Moschino Bags

Through ironic and impudent statements in his Moschino pocket creations, the Italian label is skilfully applied and thus becomes an absolute cult. A Moschino bag must therefore have every true fashion girl in her wardrobe. After all, the creations are absolutely crazy and demonstrate with ironic and critical utterances, striking words or the logo in huge letters that there can only be one design legend under the fashion sky, namely Moschino. Moschino bags are just for individualists and sophisticated fashion queens, as the must-haves are decorative, bizarre and always very sexy. Superstars like Miley Cyrus, Kate Moss, Diane Krüger, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are out as Moschino bags fans. The mix-and-match style is the signature of the label, ensuring a high recognition value. Moschino bags can only be used by women who have a clear attitude and pride. After all, a woman has to be able to wear the playful details like loops and appliqués, which always seem a bit like from the comic, in the Moschino bags. And this can only be demanding modem girls who are not subject to any modedictat. In this sense: We love Moschino!

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Moschino Bags for the Daily Wear & Casual Streetstyles

A casual street style of skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a jeans jacket is a good foundation. But to make your look perfect and you can call yourself stylish, you need a Moschino shoulder bag. The most suitable for the daily wear are Moschino shoulder bags, which have a black base on which applications are attached. Because with this base you can create a link to your look, without risking that it might look too much like Fa-sching. You can also use these Moschino Schultertaschen to the university, on shopping tours, to an afternoon Gossip in the café or to a Kinobesuch. A Moschino handbag can also be used for books and a laptop, so you can prove your good taste in the office, school or university.

Moschino bags for the glamor styles and cocktail party looks

If you are looking for the ultimate touch for your glamor look of high heels, skinny jeans, tank top and leather jacket, then you should definitely put on a Moschino shoulder bag. You have an elegant bag that fits into your cell phone or wallet, and you have both hands free for your drinks and for the camera to shoot self-esteem. It can not be any more comfortable! For celebrations such as weddings, an abball, birthdays, a Moschino shoulder bag is your must have. But also for movie shows or a bar tour, the Moschino shoulder bag will give you something special and make your style special. A mini skirt with blouse and jeans jacket is a Moschino shawl bag per excellence, as well as an ensemble of blazer with skinny jeans and a shirt.

Moschino Tachen for your Business Looks & Office Days

Moschino also goes to noble business attire looks as well as to loosen business dress codes, because Moschino can just do everything. For a strict business style with a monochrome trousers suit or an ensemble of pencil skirt, silk blouse and blazer, you can rest assuredly on the Moschino handbag or a Moschino handbag. In a black version with subtle silver or gold applications, the Moschino Handta-es will upgrade your look and make it look classy, ​​official and chic. So you can be sure to appear stylish in the office and always make a good impression. For shoes like ballerinas, pumps and sandals, the Moschino Henkeltasche fits very well, as long as at least a color with your Pieces occurs. So you create a harmonious link so your style does not look superimposed. Irrespective of the season, a Moschino bag simply always goes, as it is an all-rounder, a kind of styling weapon, with which you can always ensure a noble finish.

Moschino Bags as Second Hand & Second Season

In a Moschino bag it is worth investing, just as a second hand or second Se-ason model. In this way you have a perfect opportunity to afford a high-quality designer piece and save money. Stylikone Sarah Jessica Parker or Alexa Chung will still be seen with their Moschino bags from older collections and in the second hand format sighted. In addition, you also have the chance to buy Moschino bags, which every fashion girl wants to have, but can not, because some models are partly no longer manufactured. Therefore, you have the opportunity to perfect your own style and buy Moschino bags, which not every woman has. We also offer you a selection of authenticated partner shops with authenticity guarantee and purchase protection, where you will surely find the it-piece from Kendall & Co..

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Also a good fashion pro, can fake a fake of the Moschino bags! Before you decide to purchase the models, we will provide you with sufficient information to minimize or eliminate the risk of a fake or replica as much as possible. That’s why you need to be careful, especially when such expensive Moschino bags are second-hand. Check out our Fake Check video and read our magazine articles. Because only with sufficient expertise you will not buy a fake of the models. We give you a checklist with the most important aspects, which are important for a Secondhand and Second Season purchase, so that you can spot the fake immediately.

  • THE LOGO OF THE MOSCHINO BAGS – The inner lining of the Moschino bags must always contain the following information: “MOSCHI-NO”, “Milano” and “Made in Italy”. The logo has to be embossed or applied in such a way that it can not be scraped off or peeled off. You also have to pay attention to the typography of the logo. Because it is case-sensitive. Moschino is always written in capital letters, while the other additional notes are made up of upper and lower case letters.
  • THE MANUFACTURING OF MOSCHINO BAGS – Moschino manufactures his bags only in Italy. If you are on a second hand Moschi-no bags to another country, then this is a first indication for a fake.
  • THE DESIGN OF MOSCHINO BAGS – Unfortunately, Moschino bags are often offered as an original, although the label has never launched a design, like the one offered. Therefore, you should inform yourself well before the purchase, whether the designs of the second hand Moschino bag belongs to the repertoire of the label.
  • THE APPLICATIONS OF THE MOSCHINO POCKETS – The individual applications on the Moschino bags must be firmly and accurately integrated into the bag and must not be able to break loose. The second hand Moschino bag can still be used for first rivets or patches. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to excellent processing. The rule of thumb applies: processing defects must not occur under any circumstances.
  • THE SIZE OF THE MOSCHINO POCKETS – If you want to buy a second hand Moschino bag, then you should compare the indicated size of the bag with the size, which is stated on the Moschino homepage or with the contractor. Usually the fakes have a different size than the actual Moschi-no pocket original.
  • THE PROCESSING OF MOSCHINO BAGS – A high-quality workmanship and quality is guaranteed with a luxury label like Moschino, so you should examine the second hand Moschino bag for defects. You must pay attention to the following aspects: The leather must never flake or crack. The logo must be spelled correctly. The metal applications must not start to rust and the layers must not peel off. The seams must be clean, accurate and at the same intervals. The Moschino pocket edges must be uniformly finished and have sealed edges.


If you are looking for an aesthetics similar to the design of Moschino, you should write the labels Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana on your keypiece list. Both design elements, which are so characteristic of Moschino, are taken up and reinterpreted by their own individual aesthetics. The Valentino Garavani shoulder bag Rockstud in leather comes in a black therefore and has silver rivet applications. These are, however, not, as in Moschino, in an all-over format attached, but only on the Valentino pocket wheels. However, this must-have is an all-rounder absolutely suitable for every look. The model is made of smooth leather covered with small gold-colored pyramid rivets, which are characteristic of the italy label Valentino. Both of them are mainly used for calfskin. If you are too many rivets and you want to have them as a subtle highlight on the Valentino bag, then we can recommend the Valentino Garavani Shoulder Bag Lock. Here, the rivets are placed only on the overhang in the middle. For an extravagant design, you should look at the Valentino Garavani Crossbody bag. If you are looking for a larger model that you can use for the university or the office, then you will be perfect with the Valentino Garavani bag My Rockstud Rolling Noir. With subtle rivets, the iconic piece is your new must-have. For low-priced alternatives, where you have to make a few compromises in terms of quality, we can recommend Zara, Zign and Gabor. Karl Legerfeld can also find one or other cheap item in bags. Our favorite: The Karl Lagerfeld shoulder bag Black. This model also features genuine leather that comes in a quilted pattern and a glam-rock aesthetic.



The Must Have of the Decade is the Moschino Transformers Ready To Bear Shoulder Bag. With a size of 18,0 x 12,0 x 7,0 cm (L x H x W), the price of the Moschino shoulder bag is around 500 Euro. The material is here a black, textured synthetic leather. The overlay is provided with a double magnetic closure. The shoulder strap is made of chain sling, which nestles around the artificial leather. The length of the shoulder chain is about 120 cm. The shoulder chain can be worn in one row or two rows. The model of this Moschino bag has a slot on the back. The special feature is the colored application. This is a Transformers bear print with white logos on the overlay. The inner lining is also black and made of nylon. In addition, the bag has two inner compartments. As an all-rounder, this Moschino shoulder bag can be worn for casual looks, party styles and glamor outfits.


The iconic Moschino handbag is designed in a square shape with two handles and a detachable shoulder strap. The piece is made of black calf leather and is provided with a Moschino logo application made of white leather in uppercase letters. The inner life consists of two pockets and a cell phone pocket. With a size of 12 x 20 x 27 cm and a length of 32 cm the new price is about 720 Euro. It is available in a black patent leather as well as in a matt version. The Moschino handbag is also perfect for the office, because it has a lot of storage space and a clean, but concise design. This is how a laptop fits in as well as your makeup bag, cell phone and your wallet. To casual styles with a skinny jeans, leather jacket and sweater, she suits as well as to looks with a coat, cropped jeans and a shirt. Also for business dress codes with pencil skirt, blazer, blouse and pumps, this Moschino shoulder bag is your must have.


The Moschino Bucket Bag shoulder bag also provides true hysteria. With a size of 17.0 x 17.0 x 12.0 cm (L x H x W) the price of this model is approx. 1.034 Euro. The Moschino Ta-sche is made of black calfskin, which is decorated with golden rivets in allover design. With two short handles it can be worn as a handbag. With the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder support, the Moschino bag can be converted into a shoulder bag. The piece is opened and closed by means of a drawstring closure. For an eye-catcher, the Moschino-logo of gold metal on the front. The inner lining is made of black textile and includes a main compartment and a sack. As an all-rounder the Must Have is really suitable for every type and style. Most of all, this Moschino Ta-sche is something for women who want to miss their style of glam upgrade.
The Moschino Crossbody Bag is a remix of a shoulder bag and a shoulder bag, because it has a shoulder strap, which can be used multifunctionally. It is made of calf leather, comes in a black color and is finished with rivet appliqués made of golden metal. An overlay, on which the Moschino logo in gold are applied, with the double magnetic closure for an eyecatcher. With a size of 18,0 x 10,0 x 6,0 cm and an adjustable shoulder strap length of 133 cm the price of this Moschino bag is approx. 702 Euro. The inner life of the bag is also made of black leather and consists of a main compartment and a pocket. This model can also be converted to a clutch by a hand strap. The iconic must have unfortunately does not have much storage space, because there you will find space for your purse, mobile phone and your makeup tools. For this, this Moschino bag is very versatile. For a shopping trip, a kinobesuch or a cocktail party, she is the perfect companion for you. This bag looks very nice to denim, leather and silk.



The main material for the Jimmy Choo shoes is the calfskin. As a very robust and high-quality material, it guarantees a longevity and a high QAls main material for the Moschino bags serves calfskin. Since the material is very high-quality, durable and extremely robust, it is perfect for the designs of Moschino. The la-bel often uses applications, such as rivets or patches, which the material has to withstand.


The main design element of Moschino is the logo of your own logo. Moschino is applied either to metal bags or as a leather application to the Moschino bags. The label thus creates its signature, which has a high recognition value.


The design of Moschino is very unconventional and often works very artistically. The label often uses comic designs and art pop elements with its Moschino bags. The Italian label rebels against prevailing trends and modedictates and wants to set its own rules. Often also Moschino bags are launched, which remind of a popcorn bag from the cinema or which are based on the legendary McDonalds logo. But Moschino can also be reserved and released mainly black bags, which are provided with gold applications, like rivets. The label underlines its fascination for the glam look.


Moschino regularly launches limited editions of bags, which are always very quickly sold out. The launch of such designs is part of the identity and the DNA of the label. For example, the 30th anniversary of the Nintendo classic “Super Mario Bros.” a “Su-per Moschino” Capsule Collection. These include Moschino bags, which feature plakative prints and art-pop colors to the iconic video game series “Super Mario.” MAGNUM x MOSCHINO also offers a capsule collection with the ice cream maker with the Magnum Ice. Decorated in the typical Moschino style, an eagle, a leopard, a lion, a panther, a snake, a tiger and a wolf enjoy a magnum double.


What can Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyonce? You guessed it, they can speak Moschino. And because we are also fully dedicated to the Moschino-Mania, we have compiled the Dos & Don’ts in the form of successful Moschino pocket styling at Pinterest in a fashion Guideline. Because if the superstars can look good, then you can do that too. So it will be high time for you to finally get the one or a piece. As a second hand and second season model, you have the perfect opportunity to find these at very favorable conditions. Now it’s your turn! To provide you with more inspiration for your new secondhand Moschino shoulder bags, handbags & handbags, as well as other second hand must-haves, we have put together the most beautiful looks in a Pinterest board. Get inspired!