Yves Saint Laurent Bags

The French success company Yves Saint Laurent influenced the fashion world in the 20th century. Yves Saint Laurent continued to develop and interpret fashion movements with his own individual line, without losing sight of his goal not only of comfortably, but also elegantly and classicly, women. The company attracted particular attention with the introduction of the Tuxedos for women. In addition to clothing, Yves Saint Laurent also thrilled with his bags for decades the fashion world. These are convincing with their combination of classic designs and exciting details. The quality and high-quality workmanship is another feature of the French traditional company. Catchys offers a great selection of great second-hand Yves Saint Laurent bags from authenticated partner shops, from elegant clutches to detailed shoulder bags to spacious shoppers is guaranteed here everyone. Let yourself be convinced by this Yves Saint Laurent Bags Style Guide!

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Combinations with Yves Saint Laurent bags

Rendezvous with Yves Saint Laurent Bags

A French woman would never want to style herself for a date. The same applies to her bag – elegant and classic, she is supposed to be, but uncomplicated and not too pompous. A shoulder bag by Yves Saint Laurent is exactly the right thing, it unites a casual elegance that does not stand up and hands free for a glass of champagne and the lover’s hand. Style your Yves Saint Laurent shoulder bag with a classic cut black trousers , a white shirt in a fashionable boyfriend cut with black lace bra underneath and high-quality pumps, eg beautiful kitten heels. The Yves Saint Laurent shoulder bag can be worn on one shoulder or as a crossbody bag.

La vie quotidienne with Yves Saint Laurent bags

An uncomplicated bag with a lot of character is just right for everyday life. Whether you are on the road to the office, the flower market, or meet with someone for a cup of coffee – a faithful, stylish companion is a must. With enough space for wallet, cell phone, key, book and lipstick, a Yves Saint Laurent handbag is an absolute top pick for the fashion-conscious woman of today. Combine your Yves Saint Laurent handbag with a casual, blue jeans with fringed seams, a white T-shirt and high-quality leather loafers, the comfortable and stylish everyday look. A red lipstick gives the whole a touch of Parisian chic. It is summerly with a print culotte, a Carmen blouse and hip mules.

La Grande – Yves Saint Laurent Shopper

Sometimes you just have to make a big bag – a shopper from Yves Saint Laurent offers more than enough room for files and laptop, but it is also suitable for a relaxed shopping trip with your best friend. The best thing about it is that the Yves Saint Laurent Shoppers are versatile and can be easily integrated into any look. Whether it’s a classic trouser suit in the office, swinging floral dresses in summer or simple jeans and T-shirt combinations in everyday life, a Yves Saint Laurent Shopper expertly evaluates every outfit and offers ample space for all necessities. It can be chosen from simpler models, eg from black or gray leather or also special models, eg with high-quality croco-optics. At Yves Saint Laurent, every woman finds the perfect shopper for her taste, clothing style and occasion.

Yves Saint Laurent Bags Second-Hand

The coveted It model is already sold out everywhere? Then you should definitely look second-hand for Yves Saint Laurent bags. Here you can often find new models that are no longer available – and sometimes even in practically new condition! Also for those for whom a new Yves Saint Laurent bag is not affordable, second-hand is a great option. Second-hand, the coveted bags are often a lot cheaper. Vintage fashion is your greatest passion and rare bag models from the past decades attract you magically? With a brand like Yves Saint Laurent, each bag tells its own story. Discover your new dream bag by Yves Saint Laurent Second-hand here at Catchys. Shoppe in a large selection of high quality second hand Yves Saint Laurent bags, only from authenticated partnerhops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection. Secure yourselves now the ultimate Yves Saint Laurent deal!

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Fake Check Yves Saint Laurent Bags

Yves Saint Laurent Bags, however, are also looking forward to the black sheep of the fashion industry – nowadays there are a lot of counterfeits in circulation, often even very fake specimens, which require expert knowledge and a trained eye the difference to an original Yves Saint Laurent bag. We have compiled the most important features and tips on the fake spotting of Yves Saint Laurent bags, so you will not be victims of a fake. Even with the contrasting of an imitation to an original, decisive details are different. For example, the overlapping letters of the logo are often different in color and are crossed in the wrong place. A comparison of prices can give a further indication of a fake. A new Yves Saint Laurent bag costs between 800 and 1700 €, but models from past seasons can also be purchased more favorably. Nothing is to be stupid at a price of a few hundred euros. A manufacturer’s label should never be missing. This is attached to an original pocket inside. Ultimately, the overall processing also provides an indication of whether it is an original or a fake. Yves Saint Laurent bags are made of high quality materials and are excellently processed. If the present bag has cheaply looking, chemically smelling material and unclean processed places, it is with great certainty a counterfeit. For more tips, check out the YouTube video.

Alternatives to Yves Saint Laurent Bags

You love the design of Yves Saint Laurent bags and look for similar, but cheaper alternatives? Then take a look at the current and past collections of All Saints . Alternatively, brands such as Zara Designs, which are inspired by large design brands like Yves Saint Laurent, but also save our money bags. Enjoy browsing and discovering!

Popular models from Yves Saint Laurent Bags

Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Bags

yves saint laurent monogram bag second hand
YSL – the three letters with magical effect. The Monogram Bags of the French success company radiate elegance, femininity and French chic with a pinch of sovereignty. The delicate, filigree chains, the frilly fringes or the lovingly quilted leather enchants not only the Parisians themselves, but also us. The Monogram Bag is an absolute all-rounder and can be styled casual to jeans and T-shirt as well as chic for evening events.

Yves Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

In 2013, chief designer Hedi Slimane designed a bag that today already has an absolute cult status: the Sac De Jour. According to its name, it is suitable for everyday use and convinces with its minimalist, clean design. It is available in four different sizes, nano, baby, small and large, as well as various prints and colors. In classic black, the great Sac De Jour is ideal for the office, with a colorful Nano Sac De Jour can be put a colorful accent in the look. Bravo, Monsieur Slimane!
yves saint laurent sac de jour bag second hand

Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Tote

yves saint laurent chyc tote bag second hand
As an absolute celebrity favorite, the Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Tote has conquered the fashion world by storm and sneaked into the hearts of many model lovers and collectors around the world. The minimalistic design with the iconic “Y” closure is perfect for everyday use and convinces with an infinite number of combinations. Yves Saint Laurent Chyc is always the right choice if you are looking for a slick leather or shiny patent leather.

Frequently used materials at Yves Saint Laurent Bags

Yves Saint Laurent Textured Leather

The Yves Saint Laurent Textured Leather is, as the name suggests, a very textured, coarse-grained leather. Smaller scratches or stains are difficult to detect, especially in models in very dark colors. This insensitivity of the leather makes a Yves Saint Laurent bag from Textured Leather the ideal everyday and leisure companion.

Yves Saint Laurent Smooth Leather

YSL Smooth Leather is a very soft, supple, fine-pored leather with a slight shine effect. Especially Yves Saint Laurent bags in bright colors come to life in Yves Saint Laurent Smooth Leather. However, bags made from this material require a lot of attention and care – scratches and stains are easily visible and can easily occur.

Yves Saint Laurent Suede

Everybody loves Suede – Wild leather is a classic, we discover new for us every season. A classic Yves Saint Laurent bag from Yves Saint Laurent Suede looks natural and soft. Especially models in earthy or gray tones are popular in suede. But here, too, you need the right know-how to always keep the suede in top shape. Our best tips for the care of suede can be found here .

Yves Saint Laurent Alligator

The Yves Saint Laurent bags from Yves Saint Laurent Alligator are particularly luxurious. The exotic leather looks very elegant in dark colors, but also shines colorful shades. Just vintage models have a beautiful patina and have become absolute collector’s items, which in part even cost more than new models from Yves Saint Laurent alligator leather.

Yves Saint Laurent Embossed Crocodile

Another favorite amongst the exotic leathers is the Yves Saint Laurent Embossed Crocodile. The “pattern” is smaller than Yves Saint Laurent alligator leather, but by no means less noble. Many stars, it-girls and well-known bloggers are fans of the Yves Saint Laurent bags from Embossed Crocodile and show up with them gladly in the public.

Yves Saint Laurent Embossed Python

A bag from Yves Saint Laurent Embossed Python has an eye-catching guarantee. The material is particularly high-quality and elegant with smaller pocket models from Yves Saint Laurent, such as a clutch. This can be a simple outfit from the little blacks and Pumps skilfully luxurious. A bag of Embossed Python is an investment and retains its luster with proper care for many years.

Yves Saint Laurent Calf Hair

Yves Saint Laurent Calf Hair is used both as a main material for Yves Saint Laurent bags like the Sac De Jour, as well as as a detail for other pocket models. Bags from Yves Saint Laurent Calf Hair should be particularly well protected against water and rain because they are particularly sensitive.

Yves Saint Laurent Shiny Studs

With Shiny Studs Yves Saint Laurent breathes his pockets a pinch of rock ‘n’ roll. These offer the classic pocket models a welcome tougher contrast and modern twist. The shiny rivets are particularly good on darker models, for example on bags in Yves Saint Laurent Black or Yves Saint Laurent Navy.

Popular styles with Yves Saint Laurent bags

The classic cuts, timeless shapes and simple colors make Yves Saint Laurent bags an absolute combination miracle. You can easily up- or downstyle them and combine them into all your favorite looks. How about the Monogram Bag from burgundy velvet and golden hardware to a comfortable outfit in gray tones, such as a dark gray skinny jeans and a cuddly oversized cardigan. So the Yves Saint Laurent bag can be the absolute eyecatcher and easily enhance the casual outfit. Or combine the coveted Sac De Jour in a strong orange tone to create a swinging, floral midi dress for the ultimate summer outfit, which immediately provides a good mood. Since a bit of style inspiration has never hurt, you can find the coolest looks with Yves Saint Laurent bags on our Pinterest board “Yves Saint Laurent Bags & Outfits”. Enjoy!

Colors of Yves Saint Laurent Bags

Yves Saint Laurent Black

Every woman should have at least one bag in a classic black. Yves Saint Laurent Black brings the shape and material of each bag to the focus and is particularly suitable as a color for a bag in everyday use as it fits in color to any outfit and is not very sensitive to dirt.

Yves Saint Laurent Navy

The dark, deep blue of the Yves Saint Laurent Navy looks almost like black and reaches a magical, mysterious effect on matte materials, such as the high-grade leather of Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent Fog

The warm, dark gray is a favorite at the Yves Saint Laurent Sac de Jour and is very versatile with many looks for different occasions. Yves Saint Laurent Fog is a welcome change to the classic black.

Yves Saint Laurent Dove White

Yves Saint Laurent Dove White is a chalky-white clay that reaches the maximum effect on grained materials such as the Yves Saint Laurent Textured Leather. Yves Saint Laurent Dove White bags should be handled with care, however, as they are more sensitive to dirt than other colors.

Yves Saint Laurent Tan

Yves Saint Laurent Tan is a warm, unobtrusive orange tone, which is found especially in spring and summer collections. A bag in Yves Saint Laurent Tan fits great with floral dresses, but it is also always an eye-catcher in casual jeans and T-shirt combinations.

Yves Saint Laurent Pale Blush

Yves Saint Laurent Pale Blush is a bright, cool pink, which is particularly feminine and elegant. Bags in Yves Saint Laurent Pale Blush look very elegant to a completely white look, but can also be combined more casual with blue boyfriend jeans and a gray cardigan in trendy oversized look.

Yves Saint Laurent Burgundy

Yves Saint Laurent Burgundy is a dark, powerful chocolate brown, which is especially intense with larger bags of grained leather. A bag in Yves Saint Laurent Burgundy is a classic that should not be missing in any wardrobe.

Yves Saint Laurent Brown

Yves Saint Laurent Brown is a bright, late summer brown, which is especially used for Yves Saint Laurent bags in Suede.


Yves Saint Lipstick Red

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Red is a powerful, seductive red tone that creates a special Wow effect, both as a color coupler in an outfit as well as in colorblock looks.

Yves Saint Laurent Violet

The dark, cool purple of the Yves Saint Laurent Violets is particularly classy and is used for bags in Yves Saint Laurent Smooth Leather in autumn and winter collections.