Chanel Backpacks

"Fashion changes, style remains forever!" Even recently, you would have frowned on anyone who claims that backpacks are cool. Only for nature-loving tourists in 7/8 pants and white socks in eco sandals. But with Chanel, all the signs point to a modern revolution. A few years ago, Karl Lagerfeld designed a vintage-inspired canvas backpack and thus triggered a storm of enthusiasm. Since then, Chanel backpacks have been popular with fashionistas all over the world. Celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid have already been sighted with a Chanel backpack. Chanel remains faithful to its revolutionary aesthetics and simply transfers the typical characteristics of the iconic Chanel bags to its backpacks. In the past, the classic Chanel bag has always been reinvented and the same is true for the Chanel backpack. The typical Chanel logo and the quilting pattern have made the Chanel backpack an object of the desire of many women. Again and again, the backpack also gets new fashionable upgrades, ranging from used effects and graffiti logos to lacing for a subtle grunge look. Our conclusion: A Chanel backpack is a timeless classic that belongs in every wardrobe!

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Combinations with Chanel backpacks

The Chanel backpack for the casual street style look

In a black Chanel leather bag with the typical details like the Chanel logo and the quilted pattern, you can store all your essential things for everyday use not only practical but also stylish. The luxurious Chanel backpack fits especially well as a contrast to denim and leather ensembles. For a casual outfit with cropped flared jeans, a T-shirt and a leather jacket, you can combine the Chanel backpack as an eyecatcher and effortlessly pull your eyes on you. Thanks to the clever design with retro vibe, the Chanel backpack fits both the wild pattern mix and monochrome looks. The all-round Talent of Chanel works in every season and gives you a subtle touch of luxury.

The Chanel backpack for the office look

The appropriate look for the office is essential, because it affects decisively how you occur and are also perceived. A perfect companion to the office is the black or white Chanel backpack from the “Gabrielle” line. In combination with classic business ensembles made of pencil skirt, blouse and pumps , this Chanel backpack is an interesting style break and demonstrates fashionable sensitivity. It also works great to monochrome looks made from 7/8 pants, blouse and blazer and mens suits. We have already discovered the must-have at fashion icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner and Sienna Miller. And US singer Pharell Williams proves in the current advertising campaign how a Chanel backpack can be turned into a cool unisex-piece. Celebrities like Kanye West, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd also share the same taste. In a suit with Chelsea boots or noble sneakers, the Chanel backpack is the status symbol of today.

The Chanel Backpack for the Boho-Style

The Coachella Festival, which takes place every year in California, is the hot spot for Bohemian and Ethno Styles and serves many as a source of inspiration. Superstars like Diane Kruger, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez combine their Chanel backpack in a graffiti look to flowing Maxikleidern and Wedges, while they pose before the ferris wheel, the landmark of the festival. Even combinations of Jeansshorts, Carmen blouse and denim ankle boots give a Chanel backpack a casual retro touch. Chanel has not only created a practical, but also a stylish all-rounder with its backpack that is not without a reason for great demand.

Buy Chanel Backpacks Secondhand and Second Season

Shares or real estate? No! We are now investing in a Chanel backpack. Because it is not only timeless, it can also increase in value. At Catchys you can discover a great selection of second hand Chanel backpacks that are only offered by authenticated partner shops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection. Catchy allows you to get one of the coveted backpacks, which are often not available at all. However, if you can name a Chanel backpack, you can wear it proud, because every backpack is special and unique.

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Fake Check Chanel Backpacks

Even a fashion expert can quite a pure Chanel backpack forgery. Before you decide to buy the models, please inform yourself sufficiently so that the risk of counterfeiting can be completely eliminated. Our Fake Check video as well as our magazine article can help. Because only with sufficient expertise you will not fall for a fake. Below are some other features that you can recognize as an original Chanel product. The legendary Chanel logo can provide a first indication of whether you are dealing with a fake or not. The logo always consists of two mutually facing and interlocking C’s. The C’s overlap. Above is always the right over the left and below lies the left over the right. The width of each C should be as wide as the gap between the two letters. For many forgeries, the logo closure is slightly rounded, for originals it is rather flat and angular. You’ll also find the engraving “Chanel Paris” on the back of each logo. The engraving must always be clear, relatively thin, balanced and symmetrically stamped. It is best to compare the logo with a simple picture of an original. Chanel uses only high quality genuine leather, which is much heavier than artificial leather and over time developed a natural patina. The leather must not smell of plastic, plastic or other chemical odors and should feel soft. Also pay attention to the alloys on the edges of the Chanel backpack, because they should always be even. In the case of fakes, the edges are often unevenly processed and show a lack of quality. When stitching, you should ensure that the quilted patterns as well as the logos are in a line. If you want to know exactly: It should be at least 10 stitches per 2.5cm seam. Even if pockets are placed on the front or on the sides of the backpacks, the stitching pattern is never interrupted. One can imagine this: A Chanel original is symmetrical in the pattern, which means that when two parts of a backpack are sewn together, the pattern has to be finished, so that it is complete, similar to a pattern wallpaper. Fakes are often simply sewed together from different pieces, so that a shift of the pattern occurs. The seams are another indication. For an original rucksack the seams are perfectly and accurately processed. The link chains are relatively heavy with the Chanel rucksacks, which results from the use of high quality materials. The seam of the leather is invisible because it is exactly where the chain straps are placed. In addition, the leather must lie absolutely straight in the chain straps and must not show any hills or other defects. On Catchys you will find a selection of authenticated partner shops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection. This also minimizes the risk of counterfeiting when buying via Catchys.

Alternatives to Chanel backpacks

Chanel plays naturally in the first league, as far as luxury and design are concerned. Nothing like labels of Gucci and Louis Vuitton offer great alternatives to the creations of the traditional house. Both luxury labels are specialized in bags, backpacks and other small leather goods and therefore offer a high quality. If you are looking for an alternative to a Chanel backpack and want to enrich your wardrobe with a timeless investment, you should check out the “Queen Margaret” quilted leather backpack from Gucci. This Gucci backpack is an absolute eye-catcher and with its bamboo handle a dignified tribute to the legendary “Bamboo Bag” by Gucci. As an Allroundtalent, you can style the Gucci Backpack casual as well as glamorous. With the “Vintage Palm Springs” backpack from Louis Vuitton you have a demanding alternative to the Chanel “Graffiti Backpack”. Louis Vuitton perfectly captures the design of Chanel and interprets it with its own legendary aesthetics. The labels Love Moschino and MCM are likely to offer cheaper alternatives. The “Quilted Backpack Clutch” by Love Moschino takes up Chanel’s quilted pattern and thus creates an elegant must-have. However, the material is not a real leather, so you will have to make small cuts in the quality. For this, the Love Moschino backpack is suitable for any occasion, regardless of the season. Particularly cool and casual, of course, he looks like contrasting materials such as denim, silk and linen. But he also looks elegant and fashionable for trousers suits and business outfits. The “strong backpack” in medium black from MCM represents a more favorable alternative to the Chanel Graffit backpack and is made of textured monogram artificial leather.

Popular backpack models from Chanel

“Gabrielle Backpack”
Chanel has once again made a fashion coup with the backpack from the “Gabrielle” line. The iconic piece is made of smooth calfskin and impresses with its vintage look. The quilting pattern for the typical Chanel flair we already know and love from classics like the Chanel 2.55. The shoulder handles are held in the same Ledertone and each handle is surrounded by a gold- and a silver-colored chain of metal. Of course, the Chanel logo in silver can not be missing, the iconic detail that makes all women eyes shine. The backpack has no “flap”, but is pulled to close the backpack. Just as confident as once Coco Chanel, are also the new designs of Chanel. In the “Gabrielle” line, there is no clutch, for example, where women can just stow their lipstick and a mirror. Rather, the designs are a tribute to the rebel Coco Chanel, which has inspired women worldwide to decide about their life and style. With a size of 24x23x11.5cm the standout piece costs approx. 3.000 €.
chanel gabrielle backpack
chanel 2.55 backpack

“2.55 Backpack”

Actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts as well as It-Girls like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner like to show themselves with their Chanel backpacks of grained calf leather in the public. A look at the backpack is enough and we also know why. The backpack is a translation of the ultimate Chanel classic, the Chanel 2.55. The iconic piece has the typical quilting pattern and Chanel logo and takes the aesthetics of the Chanel 2.55 to perfection. The shoulder handles are made of leather. In addition, the backpack has a crescent-shaped “flap”, the folding lid, with the typical CC logo closure. So not only practical, but also stylish: the 90’s are back with Chanel and the backpack is also making a comeback. Due to its minimalistic design, this version of the Chanel backpack is an absolute styling wonder. The design is timeless and therefore works to business outfits, street styles as well as glamor ensembles. The backpack has a size of 23x24x12cm and is at a price of about 4.000 €.

“Graffiti Backpack”

Chanel created a true hysteria with the launch of its vintage Chanel backpack, as this standout piece is sold out all over the world. Whether in green, beige, gray or purple, the Chanel backpack made of canvas captivates with its retro flair and a graffiti print. The design is clean, but has the following details: a front pocket with zipper, shoulder straps with the Chanel logo as print, the bottom end with chain details, double zippers, a logo tag, a zipper pocket inside, Patch of leather on the inside, multi-colored yarns braided to a plait and attached to the zipper as an opening aid, and a snap hook with multi-colored yarns around the Chanel backpack. The used effects, graffiti logos and laces give the leather backpack a grungy touch that matches perfectly with street style looks. Even if the backpack, which was new at a price of € 4,000, is no longer manufactured, there is always the chance to get a copy of second hand, as for example on Catchys.
chanel graffiti backpack
chanel tweed canvas backpack

“Tweed / Canvas Backpack”

Chanel presented his cruise collection in Havana and the military-inspired Chanel backpack enjoyed his full attention at the El Paseo del Prado. The design features two zippered front pockets. In addition, the backpack can be opened and closed by a pull mechanism, and also has a flap, the “Flap”, with the CC logo closure. The backpack is made of canvas with tweed inserts, in which calf leather has also been incorporated. This combination of different materials makes the rucksack an extraordinary eyecatcher. The typical Chanel logo is located on the half-moon shaped “flap” and is ruthenium-colored. The backpack has a size of 32,5×27,5x17cm and a price of about 6,000 €. Alternatively, the design is also available as allover leather Vaiante. Especially popular is the Chanel backpack in the color khaki, which further underlines the military style. This variation of the Chanel backpack is an absolute big player as it gives every street style look the final touch. The rucksack is especially well-balanced with materials such as leather, denim, silk and light fabrics such as linen.

Frequently used materials on Chanel backpacks


Kalbsleder is the main material from which the Chanel rucksacks are produced. The Chanel calfskin is one of the highest quality leathers and is predominantly of South American or European origin. The fiber structure of the leather, in contrast to the adult animals, is particularly firm and uniform. It feels cuddly and is nevertheless tight.


The famous Tweed, which Mademoiselle Chanel loved so much, is, of course, transferred to the designs of the Chanel backpacks, because nothing defines Chanel’s style code like this fabric. This is a high-quality fabric that is woven from wool and is particularly sturdy, durable, breathable and durable. Tweed has an extremely high wearing comfort as it adapts to the shape of the body.


Canvas is an extremely solid and water-repellent fabric made of cotton. Canvas is therefore very durable and is therefore ideal for the high-quality Chanel backpacks.

Chanel logo

All Chanel backpacks have the legendary CC logo. The logo is placed very prominently and striking and is usually made of pure metal. For the high-priced Chanel backpacks, such as the Tweed Chanel backpack, the logo can also be made of pure gold or silver. This is also reflected in the price, because the Tweed backpack is around 11,000 €. However, his resale value should be even higher because the iconic piece is no longer produced.

Popular styles with Chanel backpacks

Chanel backpacks have become absolute cult objects. This has meant that many models are already sold out. Second hand pieces of Chanel are worth every investment, as they are made for eternity and are timeless. Some models, such as the ones from the “Gabrielle” series, will experience a certain patina even an increase in value. The standout pieces are the graffiti backpack and the leather quilts with quilting pattern, as they spray subtle retro charms and round off every look as a styling wonder. To help you make the most of your new Chanel backpack, we have put together the most beautiful looks as an inspiration in a Pinterest board.