence. The brass closure enhances every outfit and gives an exclusive, stylish touch. Particularly popular in black or brown leather, which can be combined in many ways, it keeps you super-long with careful care and second hand is an affordable designer piece.
gucci gg girdle second hand
gucci feline belt second hand

Gucci belt with Feline closure

Hello Tiger! The cat closure with noble vintage look, this belt has become a secret tip among fashion insiders established. Whether in regular size or narrow, the belt is not only suitable for cat lovers.

Belt with tiger head spur / Dionysus buckle

For lovers of the Dionysus bag and western belts, Gucci has created the belt with tiger head spur / Dionysus buckle. The cool vintage look is super easy to combine with many outfits and surely will attract all eyes to you.
gucci tiger belt second hand

Materials and patterns of Gucci belts

Gucci Leather

For classic belts, Gucci uses a high-quality leather – whether black or brown is flavor or type. For color lovers, there are many alternatives from pink to red to green. With regular care and appropriate care, a Gucci leather belt guaranties a long-lasting pleasure during wearing.

Gucci Brass

The brass is especially used for the GG buckle of the It belt. It is not very prone to scratches, but should be worn with appropriate care to maintain the high-quality vintage look. If you would like a number more chic, go to a Gucci belt with a pearl-studded brass buckle – but caution – here scratches are more likely.

Gucci webbing

The striped twill is available in many designs and colors and is an iconic print for Gucci belts.

Gucci GG Supreme

The classic of the Gucci prints is the GG-Supremeprint – already clearly recognizes the brand in the focus and is a true icon among the belts worldwide.

Popular styles with Gucci belts

In one thing, everyone agrees – Gucci belt and blue jeans are an absolute trampaar. Whether with Oversize shirts or T-shirts, leather jackets or coats, with a GG-belt, you will appreciate every simple look. Get inspired by our Pinterest board and create unforgettable Gucci styles.