Less is more

Yes, the French know just how completely unintentionally chic and casual goes. The label A.P.C, founded in 1987 by the Jewish-Tunisian fashion designer Jean Touitou, stands for clear lines and simple patterns without large labeling. The name A.P.C is also derived from 'Atelier de Production et de Création'. The creations of the understatement label range from casual sweatshirts, cool jeanswear, fine woolen coats to stylish bags like the "Demi-Lune" (in the form of a half-moon) - A.P.C can easily do the whole Fashion ABC! A.P.C is headquartered in, of course, chic Paris. To catch a slice of Parisian chic, Catchys offers a great selection of items of quality brand. It is also worthwhile to buy A.P.C Secondhand, because the minimalist products are very popular with their clear cuts and high quality, and are definitely parts that will last decades in the closet because they are easy to combine. Even stars like Diane Kruger are enthusiastic bearers of the label.

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  1. Jean Toutoui’s motto is: “The one thing I learned is never trust a banker. Never need a banker. Make your own money “
  2. His intention was to create a restrained, down-to-earth, classic fashion item that is also well-cut and high quality, and at an affordable price. He also dispenses with additional beauty lines, advertising campaigns and elaborate fashionshows
  3. After studying at the prestigious L’Ecole Alsacienne, he attended the parisian Sorbonne University and completed a degree in history
  4. His first job was at Kenzo as a warehouse worker
  5. Touitou’s true passion was music. With the help of his boss at Kenzo, he founded his own record label called “Roadrunner” – two years later it had to close due to high money losses

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Jean Touitou is born in Tunisia


He moved to Paris and later studied at L’Ecole Alsacienne and graduated in the history of Sorbonne


Jean Touitou starts with Kenzo


Foundation of the fashion label APC “Atelier de Production et de Création” in Paris


Winner of the ANDAM fellowship Award (Fashion Award)


He founded the private kindergarten “Ateliers de la Petite Enfance” (APE)


Touitou is launching the “La Liste” collection, featuring pieces by Laurence Touitou, which are inspired by Tunisian craftsmanship



A well-known model is the Japanese raw-denim selvage jeans of the label. The term “Selvage” (US) is an elaborate type of denim that can only be found in high-quality jeans. The “selvedge” edge is visible on the inside of the trousers and is only visible as soon as the trouser legs are reversed. The stylish, precious jeans are also available in all possible designs – from skinny to boyfriend. Good to know: The jeans gradually adapt themselves to the wearer’s life and get a more or less worn look as require


Stylish ladies love the shoes of the French brand. Especially the APC boots are a must-have. Whether it’s casual to the jeans or the leather mini – they are not only super comfortable and casual, but also high-quality workmanship and the same as the clothing designs are based on minimalism.


The sweaters impress with a clear line and noble fabrics. In layer look, dress or over a blouse worn – the Tragemöglichkeiten are no limits. Especially for basic lovers who appreciate a high-quality twist on the body they are an ideal part. Whether airy or comfortable, APC delivers a great selection of models.


A favorite of the fashion people is clearly the “Demi-Lune” bag. Slight, simple design allows the shoulder bag to be combined with anything. Available in various sizes, it is the ideal companion for strolling around the city, a kino visit with friends or a nice dinner. This bag is guaranteed never out of place! Also other models of the label score with simple design and complement each other perfectly for every occasion!