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No other label thrills women with its typical, colorful patterns as much as the Spanish label Desigual, which was founded in Ibiza in 1984. In addition to the coveted garments, however, convince the accessories and especially the bags of the brand. These score points with their eye-catching patterns and sophisticated details, making them an absolute must-have for any Desigual fan. More information can be found in this Desigual Pocket Style Guide. Have fun discovering!

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Combinations with Desigual bags

Desigual bags for university or office life

In addition to their unique design, the bags by Desigual are also real all-rounders for everyday use. In particular, the shoppers are the ideal companions for the university or the office, because in them have laptop, books and other necessities loose space. In addition, Desigual bags add value to any simple outfit. Combined with a pair of jeans, sneakers and a plaid shirt you have a casual uni look, for the office is a chic shift dress and a pair of elegant pumps.

Desigual bags for the holidays

Desigual definitely looks at the Spanish background, because the designs only sparkle with cheerful colors and colorful patterns, which instantly spread a good mood. That’s why Desigual bags are perfect for beach holidays. In a large shopper everything can be stowed, what is needed for a long day at the beach, a crossbody bag, however, is ideal for a day trip to the neighboring city. A colorful, patterned clutch in combination with a white hippie dress is perfect for a stroll along the beach promenade. With a pair of beautiful wedges or sandals, the relaxed summer look is ready!

Desigual bags Second-hand and on sale

Desigual is characterized not only by the colored prints, but also by the high quality of the materials. Especially popular bag models are now often sold out very quickly, so it is always worthwhile to look second-hand for Desigual bags, because so you can not only get his dream bag but still make great bargains. Catchys offers a large selection of second-hand desigual bags from authenticated partner shops, where you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Enjoy browsing!

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You like the colorful colors and patterns of Desigual bags, but you would also like to take a closer look at some alternatives? If you’re ready to spend a little more money, then you should definitely take a closer look at the bags from Dolce & Gabbana, as they have been thrilling for decades with their unique, colorful designs. For the smaller budget Mango and Zara are recommended, both fast fashion chains have in each collection great, affordable bags, which are inspired by the current catwalk trends. Have fun shopping!


Desigual “McBee”

The model “McBee” is a true classic by Desigual and belongs to the “Bols” collection. The bag offers many ways to stow all sorts of things and captivates of course by the colorful pattern. The bag is available in several colors and different patterns and consists of 100% polyester. Whether red or blue, flowers or large-scale prints, there is something for everyone with this selection. With a large inner compartment, two side pockets outside, a flap compartment at the front and a zipped compartment at the back, the “McBee” offers a lot of space. In addition, the bag with two handles and a removable shoulder strap can be perfectly adapted to the wearer and can be used as a shoulder bag as well as a handle bag. Depending on the model, the bag is decorated with small rhinestones. For those who prefer a smaller model, the “McBee” is also available in Mini.

Desigual “Bandolera”

Also the model “Bandolera” is part of the “Bols” collection. The “Bandolera” has a flat, elongated shape and provides space for everyday items such as mobile phone, purse and keychain. Like the “McBee”, this model is also available in different colors and patterns. The strap is attached to two eyelets on the sides, making the bag a classic crossbody bag. In addition to the main compartment, there is also a small zipped compartment on the front outside of the bag. The Desigual logo is in a dull golden lettering on the outer front. The shape and size of this model is just right for a tablet or thin notebook, so the “Bandolera” is a great companion to the office.

Desigual “Rotterdam”

The “Rotterdam” model by Desigual is certainly one of the most modern. The colors and patterns all move in a more muted tone and are in contrast to other models very reserved and almost plain. The “Rotterdam” is an absolute must-have in its casual shopper shape and can be worn either with two handles in the crook of the arm or with a practical shoulder strap. A spacious inner compartment plus a smaller outer compartment with buckles and zipper provide plenty of room for everything you need in everyday life. The model is available with delicate embroidery, flowers or butterflies, in light brown, white or ethno pattern. Due to the modern and rather simple style of the “Rotterdam”, it is ideal for cool, casual looks in everyday life.

Desigual “London”

Also Desigual’s “London” model has become a real pocket classic. “London” impresses with its biggest feature, the many different sized, external pockets that are closed with buckle, zipper or push button. There is also room on the back of the bag with two large net pockets. You can choose between different floral patterns in the combinations red / turquoise, black / red or blue / purple. Also details like embroidery and pompons make the bag something very special. The “London” is in addition to the regular size even in mini. The many different compartments make the bag the perfect hand luggage when traveling.

Desigual “Loverty”

A successful mix between elegant, modern and casual is the model “Loverty” by Desigual. “Loverty” proves that Desigual bags can do more than just be colorful and loud. The sophisticated envelope and the narrow shoulder strap with removable chain detail make the bag a real eye-catcher. This model is made of high quality artificial leather and is available in the colors light blue, pink and salmon. Also the typical for Desigual floral embroidery found in the “Loverty” reduced use. A refined detail is the small tassel pendant on the bag. In the spacious interior compartment fit many things that must not be missed in everyday life under any circumstances. Whether casual or elegant, the “Loverty” upgrades every outfit with ease.

Desigual “Capri”

The model “Capri” is screaming for summer. Whether in sunny yellow, rich sky blue or strawberry sherbet, the “Capri” is the ideal companion in the warm season. The bag has the shape of a spacious tote bag and two straps that can be worn both in the elbow and on the shoulder. The special feature of the “Capri” is that it can be used and also comes with a smaller bag. The Desigual “Capri” bags are the perfect beach companion, because towel, provisions and sunscreen can be easily accommodated.


Skillfully combining a bag from Desigual can be a bit of a hassle, as the eye-catching, colorful patterns are not compatible with any outfit. But how about the “Rotterdam” in combination with white skinny jeans, sky blue oversized shirt and white sneakers? Or maybe the “McBee” to short denim overalls, espadrilles and fringed jacket for a summery boho look? Or the “Loverty” combined with a breezy white summer dress in midi length and sandals? There are more than enough possibilities and the styling around the cheerful bags should be fun! More inspiration can be found on the Pinterest board. Have fun combining!


Patterns and colors of desigual bags

Desigual associates everyone immediately with large, colorful patterns. And that is exactly what makes the brand so successful, because the colorful bags immediately create a good mood. The inspiration comes here especially from the hippie movement, hence the embroidery on some of the bag models. Nonetheless, Desigual has increasingly incorporated simpler designs in its latest collections to further expand its audience.

Names of desigual bags

Many bags by Desigual are named after cities or islands. For example “Rotterdam”, “Capri”, “Polynesia”, “Turin” or “London”. The bag always reflects the style of each location. “Rotterdam” bags are rather cool, casual and urban, whereas the “Capri” models score with summery colors and provide enough space for all necessary beach accessories. The use of the many different places as model names also reflects the internationality of the label.

Desigual “Tribag”

Desigual tribgages are a great new brand innovation. Because here you will not only buy a bag when you buy, but three. The large Tote Bag is transformed by turning into a completely different bag, in addition, the bag comes with a smaller bag. You can choose between many different Tribags. Here is the right model for every type and every occasion. So you can change the bag quickly and easily even when traveling and traveling.


“We dress people, not bodies!” That’s the label’s motto. In Desigual the woman should be in the foreground and the individuality and uniqueness of the different cultures serve as a source of inspiration. Desigual not only wants to sell, but also wants to appeal to customers on an emotional level. For example, the label has already organized kissing events or shopping semi-nude – free according to the lifestyle of the hippies. The colors and patterns of the bags by Desigual pick up on this feeling and radiate pure joie de vivre.