Picard backpacks

The right pack for every back: The variety of backpacks is limitless and is determined by a wide variety of uses and requirements. No wonder that lifestyle without a backpack is unthinkable today. But of course we do not only want a practical backpack, but also a stylish and high quality! But on which label do the finest quality, the best materials and the fashionable design come together? Catchy's got the answer: Picard. The name Picard stands for almost 90 years for a successful fusion of craftsmanship and style. The German manufacturer has established itself on the international leather goods market for decades. The leather backpacks by Picard are not only characterized by timeless and stylish design. The manufacturer also stands for tradition, highest quality craftsmanship and a brand promise, which is maintained season after season. We took a closer look at the Picard backpacks.

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Combinations with Picard backpacks

Stylish and functional – the world of Picard backpacks for him and her

In a backpack from Picard you will find a stylish and casual companion for a day trip and also for everyday life, which convinces with its comfortable fit and precise functionality. The name Picard stands for almost 90 years for a successful fusion of craftsmanship and style. Founded in 1928 by Martin Picard and his sons Edmund and Alois, the label still relies on the highest quality standards for rucksacks and bags, but not without losing sight of the trends of the moment. Stylish silhouettes, trendy colors and cool details, Picard has the perfect backpack for every occasion.

Picard backpacks – perfect loading, ideal wearing comfort

No matter how long you are traveling with your backpack or with your bag and what weight you have to carry: Decisive is the wearing comfort. Any weight will be easier and longer to transport, the better your backpack or bag is loaded, and the better your bag fits you. The backpacks by Picard are of course not suitable for multi-day hiking tours. However, we do not want to use our new backpack of the label for hiking, but of course only for small day trips. However, overloading is prohibited!

Picard backpacks: Exclusive companion for office & leisure

A Picard backpack is a fashionable companion for women and men of all ages. Backpacks of the brand Picard are so popular nowadays, because on the one hand they look simply chic and elegant, on the other hand they are also exceedingly functional bags in the office everyday life and in the spare time. In a backpack from the Picard brand, you can easily stow your most important items and have them always at hand: whether the purchases, the laptop, book, iPad or newspaper. Everything is neatly packed in a backpack of the German label and you have your hands free. Is not there an immediate desire for a city stroll with a functional and stylish companion?

Picard backpacks in second-hand and sale

Picard backpacks as stylish accessories are among the most popular in the fashion industry. Backpacks from the latest collection are in great demand. However, the uniqueness in quality and design has just a price, which is why backpacks from last season and retro models are much sought after. Timeless classics in a simple design made of high-quality liver will never go out of style with good care and represent a special investment. Catchy’s offers you a great variety of second-hand and second-hand Picard backpacks. Convince yourself and find your new favorite.

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Alternatives to Picard backpacks

You think a Picard backpack is quite good, but does it have to be so expensive? Could you perhaps convince a cheaper alternative with similar design and good quality? There are some brands that are very close to the quality and charm of Picard backpacks, we give you a brief overview. Here are our suggestions:

  1. Zign backpack: You like it sporty, trendy and high quality, but please not quite so expensive? A backpack from Zign is everything you are looking for. In addition, a backpack of the label Zign is a practical companion for every day. When it comes to styling, Zign can do at least as much as Picard. The backpacks are available in many classic colors and adapt to any situation wonderfully. They are available at a new price of about 60 €. So not only a trendy alternative, but also a cheaper one.
  2. Gusti Lederrucksäcke: Prefer a little sportier and more suitable for the men’s world? The all-rounder by Gusti Leder par excellence by its practicality and its comfort. The leather backpacks by Gusti Leder offer both women and men these unbeatable advantages and combine them with an individual design. From vintage to up to date there is something for every taste and activity. Whether work, leisure, travel or university – here you will find for about 80 € definitely your perfect leather companion.

Popular backpack models of the brand Picard

Picard backpack model “Luis” – go on a big journey

The backpack model “Louis” of the label Picard (new price about 130 €) is not only in stylish and slim look to have, but is also made of the highest quality materials. Despite the slim design, the bags and backpacks of the collection are real space miracles: in a backpack of the series Luis fits everything necessary and can be neatly stowed away. Thanks to two separate interior areas with different compartments with zipper and differently sized pockets, everything you need on the go finds its place. Thanks to the comfortable back padding, the backpack can be carried comfortably and easily – the days with back pain due to a backpack that is too heavy are over. The Picard “Luis” leather backpack is available in different sizes and models. But in one, the “Luis” backpacks are always the same: The high-quality workmanship is secured on all models. Thanks to the high quality workmanship made of cowhide, you will always cut a fine figure with an accessory from the “Luis” line. In addition, there is the beautiful leather model in different natural shades, just as it suits your taste. Would you prefer a rucksack in plain black that is suitable for the office and more elegant evening events? Or are you more brave and choose a red leather backpack that is perfect for summer outings and city strolls? No matter which backpack you choose – you’ll be satisfied with a backpack from the German label Picard “Luis”, that’s for sure! Of course, for both the ladies and the men’s world.

Picard backpack model “Skylar” – charismatic flair

The backpack from the “Skylar” collection (original price about 80 €) by Picard impresses with its fashionable and charismatic style, whether for the fashionable woman or the stylish man. The design is determined by the authentically grained leather look and the shapely design, while contrasting seams set successful accents. The overall picture is underlined by the shiny metal details that give the backpack the finishing touch. The Picard backpack “Skylar” can be combined very versatile and is a chic everyday companion, because this model fits perfectly into any situation, it is completely suitable for the city and presents fashionable-feminine. Its spacious main compartment offers plenty of space for the most important utensils that nobody wants to miss. But that’s not all that the “Skylar” has to offer. Inside is still a zipper and a pocket. Another zippered compartment can be found on the front and other compartments on the back. Adjustable straps, a slightly padded bottom, 2 carrying handles on the top and removable Picard metal tag is all that makes the Picard backpack “Skylar”. Enjoy not only on its expediency, but give your outfit the last oomph with the “Skylar” backpack by Picard.

Picard backpack model “Burner” – just a real Burner

Picard backpack model “Toscana” – a touch of luxury

Best quality and highest quality workmanship made in Germany. Natural cowhide, sturdy and durable, and the beautiful decorative stitching make the backpack model “Toscana” a favorite accessory that presents itself at the same time noble and timeless.Formulabeginn This leather backpack made of natural high-quality materials already almost a touch of luxury. High-quality workmanship, attractive look with contrasting seams and excellent interior and exterior features. Also admired on business trips the eye-catcher – with the big plus, the weight well balanced on the shoulders and hands free for greetings. In various subjects and in a large compartment, which is also suitable for laptops, this backpack of the German label Picard offers clear space and order for files and documents. However, this model is not very cheap. Of course, the quality here has its price, because the model “Toscana” costs approximately 350 €. No easy decision? Have you ever tried second-hand or on sale?

Commonly used materials and colors of Picard backpacks

Backpacks of the brand Picard stand for high quality, because they are – as usual from the German label – excellently processed and also the use of the finest leather for the production of the backpacks goes without saying. If you have a Picard backpack today, you will certainly enjoy it in a few years’ time. The elegant look and chic design are created by the perfect workmanship of each part. The subtle colors such as black or brown give the backpacks simple elegance. In addition, trend colors such as red or green are available for men and women, but change depending on the season.

Popular styles with Picard backpacks

You want to buy a Picard backpack, but do not know what you should combine to it? We’ll give you some styling tips below and put together a Pinterest board for more inspirations.

  1. College Look: You want a cool but relaxed weekend look? Then decide on a red college jacket and a black skater skirt and transparent black tights. Matching shoes? Complete your outfit with black rubber boots for the day.
  2. Casual look: You want a mega casual and stylish look? How about wearing a black leather bomber jacket and black shorts and big aviator sunglasses and you’ll look like a real babe. Black leather ankle boots are an easy way to give your look the finishing touch.
  3. GentlesLook: How to combine a backpack for men: This combination of a blue denim jacket and dark blue tight jeans stands out for just the right reasons. In addition a simple shirt or a shirt with plaid pattern. Complete your look with red low top sneakers in a bright color.

3 good reasons for a (Picard) backpack speak

Since the backpack’s return nobody can do without it – the backpack. Of course awesome, if this is not only functional, but also stylish. But you think, “A backpack, I’m not sure?” Catchy’s gives you 3 good reasons to go for a (Picard) backpack.

  1. Protects the body: A messenger bag is not particularly healthy for the back and also ensures long arms. The shoulder bag makes in the long run and with a lot of weight shoulder pain and tension. The backpack is therefore the first choice for the daily Schlepperei.
  2. Free your hands: Especially on shorter trips or short trips, it is better to have your hands free, because you have to show or pull tickets, open or close doors and look at your mobile – shiny fins are a real blessing.
  3. Guess the order: Hardly any other piece of luggage offers such a good organization in so little space. Padded laptop compartment on the back, lockable compartments inside and out – flying keys, wild braided cable plugs, hooded sweaters and sticky bubble gum make your life more difficult. Picard backpacks have separate pockets on the side – past the days when the wrong part always came out when you were rooting.