Bogner bags

The German fashion company Bogner is known for its sportswear and equipment all over the world, and many hobby and professional enthusiasts place their trust in the quality and experience of the Munich manufacturer. No wonder, therefore, that Bogner bags are characterized by a sporty, dynamic look and are therefore suitable for extensive shopping tours and all requirements. Bags from the house of Bogner look not only modern and youthful, but accompany you reliably for a lifetime.

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Combinations with Bogner bags

Bogner Bags: Outdoor as indoor is a great idea

With Bogner handbags, you’re on the safe side, both indoors and outdoors. In particular the classic black and blue pockets of Bogner are small combination miracles. You can wear them both at parties to cocktail dress, pencil skirt or costume, as well as to the city stroll, in the cinema, for a picnic or weekend trip to jeans, shirt and sweater. In the summer, a pair of stylish sunglasses are available to enhance your mundane outfit. Bogner

Urban style for everyday wear with Bogner bags

The backpacks from Bogner are stylistically trimmed to reduction. And once you’ve borne one on your shoulders, you know that was the right decision. As a result, the rucksacks have not only their own style, which is reserved, but precisely and fascinating, but they are also enormously functional and practical. The high weather resistance and good stability are due to the synthetic materials used, which are also responsible for the fact that a Bogner backpack is light and comfortable on the shoulders and is therefore the best choice for everyday life. So if you want to spare your back and enjoy the comfort of the day, then your next backpack should come from Bogner.

Bags by Bogner clever

So that you do not pay too much for your backpack, handbag or your Bogner shoulder bag, you can take a look at the cheap second-hand offers from Catchys. Here you can make fantastic bargains and get both vintage slips, as well as current trends and collections from last year for little money. Thanks to the above-average product quality, Bogner bags are virtually indestructible, so the difference between buying new and used is actually only in the price.

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Fake Check Bogner Bags

Like many other popular bags, Bogner is increasingly falling victim to product piracy. The fake pockets are often hardly distinguishable from the originals. With a few tips and tricks, however, you can quickly reveal a fake as a layman. A first indication of a forgery can be the logo. A fake Bogner bag usually has a badly crafted, scratched logo or no brand logo. The brand name should be embroidered in a white yarn on a sewn, black shield in the pocket. Another indication of Bogner’s genuine leather boots is the leather marking. The symbol for the identification of genuine leather – a computer-drawn animal skin with the words “genuine leather” – proves that it is not a fake. You should also get stuck with an unpleasant, chemical smell of the bag – here is about cheap artificial leather and thus in all likelihood around a fake product.

Alternatives to Bogner Bags

The Bogner bags convince with their modern look and practical features. As a result, Bogner bags are versatile and can be combined with their investment in any case. If you like the style of Bogner, but would like to look at a few alternatives, look at the bags of Picard. These are slightly cheaper than the Bogner bags, but do not lose their classic design and high quality. More affordable alternatives are available at the fast fashion chains Zara, Mango and H & M. Here every season you can choose from a wide range of bags, from trend-based to classic, timeless models.

Popular bags from Bogner

Bags of Bogner

bogner bag bag
The bag shape for bags has been fashionable and trendy for several seasons. Also at Bogner you find bags in the hip bag shape. These are made of high quality leather, which prevents the bag from collapsing during storage. With a practical handle, the pouch pocket can be worn both over the shoulder as well as in the arm or hand. The leather cord, which is pulled through the upper part of the bag, serves as a closing mechanism and contributes to the casual look of the bag.

Tote Bags by Bogner

A classic tote bag is chunky and big cut and often has both a shoulder strap and a normal pocket handle. The Bogner Tote Bags are very spacious and are perfect for the office day. They are usually unicoloured and are made of leather or nylon. But there are also those from a silk mixture, which are embroidered with a “BOGNER” in a brighter tone than the basic tone of the bag. The classic look of the bags in combination with their spaciousness makes Tote Bags by Bogner an absolute staple in every wardrobe.
bog tote bag

Hobo Bags by Bogner

bogner bag hobo
Another very popular bag shape at Bogner is the Hobo Bag. This bag is also recognizable by its special shape. Hobo Bags have a half-moon shape and are cut more casually. The upper material of high-quality leather makes them feel very soft and supple. The Hobo Bags by Bogner have a wide shoulder strap made from the same material as the pocket body. The design of Bogner is rather reserved with these bags, so that the bags can be combined in many ways. The size makes Hobo Bags by Bogner an ideal companion for everyday life, be it for a city stroll with the best friend or the office.

Shoulder bags by Bogner

The Bogner shoulder bags are mostly made of solid nylon and have a rather sporty and casual look. They are mostly rectangular shaped and can be closed with a practical zipper. A zippered pocket on the front of the bag provides additional storage space and the adjustable shoulder strap makes individual customization possible. Thanks to the width of the shoulder strap and the light weight of the nylon, Bogner’s shoulder bags can be worn comfortably over a long period of time.
bogner bags

Frequently used colors and materials at Bogner bags

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Bogner bags are held in a rather classic, restrained color palette. Black bags are among the classics of the success company, which are reinterpreted every season. Bogner bags in white leather are particularly suitable for spring and summer, while the beige and gold colored bags look very elegant and are ideal for evening events. To keep up-to-date, but still always true to its line, Bogner also launches some models in trend-oriented colors such as yellow or red.


The Bogner bags are mainly made of leather. These bags have a license plate indicating that the present product is 100% leather. The mark consists of a computer-drawn animal skin, in which the words “genuine leather” were printed. The Bogner leather bags are particularly soft and cuddly, while at the same time they are robust and resistant. Nylon is also often used in the Bogner bags. Nylon is a completely chemically produced fiber, which is very popular in the fashion industry due to its special properties such as durability and dirt resistance. In addition, nylon is a material that can be processed very well. The subtle sheen of the fiber provides a high-quality look, while the dirt resistance makes nylon bags an ideal everyday bag.

Popular styles with Bogner bags

Bogner offers both classically elegant leather bags as well as bags made of nylon, which have a rather sporty and casual look. The Bogner leather bags can be combined in a variety of styles, whether it is an elegant hat and blouse in the office or a feminine wrap dress for leisure. Due to the reserved design, the Bogner bags can also be worn to casual leisure looks and easily manage simple combinations. Cool contrasts can also be set with accessories such as round, mirrored sunglasses or casual, white sneakers. The Bogner bags made of nylon are ideal for a sporty, casual look. These are particularly light and are also insensitive to dirt due to the material. With a wide shoulder strap, they can be worn comfortably over the shoulder so that both hands are free. The sporty look is best underlined by casual combinations, for example with trendy boyfriend jeans, a band T-shirt and cool sneakers. More inspiration can be found on our Pinterest Boad! Enjoy!