Longchamp Backpack

Each of us is looking for him, the perfect companion for the road. The backpacks from Longchamp are fashionable and practical at the same time, fulfilling both requirements. Leveraging the Le Pliage model, Longchamp is now one of the most fashionable pocket manufacturers. For leisure or work, the models of the label sometimes even offer enough space for a Macbook and can also easily be stowed away. It is particularly handy for these room miracles that many models can be washed in a washing machine at 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Also stars like It-Girl Alexa Chung and Society Lady Barbara Becker are big fans of the brand. Let yourself be convinced by the backpacks from Longchamp and get additional information in our ultimate Style Guide.

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Combinations with Longchamp backpacks

Elegant leather backpacks from Longchamp as an office bag

A backpack is not suitable for office use? On the contrary, we find. Of course, there are some professions in which only the classic nappa bag is allowed, but the backpack has become an accepted companion in the office in many areas. The more noble your model looks, the more likely you can combine it to your officelook. The leather backpacks from Longchamp are particularly suitable for this look. In addition, you should make sure that you choose a model in subtle shades and your remaining outfit is classy and classic. Inconspicuous colors such as camel, black or gray can be combined perfectly with your costume or suit. If you would like to try out this look, you should look at the Mysterie or the Le Foulonné model, these models fit perfectly.

Longchamp nylon backpacks for a sporty look

The Le Pliage or Longchamp 2.0 models are particularly suitable for a sporty look. In different colors and designs, these fit perfectly to send jogging pants, blousons and a trendy print T-shirt. Particularly well suited are mainly textile and synthetics, because the material should not be too noble or sensitive for this look and offer sufficient space for the most important things. But practical and sporty does not mean equally nerdig and untrendy. The female fashionistas can put color accents with playful flowerprints. The men pay particular attention to light materials, as they are generally not accustomed to carry much with themselves. Skaters or longboarders are long-time fans of rucksacks and should buy a new model especially make sure they are not too big and made of a soft material as they usually wear the backpacks on their backs for a long time.

Longchamp Backpacks for a casual look

From the handy place miracle to the new it bag: The backpacks from Longchamp are also perfect companions for your casual look. The designs of the backpacks are sometimes vintage, sometimes minimalistic, sometimes quite modern. One thing is clear, they have definitely replaced the handbag and have become salonable. No matter what leisure activity you use the backpacks, they are suitable both for a quick shopping at the grocery store around the corner as well as for a meeting with the best friend in the café. With the casual look, you can carry your new companion practically on your back or even casually with the handle in your hand. Especially cool, you can combine it into a wide egg-shape woolen coat, cigarette trousers and chic budapester. Have fun!

Longchamp Backpacks for a rocking look

Fans of rocking looks we can also put backpacks to the heart. The Longchamp models have passed our trend check with bravura and can be combined perfectly with your rocking look. Particularly well fit models in dark colors such as black, dark brown, gray or silver. Accessories like fringes, tassels or rivets round off this look. Also canvas models are suitable for this look. Combine your dream model with rocking desertboots, torn jeans and a cool band shirt.

Longchamp backpacks for man and woman

Men fall privately or in the office with a chic Baxi Cuir backpack from Longchamp. Especially business people who value elegance are offered with this backpack the certain something that expresses independence and sense of style. The Le Foulonné backpack can be worn casually over one shoulder and is different in its effect, depending on which clothes you wear to it. With skirt, pantyhose and sweater you get a chic, classic outfit and with jeans and shirt a casual loose-light look. Combine your backpacks with matching sunglasses or a cool umbrella.

Longchamp Backpacks in Second Hand & Sale

The vintage look at backpacks is absolutely hip and popular with many stars and starlets. Backpacks, which you buy in the second hand, may therefore also look a little used. Particularly popular are the retro models from the nineties. At Catchys, we are also leading you to absolutely trustworthy shops like Rebelle or Vestiaire Collective. All partnerhops have been tested and tested by us before. Also at the sale you can find some beautiful models and also still spare your money bags. The best way to combine your second hand favorites is to check out our combinations.

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Fake Check Longchamp Backpacks

Known by the classic Le Pliage model, the Longchamp brand also came into the eye of many fraudsters who flooded the market with cheap plagiarism of the beautiful models. The fakes are now difficult to distinguish from the originals. We’ll tell you what you have to look out for when you want to get a backpack from Longchamp. So you can easily distinguish the original from Fake: In the leather models, you should pay particular attention to the texture of the material. In the original, the so-called “diamond pattern” is relatively straight with diagonal lines, with fakes the leather is often smooth. The leather strap is slightly roughened with original Longchamp rucksacks and feels soft, with plagiarism it is smooth or frisky. For the Le Pliage models, you should be centered over the shutter button, the well-known Jockey logo that can be seen on the back. Fakes show mostly no, or a wrong logo. Note that the real jockey logo, the jockey and the horse are aligned to the left and three-dimensionally. The handles should be relatively flat and have the known “diamond pattern”. In the case of plagiarism, the handles are usually round and the side edges light brown or even in a different color, instead of the original in black / dark brown. The zippers of the backpacks are an important reference to the originality of your Longchamp backpack. They should be marked with “YKK”, “T” and “45”. This is usually the case with fakes. Also the inside of the backpack should get your attention. Make sure that many models have the same color and the same material. Check the specifications of your model on the official website or in Longchamp Stores. With these tips, you are definitely well prepared to buy your new favorite print bag from Longchamp. To be on the safe side, you can buy Second Hand Backpacks from Longchamp at our partner shops. These were tested by us and guarantee the authenticity of your new favorite print bag from Longchamp.

Alternatives to Longchamp backpacks

Do you really like the trendy backpack models from Longchamp? The only catch, you can not afford the noble leather backpacks or other high-priced models? Do not worry, you’re not alone. Also we have the beautiful models of Longchamp done, but there are some alternatives, which we would like to introduce you. The Eastpack brand is well known to all of us from the school days. At the moment, they also offer some backpack models, which we also find great in their professional life and everyday life after school. Colors of fashionistas should be seen mainly the models Ciera Brim Yellow and Wyoming Purple Jungle. Another hot tip of our editorial team is the label Picard. Here, above all, fans of nobler, more classic models find everything their heart desires. Choose between a fine leather backpack and a practical, water-repellent nylon model. Lets shop love fashionistas!

Popular backpack models from Longchamp

Longchamp Mystery Backpack

The Mystery Backpack by Longchamp, with its medium size, offers enough space for all your important things and is therefore the perfect companion in everyday life. The dimensions of this model are 26,5x32x13 cm. The material of this rucksack is made of elegant cow leather and gives it an elegant, classic look. Particularly practical are the adjustable carrying straps and the tubular handle with magnetic closure. The pockets of the backpack are provided with double decorative seams and have a hot stamped signature. The Mystery Backpack is available in classic black as well as a warm brown. We agree, this model combines tradition of the house Longchamp with modernity.

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack

The Le Pliage Backpack from Longchamp, as the name implies, embodies the traditional Le Pliage cult model from Longchamp. All details of the Le Pliage bag are processed here. This backpack made of very light, but resistant nylon with leather flap is perfect for sporty and casual looks. The model can easily be folded up to an A5 size. Depending on the season, this model is available in a variety of colors, from eye-catching pink to classic black. Also from a price point of view, this rucksack is under 100 € in a pleasant price frame.

Backpack Longchamp 2.0

The Longchamp 2.0 rucksack is made of finest Vachette leather and has slightly adjustable straps. The backpack is perfect for businesslooks and is carried rather deep in the back. Special attention is also given to the numerous graphic aspects, such as the geometric “lace detail” or the gold finishing. With dimensions of 26xx32x12, this model has a small to medium size.

Longchamp Backpack Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie – Sakura

With a size of 26x32x12, the Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie – Sakura backpack is one of our absolute favorite under the mini size. This model is also inspired by the Origami technique, foldable backpack. Especially for the spring and summer months we find this beautiful model with floral print matching. In addition, it has padded straps as well as an outside pocket with signature on the zipper. This model belongs to the favorites of our editorial team.


Longchamp Backpack Le Foulonné

Last but not least we present the Le Foulonée Backpack by Longchamp. Its name has this charming model of its manufacturing material. It is made of the finest Foulonnée leather with a signature. The robust and noble leather gives the wearer a luxurious look. The measurements of the backpack are 29x37x10 cm and offer ample space for the most important things. Let yourself be inspired by the Le Foulonné line!

Popular styles with Longchamp backpacks

Among the most popular looks with clothes by Diane von Fürstenberg are clearly their wrap dresses in all. Actually, the practical in fashion has mostly nothing to look for. Consider even rather uncomfortable high heels and tight designer dresses as particularly fashionable. But since the year 2013, backpacks and backpacks are again absolutely in vogue. As practical, these models combine flexibility and modernity to become an absolute fashion must-have. Backpacks that leave your hands free and as elegant as handbags work, even for evening events or as an office bag. For a casual look you combine the black Le Pliage backpack with a light-beige blouse, a gray beanie and a light-gray fabric pants. Let yourself be inspired by our outfits in our Pinterest board!

Good to know: Where does the design idea originate from the Le Pliage model?

You have always wondered where the idea came from the Long Plamp Le Pliage model? We have the answer for you: The design of this well-known model is based on Origami from the Far East and was designed by Philipp Cassegrain in collaboration with Isabelle Guvon. Origami technology is about the art of paper folding, where a mostly square paper is transformed into three-dimensional objects, such as animals or the like, by means of certain folding techniques. And the Le Pliage models can also be easily folded and unfolded according to the Origami system. Longchamp offers up to 12 different versions of the model per season. Also designer Jeremy Scott designs cool, new designs for the Le Pliage model. In many colors, the Le Pliage backpacks fit almost any outfit and complement your look. The sales sling is characterized by simple design as well as noble materials and thus embodies unrestricted luxury. The Le Pliage Cuir models also reveal all the details with which the Le Pliage line became known. Both the numerous color combinations as well as the practical, foldable models are offered. The Le Pliage models are timeless and can be styled differently depending on the season – an absolute must-have!