Like an American Girl - playful, self-confident and with great love for fashion - clothes that were sprayed in front of freemason and created for the first time in 1937 by Franz Moser.Ja, the Modelabel Airfield comes from the tranquil Austria and embodies the cosmopolitan fashion Spirit par excellence. Airfield has become an internationally successful brand, thanks to the Moser family. In 2004 Walter Moser took over the family business from the upper Austrian Seewalchen at the Attersee in the third generation. The creative chice brand and its children's line Airfield Young Generation are now home in 40 countries, providing modem girls and men across the globe with looks that break the moderns so that everyone - even you - can live out their personality without limits! You can find models with a guaranteed unique character here, at Catchys.

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Did you know that …

  1. Airfield is Austria’s most successful women’s fashion export
  2. the initial focus of the label was on children’s clothing
  3. the Modemarke 1981 under the name Air was re-launched – with the special area of ​​outdoor jackets
  4. 2006 to 2008 Claudia Schiffer was the advertising face of Airfield
  5. all eleven GNTM models, including the winners Sara Nuru or Alisar Ailabouni already on the Airfield runways

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The story of Airfield


Franz Moser founds his brand as tailor-made


The label is renamed “Air”


The name Airfield is finally sewn into the clothes and coats of the house for the first time


Walter Moser takes over the business and continues the tradition with the Walter Moser GmbH in the Austrian Seewalchen

Catchy’s Airfield Brand Guide

Airfield Dress – The dress without compromise

Airfield wants you to live fashion with passion – just like the designs on the designer tables. Because the Airfield crews tailor a new interpretation of Maxikleider, Sommerkleidchen or Abendroben with a lot of creative scope, which play with the magnificent variety of fabrics, cuts and patterns. Fresh colors blend with soft cream or timeless black. The Airfield dress is feminine, sporty, chic and edgy – all in one.

Airfield Jacket – As for you

On top, a jacket by Airfield. For here not only trend directions are followed, but feel-good looks are created, which can be anything, but not boring. Fixed style rules are thrown overboard. What counts is that you feel comfortable in your skin and hit the jacket that suits you. A warm quilted down jacket, a trench coat for spring and autumn or a light jeans jacket – all round, it can leave the house equally much more lively in the morning. Of course, with jackets that are clean, pure and reserved. If your (fashion) personality is not always loud and extroverted. All high-quality jackets have space in Catchy’s second-hand universe.

Airfield Coat – Coat with class

Airfield offers you space. Space for your personal development, but also quite practical: air for breathing in your skin. It is wrapped with a coat of Airfield excellent, as you want it on cold days. A fine knit coat when you’re on the road in the city and you’re going to get too hot when you run from store to store. Or a thick woolen coat, which allows you to enjoy the nature during the forest walk without frost bumps.

Airfield Blazer – Elegance everywhere

Innovative style breaks are what the fashion world is waiting for every season. And after which also the ladies in the first row of the runway shows their eyes twist. An extraordinary sportswear chic meets the tooth of the times and lets fashion people not only applaud in small Austria. Exceptional details will be explored all over the world, and are the things they need to be fashionably happy for curious modernists as well as students, business girls or business girls. A blazer by Airfield is a jewel that can be worn over a dress, blouse and skirt or lace top and jeans – and so countless times is used. Very elegant, but also very you!