Chloé Bags

There are bags and there are bags of Chloé. Especially in recent years, the French label has enchanted us with boho-inspired It-Bags, which make the hearts of all women worldwide beat faster. The design diversity goes from clean to romantic-playful without losing the spirit of the brand and thus the recognition value.

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Combinations with Chloé bags

Chloé handbags for Boho looks

All à la Sienna Miller is on the road with Chloé handbags . Combine Paddington or Marcie with blue flared jeans, a simple white top and sandals – plus an Oversize sunglasses and the trendy Boho look is ready. Should the look look a bit rockier, the Chloé handbag pairs to skinny jeans, biker boots and leather jacket.

Chloé Shoulder Bags for a clean Seventies look

Wear your Drew or Faye Bag with airy dresses and lace sandals or a Maxi dress and Bireknstocks for the perfect Seventies look. The clever design with a retro look makes Chloé shoulder bags fit both to the wild pattern mix as well as monochrome looks in white. As far as the accessories are concerned, it is best to use fine gold chains and minimalist rings – this brings peace to the look without getting bored.

Chloé Clutches for romantic summer adventures

Airy skirts, fine sandals with heels and playful blouses are best set with a Clutch by Chloé. Very elegant is also a look of bright Culotte, a bodysuit with sleeves and tightly bound hair. For this, the jewelery can be something more – thin necklaces or statement rings make an evening look something special.

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Fake Check Chloé Bags

Also a good connoisseur, can be a Chloé counterfeit! Therefore, especially when such expensive bags are sold second hand. Before deciding to buy, please make sure you have enough information. Check out our Fake Check video and read our magazine article. Because only with sufficient expertise it will not be a mistake.

Alternatives to Chloé Bags

Chloé is your big weakness, but unfortunately your budget is not enough. There are now many designers who have a similar design style as Chloé and definitely cost less. Here are our suggestions: Jerome Dreyfuss can be at least as much as Chloé and is also a less failed. Here you will find second hand lots of bargains. Rebecca Minkoff bags are an absolute eye-catcher and the trend par excellence, at least since Pretty Little Liars. They are cheaper than Chloé, but with their gold elements at least as secure.

The size guide to our popular Chloé models

Chloé Faye

The new classic of Chloé is available in standard colors like motty gray, classic tobacco, mustard brown, full blue, dark purple, intense green and black – but if you can not choose a color, you will also find a wide range of mixed colors as well as many seasonal prints and patchwork. The material selection is not too short – again available in the classics smooth & suede calfskin but also extravagant with python or other exotic leather and felted inserts. Before deciding on your Chloé Faye model, think about the size that best suits your needs. What would you like to wear your Chloé Faye? Rather small and fine to a party, or large and spacious for the office.

Chloé Faye Medium

The medium size of the Faye contains two spacious interiors and is ideal for everyday use with the dimensions 32x26x40. The blogger and street style favorite can be worn either as a shoulder or cross-bag or casually under the arm as an Oversize clutch and offers sufficient space for the basics of daily use – in addition to adjustable straps (minimum length 32cm, maximum length 40cm) – mobile phone, wallet, Key, hand cream, make-up etc. are sprained. However, one should not pack the Faye too much, as otherwise the typical, flat line no longer applies and the closing with the magnetic closure could become problematic. But we are all agreed that we could reduce the content of our Daybags anyway;)

Chloé Faye Small

The small version of the It Bag is smaller and more rectangular in form – but small is not impractical – with a larger interior and two smaller interior pockets have cell phone, lipstick and co. more than enough space. For minimalists, the small size is also a favorite everyday companion. The adjustable straps are here longer than the medium size – with a minimum length of 51cm and a maximum length of 57cm, the bag should be worn casually around the shoulder and dangle next to the hip. Faye is also a real all-rounder here, whether it is small or medium, colors and materials.



width 26cm 10 centimeters
height 32cm 18cm
depth 10 centimeters 3cm
Length shoulder strap 116-132cm 105-115cm


The hardware variety of the coveted model, which is made in Italy by Meisterhand, ranges from noble embossed leather, classic smooth leather and soft suede leather to pioneered python leather, summery bast or stylish patchwork look. Similar to the different materials, the color season is also dependent. From classic black and brown to navy to mustard and rose, there is a suitable Drew bag for every taste. A Chloé Drew is more suitable for festive evenings or the leisurely stroll through the city. Laptop & Co. have no place here. You’re not sure what size fits you? Here are all sizes:

Chloé Drew Bag Nano

The nano model with its 13 x 15 x 6 cm (width x height x depth) is the smallest bag from the Chloe Drew series. The handy size is perfect, if only essentials such as smartphone, key and lipstick have to be. Especially at parties or at events, the Drew Bag Nano is the ideal companion, which is often looked for in other luxury brands in vain. Super practical: In the inner lining of velvety suede is a small slot for money cards or cash. The next party can come!

The Chloe Drew Bag Mini

With its 17 x 19 x 6 cm (width x height x depth), the Chloe Drew Bag Mini is the middle variant of the design pockets. In her, despite the small appearance, you easily take cell phone and portmonnaie underneath and you also have powder, mascara and one or the other lipstick always ready to hand. The Miniformat also has an integrated pouch pocket, which is the perfect size for credit cards and keys. Another plus: if the chain carrier of the bag does not match the outfit, you can easily remove it and carry the Drew Mini as a clutch. The handy size is perfect for this.

The Chloe Drew Bag Small

The Chloe Drew Small is, unlike her name, with her 20 x 23 x 7 cm (width x height x depth) the largest of the Chloe Drew bags and houses significantly more than her two sisters. She is the perfect everyday solitary. Whether for a shopping trip or for your office, it does not only look classy and stylish, it is very practical with its small shape not just in the shopping mob. Because besides Handy, key and co, you can also store in it without further timer and perfume.


Nano Mini small
width 15cm 20 cm 23.5cm
height 13cm 18cm 21cm
depth 6.5cm 7cm 8cm
Length shoulder strap 56cm 56cm 52cm

Popular bags from Chloé

Chloé Faye – the classic

The sign of the French fashion house is the Chloé Faye Bag: the classic. In addition to the classic colors such as black or gray, there are also striking variants of the Chloé Faye, eg with snakeskin details or various patterns. The Faye Bag gives the wearer a clean but casual flair and reminiscent of the liberal time of the 70s. Due to the sleeke, very flat design, the bag looks sophisticated and elegant – however, the playful chain with the ring rounds off the appearance, gives it even a romantic touch. So the Faye can be combined to the business outfit, the leatherjacke and boots or the floral dress best. The look all-rounder is particularly convincing thanks to its particularly high-quality workmanship, which is recognizable even from a distance – a true treasure trove that enhances every wardrobe. Last year, the Faye family has grown, as there is now also a stylish backpack in mini and large in Faye optics. Finally the backpackers among you come to the train!
faye bag used
drew bag used

Chloe Drew – Blogger Bag

The Chloé Drew has now reached cult status under bloggers like Chiara Ferragni & Co.. The modern shape of the bag, the filigree golden shoulder strap and the characteristic golden clasp have been copied many times by other labels, in vain, for there can be only one true Chloé Drew. The “Drew” shoulder bag by the French label Chloé is one of the undisputed pocket classics and stands at the top of the shopping list in many fashionistas. Not without reason. The Chloe Drew Bag is defined by its rounded shape as well as its elegant gold or silder details inspired by jewelry. Each Drew Bag features a distinctive square-shaped magnetic closure on the front and the typical gold- or silver-colored link chain with a snap-in closure as a shoulder strap.

Chloe Marcie

Marcie is not just a character of the popular Charlie Brown comic series, but also one of Chloé’s most popular bag designs. In addition to the large shopper, in the noble calf leather for office & Co., the model also available as a shoulder bag. The large Marcie Bag is ideal for Laptop & Co. – it is much more spacious than the Drew Bag or Faye Bag. If you like the style of the Marcie Bag, but you prefer a smaller model, we recommend the shoulder bag.


Chloe Hudson

Similar to the Marcie, there is the Chloé Hudson. With the characteristic tassel she makes an otherwise rather simple shoulder bag to something special.

Materials of Chloé

Chloé suede

Except for a few exceptions, there are very many Chloé bags made of suede. Suede is a ruffle and feels rather soft and velvety compared to various smooth leather varieties. Chloé Marcie and Hudson in particular are made of suede, Chloé Faye often uses two types of leather: suede and calfskin.

Chloé lambskin

Lamb leather is one of the smooth leather types and is significantly more resistant to soft leather. In addition, it is waterproof, breathable and windproof. The Chloé Drew Bag is mostly made of suede and thus withstand any weather conditions.

Chloé calf leather

Kalo leather is often used in combination with suede. It is among the most expensive and high-quality leather styles, which explains the high price.

Chloé fittings

All the faucets in the Chloé Bags are gold-colored, but this is not genuine gold.

Popular styles with Chloé bags

A bag can round off your outfit perfectly, but just like. On the other hand, you want to present your bag, on the other hand, your outfit is also to be radiated. Whether Faye, Drew or the Hudson, they make your looks extra special. To provide you with inspiration for your new bag, we have put together the most beautiful looks in a Pinterest board. Let yourself be inspired and dive into the world of Chloé bags.