MCM Backpacks

What started with travel luggage now blooms now with Fashion Week suspicious backpacks. No wonder, because hardly another brand combines classic, traditional monograms with such an urban street style coolness that both Fashionistas and Hip Hoppers can not get enough of it.

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Combinations with MCM backpacks

Modern Elegance with MCM backpacks

A very fashionable, elegant look for women is best achieved with a simple Visetos print or a monochrome backpack. The models MCM Stark Backpack, MCM Heritage Backpack or the MCM Duchess Polke Studs Backpack are suitable for this purpose. Combine it with a straight jeans in mom cut and an oversized shirt, a beige or gray coat and ankle boots like the Jensen boots from Acne and your look is perfect. Men can also access the popular models MCM heavy backpack or MCM Heritage backpack. These look especially stylish when combined with straight pants or simple, dark jeans, a sweater and coat. Elegant lace-up shoes, a chic wristwatch and a modern, elegant look.

Urban chic with MCM backpacks

Especially in the urban scene, the MCM backpack gained in popularity. To the casual, urban look you get from street style photos and co. knows how to style, you need a destroyed boyfriend jeans, a casual Crop Top, a bomber jacket and white sneakers. Accessories like a beanie or necklaces complete the look. The cool urban look is also extremely popular with the men and sets the MCM backpack perfectly into the scene. Combine this with your MCM backpack for casual, comfortable jeans, stylish sneakers from Adidas, Nike or Reebok, a casual, simple T-shirt and a cool bomber or leather jacket.

Why Second Hand at MCM Backpacks?

Thanks to their high quality and timeless, robust design, MCM backpacks can enjoy a particularly long life with proper care. That’s why they are also used mostly in a very good condition, which does not depend on a new MCM backpack. The biggest difference is the price – for a new MCM backpack you often have to be very deep in the bag, while a second hand model is already for a fraction of the original price. Compare MCM Backpacks Second Hand or vintage to Catchys and browse through a selection of certified partner shops that offer authenticity and shopping safety.

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Fake Check MCM Backpacks

MCM backpacks are extremely popular – but unfortunately, as is often the case with highly coveted designer goods, many counterfeits are also in circulation. In addition to obvious features, such as a wrong logo, a very bad material or crooked seams, MCM backpacks also have certain features that are not immediately apparent, but can remove an original MCM backpack from a counterfeit. Look at exactly the details of a real backpack in the video, so you can shop worry-free.

Alternatives to MCM backpacks

You love the design and the high quality of MCM backpacks, but would like a change? Louis Vuitton offers extremely high-quality backpacks – with or without a monogram, in which you can make bargains, especially in the second hand and vintage areas. Cheaper alternatives to MCM backpacks with a similar design are models by Michael Kors or Tory Burch. You want a budget alternative without having to save on the style? Take a look at past or current collections from Zara – here you will find styles inspired by your favorite designers, where you do not have to go deep into the bag.

Popular models of MCM backpacks

MCM Heritage Backpack

Created for MCM purists, the MCM Heritage Backpack is timeless in structure, shape and style. Classic Visetos print on MCM Cognac-colored canvas is unmistakable and a practical companion with style. New is the MCM Heritage Backpack approx. 1.075 Euro, second hand you will also find cheaper models.
mcm heritage rucksack second hand
mcm strong backpack second hand

MCM Heavy Backpack

The icon with high recognition is probably the most popular model among the MCM backpacks. Available in the sizes X-Mini, Mini (new trip from approx. 625 Euro), Small (new trip from approx. 650 Euro), Medium (new trip from about 750 Euro) and Large (New trip from approx Strong backpack in the most famous MCM colors like MCM Cognac, MCM Black, MCM Ruby Red, MCM Beige, MCM Munich Blue and MCM Pink. Special editions are available seasonally with rivets, embellishments and co. even in rarer colors, such as MCM denim.

MCM Dual Power Backpack

The MCM Dual Backpack has an innovative “2-in-1” function: an “update” of the classic MCM strong backpack. On the front is a detachable bag, which can be worn as a compact shoulder bag or clutch. The MCM Dual Stark Backpack is available in small (new arrivals starting from 925 Euro) and medium (new arrivals starting from 950 Euro) in the classic MCM colors MCM Cognac, MCM Black, MCM Ruby Red, MCM Munich Blue and also in rarer colors like MCM Silver ,
mcm dual strong backpack second hand

MCM Strong Pearl Studs Backpack

The MCM Stark Pearl Studs Backpack is a guaranteed eye catcher with a punky-noble mix. With rows of carefully sewn-on pearls and lace on a specially foil-coated, coarse-grained cowhide leather, he is a backpack like no other. New dates for the MCM Stark Pearl Studs backpack start at approx. 1.725 Euro and available in the colors MCM Pistol Blue and MCM Prism Pink.

MCM Duchess Polke Studs Backpack

With a balanced mix of different styles, the MCM Duchess Polke Studs backpack offers something for every taste. Subtle yet subtle yet harmonious with a variety of looks. Consisting of full-grain, smooth, Spanish calfskin, it stands out through the metal tips and a contrast-colored lining. The MCM Duchess Polke Studs backpack is available in MCM Black, MCM Liquid Blue, MCM Mystic Purple, MCM Prism Pink and MCM Electric Pink.

MCM Strong Cyber ​​Rivets Backpack

The MCM Strong Cyber ​​Rivets backpack radiates concentrated power – modern glamor meets technical details and creates a distinctive, unique look. The applications and rivets are particularly effective on the special film-coated cowhide leather. The prices start at around 1.395 Euro and under the color variations MCM Black, MCM Electric Pink and MCM White Flake are available.

Materials and colors of MCM backpacks


MCM PVC, typical for MCM, is used for all types of items – from handbags to accessories. But also backpacks in MCM PVC are very popular and straight models with the iconic Visetos print prove to be the ultimate MCM favorites. No wonder – the MCM PVC is extremely high-quality, but is nevertheless strong and durable. Perfect for a backpack that has to face everyday life.

MCM Cowhide

MCM Cowhide is a soft, grained leather, which has a natural glossy surface and after some time forms a beautiful patina. MCM Backpacks in MCM Cowhide look very elegant and give the sporty design a touch of elegance. However, care is required above all in lighter models. MCM Backpacks from MCM Cowhide are just the right thing to do.

MCM Cognac

The MCM color with the highest recognition value is without question MCM Cognac. Especially with the iconic Visetos print, it is the most common color for MCM backpacks and is especially for the models MCM Heritage, MCM Stark and MCM Dual Stark the clear favorite.

MCM Navy Blue

The Navy blue used by MCM is a dark, strong blue with a light green color, which is especially used for MCM backpacks for men.

MCM Pale Mauve

The MCM Pale Mauve is particularly delicate and nostalgic. The Rosaton is used for discreet MCM backpack models for women from MCM Cowhide because it emanates ultimate femininity.

MCM Ruby Red

MCM Ruby Red is a classic for the MCM Visetos Print. MCM Ruby Red is most commonly used in classic models such as the MCM Stark Backpack or the MCM Dual Stark Backpack

MCM Sky Blue

The clear, cool and bright blue tone is also a favorite for simple designs. But also unusual models with rivets and embellishments are hotly coveted in Sky Blue and just in spring and summer the top picks of fashion blogs and fashionistas.

MCM Munich Blue

The in-house blue is named after the hometown of MCM, Munich. Mostly used on canvas as a template for the Visetos Print, MCM Munich Blue is particularly popular with classic models such as the MCM Stark rucksack or the MCM Dual Stark rucksack.

MCM Black

In addition to the cognac used by MCM, the typical MCM Black is the top choice for a simple, everyday bag, which is why innumerable models are produced for women and men in this color.

MCM Pistol Blue

The dark blue with a denim stitch makes especially embellishments and rivets particularly attractive and is therefore a favorite for the MCM Stark Pearl Studs backpack.

MCM Prism Pink

This is a bright, bright pink, which is shown in summer collections on backpack models like the MCM Stark Pearl Studs Backpack or the MCM Duchess Polke Backpack.

MCM Liquid Blue

The light, watch turquoise looks especially on clear, structured models like the MCM Duchess Polke backpack and is another top pick for spring and summer collections.

MCM Electric Pink

The powerful pink with light neon stitch is suitable for simple backpacks such as the MCM Duchess Polke rucksack, as well as funky, rivet-studded models, such as the MCM Stark Cyber ​​rivet rucksack.

MCM Mystic Purple

The plum lila radiates particularly simple models, such as the MCM Duchess Polke backpack and is a special blogger favorite.

Popular styles with MCM backpacks

The best thing about MCM backpacks is the infinity of stylish combinations. Whether you’re up- or downstyling, used for the job, university or school, or at the weekend, there’s no limit to your creativity. But since a bit of inspiration is always welcome, we have created a Pinterest board with many great outfits for her and him around the MCM backpack. Now it’s your turn to create new looks for reping!