Tory Burch Bags

Handbags have women not just one! And the lords of creation often ask themselves what mysterious things may be. But dear men, let you be told, the fashionable fashion accessories always offer not only mobile phone, money bag and co. Place, but complete the outfit only completely. But, of course, it should not be a handbag, but you're looking for something special in fashion? Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Pippa Middleton love them: the handbags of Tory Burch. The American designer has already given away some prize for her handbag collections! We are sure the stylish designer handbags from Tory Burch breastfeed will ensure your fashion hunger. Now it's your turn: decide for one of the enchanting models and you will get a lot of admiration and envious glances.

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Combinations with Tory Burch bags

Large, small, round or square? – Which Tory Burch bag fits me?

At Tory Burch the handbag selection is huge and no model is the same. But which bag suits me? Here you have the choice, whether small, large, round or angular the range allows it. However, the choice of Tory Burch should, of course, be related to your own personality and often contrast with your proportions. The bags, which are square and angular, like the model “Gemini”, should be worn by curvy ladies. Soft, rounded Tory Burch bags, like the “Jamie Clutch” fit more to sporty slim women. But beware! Not every Tory Burch should be chosen as a contrast. You belong to the small variant of woman? Then you should definitely choose a small Tory Burch Bag for your wardrobe. The perfect model, the “Kira Mini Crossbody” is already waiting for you. Conversely, large ladies should refrain from small handbag models, because the smaller the bag, the bigger one is itself. A XXL bag fits in this case probably better to you. How about the particularly beautiful Shopper, the “Kerrington Tote Bag” in a colorful floral print. The choice made? Underline your individual proportions as a fashion-conscious woman and find your new Tory Burch It-Bag.

Simply picturesque: eye-catching Tory Burch handbags

Geometric shapes like Tory Burch in the collection are the latest craze on the Fashionshows. Whether rectangular or square – the distinctive Tory Burch’s are worn with handles like little bags and give the feminine look in the truest sense of the word something abstract. Tory Burch’s purse-style handbags are also very popular. Large, elaborate buckles adorn these mini handbags, which hang on gold chains or fine leather straps over the shoulder. In addition to flowers, stripes and the new patchwork look, print-like prints, colorful patterns and embroidery make the bags of the American designer true works of art. Simply wonderful handbags with high recognition!

Luxury second hand: Tory Burch handbags in second hand & sale

The most famous collection of Tory Burch is probably the handbag collection. Tory Burch is still a young label, but it is still very popular in the fashion world. A Tory Burch is a must-have, as the handbags are available in many stylish colors, are of good quality and are recognizable by the unmistakable T-logo emblem of the brand. However, the handbags at 200 € -500 € are not particularly favorable. But your dream is perhaps not as far away as you think, with some luck you get a beautiful Tory Burch at the sale at a much cheaper price. Or you just try an online second-hand platform? Of course, as you could guess, we stand by Catchys at your side to meet your Tory Burch handbag. Just convince yourself of our wide selection.

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Fake check of a Tory Burch bag

Original or fake? Designer handbags from Tory Burch are the must-have for every fashion-conscious woman. Of course, a Tory Burch is not a bargain and so is woman constantly looking for cheap deals. It is important to pay attention so that you do not get expensive money for a worthless bag. So you can see the difference:

  • Counterfeits can often be sniffed – The Material Check: High-quality, expensive handbags of the Edellabel Tory Burch made of genuine leather. Particularly good forgeries are also made from leather, mostly from sheep. It does not have the typical leather smell, muffles something. The counterfeiting can therefore easily be sniffed. Poor counterfeits are simply made of artificial leather, which feels like plastic and also smells like plastic.
  • The Tory Burch Monogram: The intertwined T-letter is the hallmark for an accurate identification of your Tory Burch bag. This must always look perfect and be perfectly processed. All logos that differ from this are clearly forgeries.
  • Perfect seam line in only one color: color variations or interrupted seams are an unmistakable feature for a fake designer bag. The genuine designer bags from Tory Burch are composed of as few parts as possible. Accordingly, the pockets of the label have only a few seams.

Alternatives to Tory Burch Bags

You’ve been a fan of a Tory Burch handbag for a long time, but they’re simply too expensive for you. Maybe an alternative with similar characteristics and an additional fit in your budget? Catchys shows you some cheaper alternative brands with similar design. Here are our suggestions that we have selected for you:

  1. Zara Bags: The motto of Zara is always the latest trends. No wonder you find in the shop also models that look very similar to the Tory Burch bags. Current – the flower pattern of the “Gemini Link Print”. Zara also offers you beautiful shoulder bags with similar accents. The special plus: The bags of the fashion chain Zara you get at a much cheaper price, but unfortunately are not quite as durable as a genuine quality bag by Tory Burch.
  2. Asos Shopper: The British Fashionshop offers you the latest fashion at a small price! And can design moderately at least as much as Tory Burch. Of course, the models are also based on the bags of Tory Burch. Above all, the colors show a great similarity, so you will definitely find something. In your case you will also find a huge selection of beautiful shoppers in Tory Burch Style, small tip for the summer: gold. Convince yourself of the great Asos bags.

Popular handbags of the brand Tory Burch

Tory Burch Robinson collection

The modern classics – named after Tory’s parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson. Wonderful design details, perfect functionality: the Robinson line from Tory Burch. This line includes shoulder bags, shoppers, cross-body purses and handbags. The most desirable model: The “Robinson Tote Bag” in a light, spacious design, which is narrow and with minimalist hardware. It is made of high quality, scratch-resistant leather. Your straight silhouette is complemented by a central compartment, slit pockets on the front and back, an optional, adjustable cross-body strap and protective feet. The epitome of discreet chicks. Very casual 3 classic colors make this model even more attractive: “Pale Apricot”, “French Gray” and “Black”. You are more of the fancy bag type in terms of colors and patterns? The Tory Burch collection is also ready for you: The Robinson can also be made of woven leather for a graphic effect with a contrasting diamond pattern. Particularly beautiful this comes naturally with a quiet outfit with discreet colors to the validity.

Tory Burch Shoulder Bag “Fleming”

Meet the Fleming: a small changeable shoulder bag. In a particularly beautiful quilted leather appears the stylish It-Bag “Fleming” to hang around Tory Burch. Whether over the shoulder or in the hand, the shoulder strap with chain links allows any style to carry your new favorite piece. It has a memorized Tory Burch logo, a unique feminine diamond pattern and a detachable tassel on the shoulder strap as the most beautiful detail. In the supple inner lining, the bag is also equipped with a zipper compartment and two slots. Also in terms of color, you are not restricted by the beautiful single-color messenger bag because it is available in many tones such as blue, black, beige. Or something extravagant? How about gold? You are looking for an outfit to your Fleming for the summer? How about a tropical print top and a white jeans and you’ll take a look at all of you.

Tory Burch “Gemini Link” with print

We want retro look! – The “Gemini Link” shoulder bag, a graphic abstraction for every retro lover. The Tory Burch is beautifully decorated with a print in the chic Sixties style with a colorful floral pattern – an important motif of the season – in the colors beige, pink and green as well as a chain strap. The Gemini Link has two outside folding pockets and a spacious, double main compartment so you can find a place for all your important things. The adjustable chain strap can be worn short or crossbody. One thing is certain, the elegant accessory can instantly enhance your look regardless of the occasion and is definitely one of the key pieces of the season for a cool summer outfit. A modern everyday favorite bag like the Gemini Linkprint, which is good to yours the most beautiful outfits, will make your heart beat higher every day and enrich your style.

The Tory Burch “Kerrington” – a shopper to fall in love with

The “Kerrington” by Tory Burch will impress you with its durable workmanship and its fine, striped design. The exclusive model also offers you plenty of room for all your essentials thanks to its spacious interior. The special, available in many pattern variants like, stripes in the black and white look, flower & leaf motifs and ship patterns. But what makes the “Kerrington” Shopper of Tory Burch so special? The many wonderful details: Durable and synthetic processing, Tory Burch logo plaque on the front, a size of 30 x 41 x 15 cm, a wide adjustable push button on the sides, a robust carrying handle, an inner compartment with a zipper, a contrasting inner lining and a reinforced pocket bottom. A stylish and functional piece in shopper size!

Frequently used materials and colors of Tory Burch bags

Fine calf leather

In order to ensure a high durability and yet noblest style out-radiate, Tory uses Burch for his bags calf leather. Kalbsleder is a high-quality leather as cow leather, it has a more harmonious and smoother finish and is also treated as very high-quality and noble. In addition, the scarring appears to be particularly dense. Also used is lacquer leather. Lacquer leather is simply refined leather, which is painted on the Nar-benseite or covered with foil. Polyurethane varnishes are usually used for this purpose. This results in a surface of high-gloss from the scarf-free surface. For many products, high-gloss is simply a little more noble, as is the case with the Tory Burch bags. In addition, the highest demands are placed on the processing of the leather. Each seam is processed perfectly. You can definitely be convinced that whenever you buy a Tory Burch handbag, the quality is very high.

color variations

Tory Burch Bags – Countless cut and color variations make these beautiful companions into a look that every woman is really fond of. From single-colored bags in the colors black, gray, white, brown, beige, green, blue and purple, to beautiful patterns in retro or flower motif. As individual as you are, you should also choose the color of your bag. Now you are spoiled for choice.

Popular styles with Tory Burch bags

The performance with a great Tory Burch shows an excellent fashion awareness. But what to combine? “Because I am a girl because I am a girl” – How about a sweet shoulder-free frilly blouse, white shorts, sneakers in the coveted loop look and a shoulder bag by Tory Burch. Or a bit sportier? Combine a casual stripe dress or jeans dress, a golden statement chain, red pumps and a Tory Burch bag in a classic color like white or beige. The style that the American Tory Burch embodies with her bags since 2004 is a kind of young business style which is addressed among other things to the busy woman of today. The bags are professional enough for the office day, but do not look like classic business bags. To the small black, or to the business blouse with bright pencil skirt you are professionally dressed for the office. Find your new outfit in this Pinterest board!